As soon as the weather turns warm enough, people head for the porch to enjoy as much time outdoors as possible, and a critical element in this space is the right porch seating


Thanks to the roof overhead, having a porch on your home means that you can still enjoy the outdoors if a summer shower passes through.

It’s also a welcome oasis from the hot summer sun. The seating you choose is very important: Sitting is the main thing anyone does on a porch! If the porch is in the front of the house, it has to complement the design of the home and be a welcoming spot for visitors. If the porch is in the back, it’s more of a private space, ideal for whiling away the hours outdoors undercover.

Before you go shopping for porch chairs, you need to consider what kind are best for the style of the house as well as the size of the porch. Also, think about what you will typically want to do on your porch. Is it big enough to include a small table for playing games or working? Or, do you envision an old-fashioned porch set-up with a line of rocking chairs, perfectly suited for conversation and watching the people go by? It the space is big enough, you can create a couple of separate seating areas and mix up the types of porch chairs you include.
Types of Porch Chairs
As you might expect, there are many types of porch chairs to choose from.
Outdoor Dining Chairs
While these chairs are ideal for use with an outdoor dining table, they are also super useful when it comes to having enough porch chairs for family and friends. If you enjoy sitting in them around the table after your meal, then it’s likely you’ll find them comfortable enough for casual sitting as well. Moreover, if you have a small space and need your porch chairs to do double duty, outdoor dining chairs are a great option.
Outdoor Bar Stools
This type of seating might not automatically come to mind when considering the different types of porch chairs available, but in the right situation, they can be a fabulous addition to your outdoor space. If you’re considering a high-top dining set, having extra chairs that are like bar stools can help expand seating around the bistro table if you have extra people for snacks or drinks. Or, if you have any type of outdoor bar set up, outdoor bar stools are an absolute necessity because that’s where friends will want to hang out. Both backless styles and those that have a back support are options when it comes to your outdoor space, depending on your personal preference.
Outdoor Club Chairs
One of the most popular types of porch chairs is outdoor club chairs for the same reasons that this style is popular for the indoors: There’s nothing comfier than sinking into the thick cushions and being ensconced in a substantial chair. A wide range of styles is available, from modern minimalist resin wicker styles to models that are crafted from wood and are versatile enough to mix with any number of outdoor furniture styles.
Outdoor Chaise Lounges
Many people relax best when they can stretch out and for them, outdoor chaise lounges are a prime choice. These come in many different variations, from a slink type of lounge to a more substantial style that is akin to a daybed or what some may call a sunbed. These porch chairs are also a good option for those who like to do some sunbathing as well. As with outdoor club chairs, the materials and specific looks that are available run the full gamut and it won’t be hard to find something that works for your outdoor space. It’s important to remember that outdoor chaise lounges may not work in a small space because they take up more room, so be sure to do some planning before you buy!
Adirondack Chairs
You’ll know an Adirondack chair when you see one. Its iconic silhouette has a tall back and a seat that slants down toward the back. Named after New York’s famed Adirondack Mountains, the reclining chair is immediately associated with the outdoors and relaxation. Traditionally made from wood, this style of outdoor chair is now available in more durable, low maintenance HDPE lumber substitutes. When it comes to porch chairs, you can’t go wrong with one of these. The design is low to the ground and has wide arms that are very handy for balancing a plate or a cup. The deep, slanted seat gives you a perfect lap for holding a pet or a small child. Finally, because they are so low to the ground, they can be harder to get out of for people who have mobility issues. For the ultimate in comfort, pair an Adirondack chair with a footstool!
Rocking Chairs
A rocking chair on the porch might be associated with grandma and a vintage era, but there’s a good reason the porch and a rocker are an unbeatable combination: The rocking motion is super relaxing and in concert with the calm vibe of the outdoors, it’s a real winner. Fortunately, today there are far more styles to choose from than the old-fashioned rocking chairs of yore. From modern wicker models to minimalist metal designs and club chairs with a glider mechanism, they all have that Zen-inducing motion that we all crave. It definitely won’t be difficult to find a size and style of rocking porch chair that works for your home.
