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For the most part, toasters are something people take for granted. They’re easy to come buy, they’re generally affordable, and their function and use is pretty straight forward. They’re not necessarily the kind of appliance that one might think of upgrading unless absolutely necessary, nor researching and doing comparisons between models for. As far as some people are concerned, a toaster is just a toaster! That is; a toaster is just a toaster until your own starts acting up and flash burning your breakfast or flipping your slices right off the counter and onto the floor, like ours began doing last week. Then you might start thinking about how useful a brand new, better design might be.

We’ve been gathering the links to the very best toasters we could find online into one convenient list, just to make it easier for others to browse high quality options. As it happens, lots of the best models and prices are sold on the Internet, and we’ve always found that online shopping affords you a little more time to research your choices and really consider what’s best for you.

Not your grandma’s old toaster

If all you’ve ever used is the classic older toaster with two little slots and a push lever, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise when you see how far toasters have come. You’ll also appreciate the price on most of them. Whether you’re a person with a very large family who could benefit from toasting more than two slices at once, or someone who wishes you could adjust your toasting level depending on what you’re making, you’ll appreciate how much more customizable toasters have become, without too much of a price raise.

Extra slices

If you’re like us and have only ever owned a cheap, simple toaster that browns two slices of bread at once, then we think you’ll be rather intrigued to see just how many contemporary toasters have a larger capacity. Oftentimes, many brands build four slice toasters as their new minimum design, acknowledging that most families have a larger need when they’re making breakfast for all their members at once. At the same time, the best of these designs know that occasionally, you might still be eating solo and only want the classic pair of slices, which is why you’ll see so many models that have two push levers rather than one. This lets you control the sides independently, letting you choose whether you want two slices, four, or more.

Are you still feeling in need of some guidance when it comes to looking at the details of the best sliced bread toasters around? Check out this pros and cons style list that goes over that precise information to help you out a little.

1. Black + Decker 4-slice extra wide toaster

Black + decker 4 slice extra wide toaster

If you’re the kind of person who likes to toast a lot at once but has also always found that the things you like to eat most get caught easily in those narrow slots then we’re pretty sure this model from Black + Decker has the perfect design for you. Not only does it boast four toast slots, but each one of them is also extra wide. The unit has two levers so you can sink the two left and two right slots separately depending on how many things you want to toast. It also has an impressive range of seven different toast shades, as well as preset settings for frozen things and bagels. The cancel button is a convenient feature as well. The toaster has a useful crumb tray in the bottom that slides out smoothly and extra-lift springs in the levers that give you a boost at the top when you’re trying to get your food out of the slots.

It’s worth noting that some previous buyers found the way this toaster heats a little bit inefficient for their busy mornings. They report that it takes quite a bit of time to heat fully on its darkest toasting settings and that it doesn’t necessarily always toast evenly across each side of the slices. Others disliked that the base of the cord is at the front of the appliance where the buttons and levers are since this side of the toaster usually faces away from the wall where the plug is, making things slightly awkward to maneuver.

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  • Four extra wide toasting slots
  • Seven toasting levels and presets for frozen food and bagels
  • Convenient cancel button, just in case
  • Extra-lift springs in the levers to raise your food higher than the edges of the slots and avoid finger burns


  • Cord base placement at the front of the toaster, near the controls, can be inconvenient
  • Some users found the toaster slow to heat, cause uneven toasting across food surfaces

2. Yabano 2-slice toaster with top warming rack

Yabano 2 slice toaster with top warming rack

Have you ever wanted to warm something in a way that doesn’t suit the toaster but also won’t do in the microwave without getting soggy? Then you’re going to love the bonus feature that comes along with this simple toaster from Yabano. Besides giving you a modernized version of a basic two-slice toaster like you might be used to, this model also includes a detachable warming rack that clips into the slots and uses the heat from the toaster below to lightly warm foods set on the small rack above. This toaster also features convenient extra wide slots that fit bagel halves no problem, seven shade settings, and a no-mess removable crumb tray.

Though most buyers were happy with this toaster’s functions overall, some noted a change in its appearance with use. Over time, the metal around the top, where the heat escapes the slots, might become discoloured, particularly if you use it heavily and in a constant manner.

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  • Removable warming rack for things like baked goods
  • Seven different toasting settings
  • Extra wide slots
  • Smooth no-spill crumb tray


  • Metal around the slots might become discoloured or changed over time with heavy use at high temperatures

3. LauKingdom 4-slice independent control toaster

Laukingdom 4 slice independent control toaster

If you’re looking for a four slice toaster that’s even more customizable on each side than usual then we think you’ll appreciate this model from LauKingdom quite a bit. Besides being extra wide and having the ability to toast simultaneously or at different times, the settings and temperatures for each side are also completely independent from one another. This toaster gives you six toasting settings, as well as easy preset buttons for defrosting, cooking thick bags, and cancelling toasting immediately. Its stainless steel exterior is scratch resistant and easy to wipe down.

