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For those of you who don't know I'm currently studying a masters degree at Manchester Metropolitan University and I thought it would be a fun to do a university room tour. I had done one of these in my first year way back in 2016 of my halls of residence room and I thought it would be fun to do it again for this room as I really love this room. Plus this a great way for me to look back and remember so it's kind of a win win, Also you may get some inspiration for your own university room or even your bedroom. I hope you like it and let's get on with the room tour. 
This is what you see when you enter my bedroom. It's not a big room but it's big enough for me. 
To the right as you enter is two hooks (the handiest thing to have in a uni bedroom) and I just hang my everyday bags, coats and dressing gown. It's just very handy to have. If you saw my first uni room tour you'll know there was no hooks like this in that room so I was very happy with this. 
One handy thing I find is having a command hook to hang my keys and university ID. I also have a spare mask on it too just in case. I just find it handy because I know when I leave the flat, I need my key in order to get back in the flat so it just reminds me to take my key and my uni ID too whenever I go out. 
Underneath my coats and keys I have my everyday shoes and slippers. Again just handy and easy to put on when I go out. I also highly recommend having slippers in a uni room because you never really know who's feet have been on the floor so slippers are a good thing to have.
Now I'm lucky to have an en suite room. It's very handy to have but also very expensive so it's debatable whether or not it's worth it but then knowing I don't have to share a bathroom especially during a pandemic is kind of a relief. 
So this is the room of my bathroom, it is small but that doesn't really matter when it's just me. I bought a bathmat and a mat for my toilet too which is handy for when I get out of the shower. I also bought a bathroom bin too, another handy thing. I kind of have a grey theme going on in this room as you'll kind of notice. I think it's just handy and if I ever get my own place then I can use these for my bathroom then so it's another win win. 
So this is the sink with my bathroom stuff. I also have a convenient shelf where I have my toothbrush holder and floss which is very handy because this sink is very small and things sometimes slide off it very easily I've come to learn. 
Underneath my sink we have my laundry basket (I'm fully aware I need to do laundry soon) and I also have some weighing scales and a basket with some other stuff like extra soap, sanitary products, cleaning supplies, spare toilet paper. It looks messy but it's an organised mess. 
There's also a shower which is honestly the best shower I've ever had. It's so powerful I love it. There's also this towel rack which I hung over the door hooks on it and it's where I keep my towels, shower cap and face cloths. It's very handy to have especially when I get out of the shower and my towels are literally right there. 
There's also this shelf above my toilet where I keep my deodorant, body lotion, Febreze, washing up liquid (cause I do my dishes in my room) and more sanitary products because having them in the bathroom is the most convenient place to have them. So yeah that's pretty much my bathroom, on to the rest of the bedroom. 
Next to my bathroom, is my wardrobe. 
It's quite long and has a shelf on top of the wardrobe. This is where I keep my spare duvet and sheets plus my hoodies and some extra bags that don't fit on the hooks. 
Inside, it's not very big and has no shelves so I have one of those hanging shelves which is really handr. I just keep my clothes in here. It doesn't look very neat but honestly this is a reality of how my wardrobe looks most of the time. 
On the floor I just keep extra toilet paper (just because we're still in a pandemic and toilet paper is essential). I also have a yoga mat, a hanging rack for my airer, a mop and a box where I keep my shoes as well as shopping bags in. Pretty boring but handy too.
This is random but I just have this storage box which has some stationary stuff in. I keep it here as I don't have a bedside table so I thought this would make a good alternative. Sometimes you got to make the most of what you have. 
Here is my bed and this is where the magic happens. Just kidding but it's a 3/4 bed and it's the biggest bed I've had and I absolutely love it. It's also really comfy too. I also have Tigger on my bed (don't judge). The best thing though is I have a lamp over my bed but also a dimmer where I can easily turn off my main light from my bed which is honestly the best thing ever.
Here is my radiator and my fault in stars poster which I've had since 2014. The room also had a full length mirror which is very convenient too. 
This is a bit random but I have three bottles of water here and that is because the only drinking water is in the kitchen and because I'm lazy sometimes, I find it's easier instead of having to go back and forth to the kitchen to fill up three bottles. I also have a kettle in my room so I also use these bottles of water to fill that up. There's also my extension lead which gets moved from my desk to next to my bed because it's where I charge my phone. 
So onto my desk. Here is my coffee and tea station where I usually make my coffee. It's handy having a kettle in my room because not only do I use it for my daily coffee drinking but I use it for food sometimes like pot noodles etc. It's just very handy to have. I also keep a spare cutlery set in my room because the worst thing that can happen in uni is someone stealing your cutlery so always have a spare set in your toom. Also I'm aware I have a lot of mugs too. 
Next to the coffee station, I just have some notebooks, my current book, my glasses, birth control, and other stuff. It's pretty random but these things I usually grab for. 
There's three drawers under the coffee station of my desk. Two of the drawers contain my underwear and jumpers but you don't really need to see them. Here in this drawer I just have more stationary stuff like notebooks, hole puncher, sticky notes etc. 
In the middle of my desk I have my laptop. This is where I spend most of my time because that's just what happens when you're a student and everything has been moved online. I do have a nice view when I do my uni work so it is nice. 
Under my desk I have a box full of snacks and other stuff that I don't want to get stolen. I would recommend having a snack box because sometimes you just don't want to leave your room sometimes. I also have my folder and my laptop cases too. 
On the other end of my desk is where I keep my TV and Playstation 3. It's not connected to normal TV but I just use it for playing video games and watching DVDs. It's just nice to have something to do when I'm not doing uni work. 
Under my TV there is another drawer where I keep my beauty and skincare stuff. It looks like a mess right now because I haven't really tidied it up but it's convenient to have when I'm sitting at my desk. 
There's three shelves on the wall above my desk which is another handy thing to have. I keep my fairy lights on it which I hung with command hooks and it just makes my bedroom very cute. On this shelf I keep some glasses, my mirror, hairbrushes and my books too. 
On the second shelf I keep my DVDs and video games as well as a clock, wine glass, my bottle and camera plus some other things too. 
On the top shelf I have my squash, cereal, soy sauce, lunch box, CDs and photo albums as well as some other decorative items like my Hermione wand. 
Now in front of my bed I have my bin, a recycling bin which I use a Primark bag, water and a basket with some cleaning things. There's also a bit in the desk where I just keep some hair dryer, makeup and my first aid kit. 
Finally, a favourite part of my room is my pin board where I have a Harry Potter poster and I've pinned up some photos and other decorative stuff. It's also just nice to look at and makes my room feel like mine. 

So yeah, that's my university bedroom. I hope you liked it. It gave you a taste of how I like my room and maybe inspired you on how to decorate your own uni bedroom. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thank you for reading and I'll be back again soon with another post.

See you then. 

Megan x 

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