Beach Chairs
Traditionally style beach chairs are made to sit much, much. Closer to the ground than standard chairs. In fact, the standard height is no more than 12 inches. The whole reason for this is so that you can position the chair to stretch out or keep your feet in the surf as the waves roll up. That said, other types of beach chairs are available that are also ideal as porch chairs, such as zero gravity chairs and portable chaise lounge chairs. Folding beach chairs are ideal if you want porch chairs that are versatile and can be hailed off to the beach, or simply folded away when not in use.
Outdoor Benches
If space is tight, a versatile option is using an outdoor bench instead of other types of porch chairs. Benches that do not have a back can serve as an extra table or a footstool when necessary. Styles with backs are perfect for two and can also be great for curling up and reading. Most of all, outdoor benches tend to take up less space and can easily be placed flush against a wall.
Outdoor Swings
If an outdoor swing is not the epitome of relaxation on a summer afternoon, we don’t know what is. Opting for a swing as a porch chair does not mean that it has to look completely traditional either. So many new styles exist that if you want a modern or contemporary look, it’s not hard to find something that works. You don’t even need to attach the swing to the ceiling in some cases because certain models come with their own suspension frame and even a canopy if you wish.
Director Chairs
You might not think of a director’s chair when it comes to choosing porch furniture, but the folding style is classic, comfortable and best of all…portable. These are easy to relax in and have an iconic style that’s perfect. These chairs have a long history dating back to their debut by the Gold Medal Camp Furniture Company in 1892 winning show at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. The ingenious folding style appealed to American directors who started using them on movie sets and then the design made its way to Africa on safaris. Their lightweight and durable canvas sling backs and seats cemented their spot in design and they have since been eternally popular.
Material Choices for Porch Chairs
The material choices for your porch chairs are many, and the one you end up going with should work with your look and your lifestyle. Some materials need regular maintenance while others are more worry-free. Be sure to explore the type of material that is used for your porch chairs to make sure that you’ll be happy with your choice.  Here’s a quick primer on the different types of materials:
Wood is a classic choice for porch furniture and offers lots of options. The issue is often maintenance because while many types are weather-resistant, there may be a certain amount of maintenance involved in keeping the piece looking the way you like it. It if is painted or stained, you’ll have to plan on regularly applying a new coat to protect it and keep it fresh. Of course, all this depends on the type of wood you choose too.
Teak Wood – Teak may be among the more expensive wood choice for your porch chairs, but with good reason. This wood was traditionally used for building boats and its hardness and durability are everything you want in a wood. While it’ll be a lovely rich amber color when it arrives, to keep it that way you’ll have to regularly apply a teak sealer. If you’re not into doing this much work, you can always let it weather to a natural silvery gray. Acacia Wood – This is an abundant, durable type of wood that has a high oil content. This means that it is naturally resistant to moisture, warping, insects and rot….if it is properly sealed. You’ll need to give it a coat of clear protectant each year to maintain these properties. Eucalyptus Wood —Eucalyptus wood is an excellent and cheaper alternative to teak. It is similarly durable and resistant to rot and insects but has the benefit of being more plentiful and having a lower price tag. To keep the lovely wood color, this wood can be cleaned and sealed annually. Otherwise, the porch furniture will naturally turn the same color as teak. Cedar Wood – Another popular choice, cedar is similar to the other woods in that it is naturally resistant to rot, insects and warping. It too needs to be stained or sealed to protect it. It can also be painted but that means committing to scraping and repainting the furniture every couple of years. Ipe Wood – This type of hardwood comes from Latin America and is recognized for its strength and durability. In fact, it’s truly tough as nails because it has been reported to bend or break nails in construction. Ipe is a slow-growing wood and is typically cultivated and not forested. With this wood choice, it’s key to make sure that it is certified to have come from cultivated trees. Shorea – This wood has been popping up in different brands of porch furniture and it offers many of the same features and level of durability as ipe and teak. It too has a high oil content and resists water, rot and insects. Grown in Southeast Asia, Shorea can be rather expensive because is critically endangered and its use and sale are covered by local regulations. Plastic Lumber