Although the toaster provides great results and is quite intuitive to use once you’ve learned how to navigate it, some users have reported that learning is made difficult by the tiny type used on labelling the controls. The numbers and letters are so small that the different buttons and dial levels are quite tricky for some people to see or read.

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  • Double wide toasting slots
  • Complete independent settings and capabilities on each side (applying to slots in pairs)
  • Six great toasting settings, a cancel button, and presets for defrosting and bagel toasting
  • Scratch resistant exterior is easy to wipe down


  • Extremely small type in button and dial labels makes different settings difficult to see and read until you’ve memorized them

4. Cuisinart Touch to Toast leverless toaster

Cuisinart touch to toast leverless toaster

Have you always found the lever system on toasters inconvenient and annoying to work with? Well, if you’re open to a more digitized approach then we think this model from Cuisinart might be a little more up your alley. This toaster is controlled entirely by buttons; you’ll press “toast” and “cancel” instead of pushing down or lifting a lever to lower and raise your toast. Simple higher and lower buttons let you select a toasting level (out of four) on a backlit digital display and presets for bagel toasting, defrosting, and reheating make specific kinds of toasting even more effective. The slots are double wide and the raising and lowering action is motorized, making it slow and quiet, unlike the spring loaded toasters of auld.

Although most people have found themselves to be happy with the actual toasting action, a few people have had complaints about the display screens. They noticed crumbs, sesame seeds, and other debris somehow making their way down behind the screen glass, making the digital numbers much less visible and slightly more difficult to read, with no easy solution for cleaning them.

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  • Independently controlled sides with four toasting levels and three convenient presets
  • Extra wide slots
  • Visible backlit digital display
  • Motorized and button controlled rising and lowering, rather than springs controlled by levels; quieter and more in control


  • Crumbs and seeds have been known to work their way behind the digital display screens with no way of cleaning them out, making the number settings difficult to read

5. DayDayGo Cool Touch 2-slice toaster

Daydaygo cool touch 2 slice toaster

Despite the fact that you’re in need of an updated, more modernized toaster than what you had before, are you still hoping to keep things quite basic and simple, for ease? Then check out this model by DayDayGo. This stainless steel toaster only has two slots, but those are double wide and built so your food raises well past the edge each time. In addition to six toast shade settings, you may also select and specific bagel preset and a defrost setting. The machine’s cancel button is immediate without flipping your food onto the floor and the crumb tray removes smoothly and without spills. The exterior is also touch-safe.

Although it looks quite compact in photos, some previous buyers reviewed the unit as actually being quite clunky, taking up more much more counter space than they expected. This is especially true for a model that only boasts two slots, even if they are double wide. We’d suggest looking carefully at the dimensions so you can evaluate your available space and make sure it’ll really fit.

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  • Durable, easy to clean stainless steel
  • Easy to navigate, with double wide slots
  • Preset bagel and defrosting settings and a fast acting but controlled cancel button
  • Touch safe exterior that won’t heat up dangerously


  • Much larger than it looks in photos, taking up more counter space than many buyers expected

6. Hamilton Beach 2-slice extra wide slot toaster

Hamilton beach 2 slice extra wide slot toaster

Just in case you had something even simpler and more classic in mind but you don’t want to sacrifice quality and sleek modernity, here’s a great alternative from Hamilton Beach. Besides being the most affordable option on this whole list, this two-slice toaster gives you extra wide slots and a streamlined appearance, with a materiality that’s touch-safe and easy to clean. It features not only a cancel button but also an auto-shutoff sensor that stops it from getting dangerously hot. The bottom at the back also boasts cord wrapping prongs for neater, safer storage. Finally, the lever extends extra high to lift your food out, away fro, finger burning range.

Despite most buyers reporting satisfaction with the way this machine runs, some found that very particular units get a lot warmer on one side- either the outside or the inside- of each slot. This causes uneven toasting, where one side of your bread gets much darker than the other side. This is mostly common on the highest heat settings and after very frequent use.

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  • Sleek, simple design with easy to clean materiality
  • Lightweight with safe cord storage thanks to wrapping prongs on the back
  • Six toasting settings, bagel and defrost buttons, and a fast action cancel function, as well as auto-shutoff to prevent overheating
  • Extra lift built into lever to make sure your toast clears the edges of the extra wide slots


  • In some units, frequent use on highest heat settings causes a glitch in which one side gets much hotter than the other within each slot, cause one side to be much darker than the other on each piece of toast

7. Ylluffa steel cool-touch 2-slice toaster

Ylluffa steel cool touch 2 slice toaster

Just in case you’re still in the market for something durable and extremely simple but you like to see more than one option before deciding, here’s a great upgraded classic toaster from Ylluffa. This toaster, which has seven shade settings, defrost and bagel presets, and a fast acting cancel button, was built to heat quickly and evenly. Its durable plastic and brushed steel exterior prevents outer heating, making the model touch-safe, and the materiality is also very easy to clean. The crumb tray located at the bottom is very smooth to pull out and put back in without spills, and both the dial and lever are equally smooth for ease of us.