If you love the look of wood, but painting, sealing and other maintenance is a deal-breaker, then one of the new types of composite lumber based on recycled plastic may be a good choice. POLYWOOD is a popular brand but there are also others. This wood is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) derived from recycled plastics, including milk jugs, laundry detergent containers, bottle caps and other post-consumer waste. It has the same look, feel and weight of real wood, but it’ll last far longer with virtually no maintenance.
If you want something low maintenance, metal porch chairs are your go-to because they do not require the regular maintenance that wood does. They don’t rot and can stand up to all kinds of weather. The only downside to metal can be that can get very hot in direct sunlight.
Aluminum furniture is very popular because it’s durable and cost-effective. The cheapest and most lightweight is tubular aluminum, which is used for folding chairs and portable pieces because it’s hollow. Heavier cast aluminum is more expensive but also rustproof and more durable. Wrought iron pieces are very heavy but also super durable as long as they are powder-coated to protect the metal from moisture. The powder coating on wrought iron furniture can be scratched, so care has to be pair to touch up any chips or scratches. Stainless steel is very popular because it is durable, easy-care and not terribly expensive. Most are powder-coated for longevity and a pleasing appearance. This metal is actually an alloy of steel, chromium, nickel, silicon, aluminum, molybdenum and carbon, with a touch of chromium to help combat rust. It doesn’t require any special care other than washing it off and sealing any nicks or scratches in the powder coating. Wicker
It used to be that wicker was very popular for porch furniture but it required care and attention because it doesn’t stand up to moisture or the elements. Now, however, the advent of synthetic wicker melds the classic look that people want with the easy-care of resin wicker. One of the main things to remember is that the term wicker refers to the process of weaving, not the material used. In general, synthetic wicker is either made of a vinyl polymer called PVC or HDPE, which is High Density Polyethylene. PVC is the same material used for the white pipes you see in the hardware store and is lower cost. Furniture made with PVD wicker can fade, scratch or tear over time. HDPE wicker is stronger and more durable, especially in a tight weave, plus it resists sunlight better. Even more importantly, it is dyed all the way through the material, so the color will stay true.
Before you completely write off the option of plastic porch chairs, consider that they are still popular because of their low cost and durability. If you are on a very tight budget or just need extra seating, plastic chairs are a good choice.  They’re fairly indestructible, definitely don’t require maintenance beyond a good hosing down and come in lots of colors and styles.
Styles of Porch Chairs
Just as with indoor furniture, outdoor porch furniture come in a range of styles that will fit just about any taste.
Classic style outdoor porch furniture has traditional style and is typically made from wood or powder-coated steel or aluminum, or even wrought iron. The frames have details like vines and twists and the overall look is timeless and often has European flair. Farmhouse or rustic styles of outdoor furniture will largely be made of wood and can sometimes feel rough-hewn. Artisanal types of furniture also fit into this category as do painted pieces that echo the farmhouse aesthetic. Modern and contemporary styles of porch furniture tend to have a cleaner silhouette and fewer details. They will also likely include more types of materials, including metals and resins. Overall, the vibe is more current. Laid Back style is what Adirondack chairs are all about. These types of pieces hold no pretense and are nothing if not relaxed. They can also be more high-end, however, the furniture should have the vibe that anyone could slip into the porch chair and be comfortable. Retro style is back in a big way and the outdoor space is no exception. Metal porch chairs, woven salsa outdoor chairs, and other vintage-style pieces create a retro look that will give any outdoor space a rare flair. Eclectic style is that boho, slightly global look that is super popular. It’s perfect because it’s less about matching sets than creating an easy, relaxed environment that incorporates different styles. An eclectic outdoor space is ideal for those on a budget or just starting out because it’s fine to mix flea market finds with new pieces and upcycled elements.
Here are some of the most common categories and some of the best porch chairs:
Bench Darlee Nassau Cast Aluminum Patio Bench Glider

A porch swing is a quintessential addition to a front porch, but Darlee’s Nassau Cast Aluminum Patio Bench Glider will give you the same feel without the bother of installation or the need to paint it. The perfect size for two — or just for one when it’s time for a breather — this glider is a perfect piece of porch seating that allows you to swing back and for to your heart’s content. Darlee is known for its pieces that are made from cast aluminum, meaning that they are rust-resistant. They also have an antique bronze powder coating that is more durable than regular painted surfaces, so it doesn’t weather over time and will give you many seasons of relaxation.

The glider’s construction makes it very durable, but it’s also lighter than comparable cast-iron pieces. Part of a larger Nassau collection that features the same classic basketweave design on the chairs, you can incorporate this glider into the furniture collection you already have or choose matching pieces to expand your seating options. It comes with versatile polyester cushions in a neutral sesame color that are made do be moisture resistant. Darlee furniture comes with a great five-year residential warranty on the furniture frame and the powder coat finish is backed by a three-year warranty. Even the polyester fabric cushions are warranted for one year, except for any fading due to chemicals or neglect.
Essex 83 Inch Natural Shorea Curved Patio Bench By Oxford Garden

Add some dimension and a natural touch to your porch with this Natural Shorea Curved Patio Bench from Oxford Garden.  The gentle curve of this 83-inch bench is made for a porch seating group that will accommodate friends and family. It’s a large piece that will be the focus of any porch and has a hefty and substantial feel thanks to the dimensions of the timber used. The high-quality construction has mortise and tenon joints that increase the strength and durability, which is further enhanced by the addition of corner braces on the thick legs.

The Essex Bench is made from Shorea wood, which is a tropical wood similar to teak in that it also has a high oil content. This makes it very durable and rot- and weather-resistant. With an outdoor wood like Shorea, you have a choice of choosing the no-maintenance route and leaving it untreated and allowing it to weather to a natural-looking gray. Those who prefer the look of the wood’s warm brown tone can oil it to help maintain the color. Overall, this is a very durable piece that will be the proud anchor piece in any porch seating arrangement. Oxford Garden products are covered by a three-year limited warranty.
Classic 60-Inch Teak Patio Bench By Douglas Nance

If the porch isn’t that big, you can still include a classic outdoor bench like the 60-Inch Teak Patio Bench By Douglas Nance. An elegant, well-proportioned bench like this one, with its scooped seat, is always a good choice because it’s excellent for mixing and matching. This particular Douglas Nance bench has high-quality construction, including mortise and tenon joints that make it extra sturdy. The thick wood and superior hardware also contribute to the durability of this porch bench. The best part  — in addition to the style and comfort — is that the bench has a silky smooth feel thanks to the fine sanding of the piece.

Even though your porch is covered, this bench will stand up to any of the elements Mother Nature can throw its way, from sun, snow, wind or rain. This is because it’s crafted from Grade A plantation-grown teak, which naturally has a high oil and makes it resist against moisture, rot, warping, fungus and insects. This is why it’s one of the top choices for durable outdoor furniture. You can choose to treat it with teak sealer and preserve the natural brown color or, if you leave it untreated, it’ll weather to a silvery gray color.

Douglas Nance covers all its teak products with a five-year residential warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship Provided the furniture is assembled correctly and used normally the company will repair 0r replace, free of charge, the defective product part.
Rocking Chairs Darlee Nassau Cast Aluminum Patio Rocker Club Chair

There was day when porch rocking chairs were generally a standard wooden type, but now there are so many attractive styles available like the Darlee Nassau Cast Aluminum Patio Rocker Club Chair. This combines all the great features of any outdoor porch seating: the relaxing joy of rocking, the comfort of a cull club chair, and the contemporary style of a luxe chair. The company is known for its furniture constructed of cast aluminum, which makes them rust-resistant and durable. This outdoor rocking chair also has an antique bronze powder coating that is more durable than regular painted surfaces. This means that it won’t weather over time and will give last for years relaxation on your porch.