Although this design is advertised as providing wider than standard slots, some previous users actually found their dimensions a bit small compared to most “double wide” slots on toasters. It’s not actually the width that was the problem- even thick cut bread fits quite easily- but rather the length of the slots themselves. They are a little more squat than the average toaster.

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  • Durable, touch-safe, easy to clean materiality
  • Seven shade settings, defrosting and bagel presets, and a fast acting cancel button
  • Smooth moving crumb tray, temperature dial, and slot lever, making usage very simple


  • Slots are double side compared to the average toaster, but their length is actually shorter or more squat

8. Dash Clear View extra wide slot toaster with window

Dash clear view extra wide slot toaster with window

Rather than just working with standard presets and trusting that you’ll get the perfect toasting level, are you the kind of person who’s always popping your toast early to check its progress for yourself? Then you’re going to love the bonus feature on this model from Dash. One one side, this toaster actually has a clear window that you can watch your toast brown through! This unit’s space efficient design also gives you only one slot instead of two, making it nice and wide but double long so that two pieces can sit next to each other, side by side. The machine has seven shade settings, presets for bagels and defrosting, a quick cancel button, and a safety mechanism that automatically shuts the toaster off if it overheats.

Most previous buyers have reviewed this model’s actual toasting capabilities as being exemplary, particularly thanks to its convenient toasting window. The general problem in some units sold, however, is that the springing platform that brings your toast back up once it’s completed is very strong. In fact, one buyer described its release action as “throwing” the toast.

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  • Convenient toasting window that lets you heat your food until it’s just right for your preferences
  • Seven shade settings, as well as bagel and defrosting presets
  • Quick acting cancel button and auto-shutoff sensors to prevent overheating
  • One-slot, double long and wide design is space efficient, taking up less space in storage and on your countertop


  • High powered spring action when the toast is released is a little too strong, essentially “throwing” the toast out of the machine

9. iFEDiO extra wide 4-slice toaster

Ifedio extra wide 4 slice toaster

If you’ve got the counter space to spare and you’re intent on a machine that will let you toast even your favourite thickest cut homestyle bread, then iFEDiO has the answer for you. This toaster gives you four well spaced out slots, each of which is double wide. They are controlled in pairs, letting you heat and raise or lower them separately or simultaneously. The unit features seven shade settings, defrosting and bagel presets, and a fast acting cancel button, all of which are doubled on the front to apply to each side for independent used. This toaster also features two crumb trays, one on each side, to prevent overflowing.

Some previous buyers reported issues with the burner in one slot losing heat power when both sides were used simultaneously and at high heat. Even these users, however, reviewed the customer service within the process of getting their toaster replaced as being very effective and quite painless.

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  • Cheerful colour
  • Wide, independently controlled slots with good spacing
  • Seven shade settings, defrosting and bagel presets, and fast acting cancel button
  • Two crumb trays, one on each side, to prevent overflow


  • Select units feature a flaw in which one slot might lose power in its heating element when all four are used simultaneously at their highest heat setting

10. MultiFun 2-slice stainless steel toaster

Multifun 2 slice stainless steel toaster

If you’re still thinking about your need for a classic and slightly basic but modernized toaster, but you’re still thinking about that neat bonus heating rack you saw earlier, then this design from MultiFun might be what you’ve been holding out for. This model’s warming rack is easy to insert and remove and, although it warms food quickly, it doesn’t heat up dangerously itself. This toaster is built for smooth ease, with a crumb tray, lever, temperature dial, and buttons that are all very smooth moving. The unit gives you seven shade settings, defrosting and bagel presets, and an immediate cancel button that doesn’t spring your food out onto the floor. Each setting is fast heating and begins browning immediately for time efficiency. It even comes with a bonus little cleaning brush included.

Most people who have purchased this toaster commend its even and quick toasting capabilities, but a few individuals had complaints about its springing action, or rather its lack thereof. The toaster is designed not to spring your food into the air for more control, but some people found that this decrease in power made it a little too lacklustre, barely raising the toast at all when it’s done. These people didn’t appreciate having to manually raise the toast themselves.

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  • Easily installed and removed warming rack that doesn’t heat up to dangerous levels
  • Smooth functions all round, including lever, dial, buttons, and crumb tray
  • Seven shade settings, defrosting and bagel presets, and fast acting cancel button
  • Fast heating with even toasting action


  • Some found controlled release on cancel and completion to be too slow and controlled, disliking how they had to raise the food manually with the lever because it didn’t really pop

Temperature control

As you can see, temperature control for perfect toasting has become a much more prominent feature in contemporary toasters than the models you might remember from childhood. Sure, there have long been toasters that let you select from a basic range of toasting levels, but the technology that lets you get the results you’re really looking for without under- or overdoing it has come a long way. Pay attention to the toasting settings and temperature options on each model to make sure you’re getting what you need, depending on what you like to toast most (after all, bread can require very different settings from thick bagels or frozen strudels).

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