The construction of the chair makes it very durable, like cast iron, but it a lot lighter in weight than any chair made from traditional cast iron. The large Nassau collection that includes this rocker club chair is distinguished by the classic basketweave design on the chair backs. This means that you can add this into an existing seating group, or expand your collection with different seating options. The versatile polyester cushions in a neutral sesame color are included and are made do be moisture resistant. Darlee furniture has a five-year residential warranty on the frame and the powder coat finish is backed by a three-year warranty. Even the polyester fabric cushions are covered for one year, except for any fading due to chemicals or neglect.
Classic Acacia Patio Rocking Chair By Walker Edison – Brown

The Classic Acacia Patio Rocking Chair By Walker Edison has the look of the quintessential front porch rocking chair. It’s a traditional piece that friends and family will all want to sit in. The charming style is versatile enough to go with just about any other porch seating that you might already have. It also features a sculpted seat that makes it more comfortable to sit and while away long summer evenings.

This rocking chair is made from acacia wood, a moderately heavy hardwood that is dense and made for the long haul when it comes to durability.  Naturally sturdy acacia is weather-resistant, so if you ever move it out of the porch, there’s no worry about it withstanding the elements. The slatted seat also keeps any water from pooling on the chair. The brown stain on the rocking chair highlights the wood grain, which can be maintained in its natural brown by using teak oil for maintenance. Some easy assembly is required for this rocker, which is covered by Walker Edison’s 30-day limited warranty against damage or defects.
Adirondack Folding Acacia Patio Adirondack Chair By Walker Edison

Nothing says summer relaxation like an Adirondack chair but storing these big boys can be an issue — except with this Folding Acacia Patio Adirondack Chair from Walker Edison. The classic silhouette has the right angle at the deep back for relaxing and the wide armrests are just the place to set your cup of coffee as you watch the sun set. As a folding model, this one is ideal as a porch chair because it can easily be folded and moved out of the way if necessary.

Gorgeous natural acacia wood gives the chairs a very earthy vibe. Acacia is a durable, moderately heavy hardwood that is dense and made for long life. Naturally sturdy acacia is weather-resistant, so if you ever move it out of the porch, there’s no worry about it withstanding the elements. The slatted seat also keeps any water from pooling on the chair. The brown stain highlights the wood grain, which can be maintained in its natural color by using teak oil for maintenance. Some easy assembly is required for this rocker, which is covered by Walker Edison’s 30-day limited warranty against damage or defects.
Classic Recycled Plastic Wood Patio Folding Adirondack Chair By POLYWOOD

For some lovers of Adirondack chairs, only the authentic painted version will do. This usually means you’ll have to repaint it from time to time, unless you opt for the Classic Recycled Plastic Wood Patio Folding Adirondack Chair By POLYWOOD. This one is a bright sunset red that adds a pop of color to your porch. The color won’t fade because the light stable pigment runs all the way through the furniture instead of just being a surface treatment. Besides resisting the sun, Polywood is a recycled heavy-duty plastic lumber that’s eco-friendly and made in the USA. Polywood looks like real wood but is low maintenance and super easy to clean so you’re not spending your time on furniture upkeep.

The chair is well-constructed, solid and can withstand winds. Even better, it also folds away for storage or for portability. A little assembly is required for this Adirondack chair but it’s almost ready to go out of the box and the amount of work is minimal. Polywood is covered by a 20-year residential warranty against material defects and that it won’t splinter, crack, chip, peel, rot, or be damaged by insect infestation. Not only will this chair look great on your porch for years to come, it’ll have you relaxing and enjoying your space more than ever.
Swing International Caravan Sun Ray Porch Swing – Bronze

Add a touch of the Victorian to your porch with a marvelous International Caravan Sun Ray Porch Swing. Especially if you have Victorian style home, this porch swing will add to the authentic vibe. The curved and contoured seat is extra comfortable while the overall design is a stunning sunburst on the seat back and the front edge has a characteristic looping design. You can swing and sway for hours in this elegant seat.

Made from wrought iron, the swing is finished with a specially formulated long-lasting bronze powder coating that makes it rust-resistant. The metal is heavy enough to keep the swing stable enough for windy environments and cleans up easily with a garden hose. The swing hangs from the ceiling with chains that attach are included with the seat. The weight capacity for the 43-inch wide swing is 325 pounds.
Nautical Slate Gray Recycled Plastic Wood 48 Inch Patio Swing By POLYWOOD

A super low maintenance option, the Nautical Slate Gray Recycled Plastic Wood 48-Inch Patio Swing by Polywood gives you the look of a classic porch swing with none of the work. The eco-friendly, made in the USA swing will last for years without losing any of its color or wood-look finish. The material used for the swing is made from recycled plastic and the heavy-duty plastic lumber will not deteriorate. Polywood won’t fade because it contains a light-stable pigment that runs all the way through the furniture instead of just being a surface treatment.  It will stand up to sun, snow wind and water without looking any worse for the wear.

The swing seat has a contour that makes it more comfortable, meaning that you’ll enjoy countless hours relaxing on your porch. It also comes in a neutral gray color that will work with almost any color combination of porch decor. The swing comes with a chain kit so that you can hang it up right away and start enjoying this classic swing that is made with modern materials to cut down the time spent on maintenance.
Leisure Season Wood Patio Swing Chaise Lounge With Umbrella

While most porches are under cover, some have areas that can be hit with hot sun nonetheless. For those areas, the Leisure Season Wood Patio Swing Chaise Lounge With Umbrella is the solution. More than just a swing, this is actually a chaise lounge that swings on its own curved frame, topped off with an umbrella to protect you from the sun. It’s the ultimate in porch lounging because you can just nestle in and sway to your heart’s content.

The swing and the frame are crafted from solid Larch wood, a hardwood that comes from the Cypress tree family. It’s is well-suited for outdoor furniture because it is durable and resists decay. In addition, the wood is stained and covered with a protective coating to boost durability. The entire-set-up it’s easy to assemble and comes with a polyester cushion for extra comfort. The Wood Patio Swing Chaise Lounge is covered by a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Director Chairs World Famous Dining Height Director Chair By Telescope Casual

Iconic directors chairs may be more associated with film sets, but they also make fabulous porch chairs, especially the taller variety like the World Famous Dining Height Director Chair By Telescope Casual. These casual chairs are comfortable, portable and lend a distinctive flair to any porch. These chairs are made with North American hardwood by Telescope Casual Furniture, which has been making products in the US for over a century. The arms of the chair are hand-shaped and sanded for extra smoothness and comfort. At the same time, the frame is supported by zinc-plated steel braces that are heavy-duty and resist corrosion.

The canvas seats resist sagging, remaining comfortable and supportive over time. The fabric is colored with the finest dyes for long-lasting color and the chair has self-leveling plastic glides attached to protect your porch floors from scratches. The ability to fold the chair makes it super versatile for other spaces and for storage in the off-season. Telescope Casual products made from wood are covered by a one-year warranty as are the slings.
Hammocks Leisure Season Fabric Hammock With Stand

For complete relaxation on the porch, go for the Leisure Season Fabric Hammock With Stand. The shady place is the ideal location for the hammock so that you can read, nap or just watch the clouds go by. There’s plenty of room in the amply sized 126″x47″ hammock that is suspended from its own frame. The freestanding wooden frame is made from Larch wood, a hardwood that is decay-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor furniture. It has a natural look thanks to the medium brown stain that has an added layer of protection from the protective coating.

The sling of the hammock is made from a fabric that’s durable and dries quickly. It’s suspended from the frame with rust-resistant, zinc-plated steel chains that come with the frame and sling.  A pillow is also included, making it even more comfortable.  The entire set is easy to assemble and has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. Leisure Season cover the Fabric Hammock With Stand with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defect.
Pawleys Island Presidential Size Original DuraCord Rope Hammock – Antique Brown

For a more tropical feeling, the Pawleys Island Presidential Size Original DuraCord Rope Hammock is the ideal, casual choice. This luxurious hand-woven hammock is a generous 65-inches wide so it can hold three people at the same time. This is great for relaxing with your spouse or having story time with your kids all together. Or, just stretch out by yourself for the ultimate in relaxation. The hammock is woven from DuraCord rope made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and MGP resin. It’s actually precision wound and exceeds US military strength specifications, but it still feels supremely soft like cotton. The colorfast DuraCord is solution-dyed to a natural brown shade and is able to stand up to the elements as well as resist mildew.

The hammock is held in shape by two spreader bars that are made from solid Southern white oak that is triple-dipped in a marine varnish for durability. Because this hammock does not come with a frame, it’s necessary to attach the included Galvanized hardware to the pillars of the porch, the side of the house or other strong and stable support like a tree. Once installed, the sturdy hammock has a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds. Pawleys Island guarantees that its products are free of defects in workmanship and materials for up to one year.
Beach Chairs Original Mini-Sun Folding Aluminum Beach Chair By Telescope Casual – White

Beach chairs are the most budget-conscious and portable creating options for the outdoors. Whether the plan is soaking up the sun in the backyard, sitting by the lake or heading to the beach, Telescope Casual’s Original Mini-Sun Folding Aluminum Beach Chair is ideal. A space-saving folding design provides convenience as well as comfort. These chairs have an aluminum frame that’s rust-resistant and securely fastened together with rivets as well as screws. Telescope Casual Furniture has been making its furniture in the US since 1903 and knows the value of durability and quality.

The sling of the folding aluminum beach chair is made of a quick-drying fabric that’s also weather-resistant, making it ideal for waterside locations — even if that’s a backyard kiddie pool. A variety of colors are available to match your existing outdoor furniture or your beach umbrella. Some added bonuses are the back of the chair, which reclines into four positions, as well as its light weight, which makes it easy to bring a number of chairs along for an outdoor event or adventure. The curved top of the chair acts as a towel rack for extra convenience.  The chair is warranted by Telescope Casual for one year.
Day Bed Leisure Season Wood Patio Sunbed With Canopy

A day bed like Leisure Season’s Wood Patio Sunbed With Canopy is the ultimate in outdoor relaxation. There’s just something so glamorous about lounging away the afternoon on this sunbed that’s plenty big for two. It’s a spacious 6 1/2 feet, which means that it’s possible to fully stretch out. You can also place it anywhere because of the free-standing frame that holds the sling, while the matching canopy shades you from the sun.

The easily-assembled frame is made from Leisure Season’s solid Larch wood, which is decay resistant and ideal for outdoor use. The wood is stained a medium brown color and gets extra durability from a protective coating. The sling itself is made from a quick-drying fabric for speedy recovery from, summer rainstorms. The daybed comes with two pillows for extra comfort. Leisure Season warrants the sunbed for one year against manufacturing defects.

Front porch or back porch, your seating choice will affect how much time you spend outside, so choose something that’s comfortable and meets your needs. The warm weather can be fleeting so crate an outdoor living space that beckons you on a daily basis, whether you’re entertaining or just hanging out by yourself.
Travira 4 Piece Aluminum Patio Club Chair Set

For a more colorful, contemporary look, Oxford Garden’s Travira collection delivers. This set of four club chairs is ideal for seating the family or friends for any occasion. It features an aluminum frame that’s powder-coated aluminum for longevity and durability. The chairs are lightweight and resistant to weather and rust, providing years of outdoor enjoyment. Fabulous contrast comes from the combination of aluminum and the colorful sling material that’s made for the outdoors. Crafted from PVC-coated polyester, it’s durable and dries quickly, meaning you won’t have to wait long after a rainstorm to have a seat in this porch furniture and relax.

An extra luxe touch is the Tekwood arm caps that add a classic element. Tekwood is a brand of poly lumber made that looks like real teak, stands up to the elements and needs no special maintenance. And speaking of maintenance, all you ever need to do is quickly hose the chairs off to clean them. Even better, the Travira set is stackable so it saves space when it comes to storage. The powder-coated aluminum frames are covered by a warranty for five years from date of purchase against structural failure and the powder-coat finish is warranted for three years against peeling, flaking, and blisters. A one-year warranty covers the Tekwood porch furniture against any major discoloration and the sling against structural failure and tearing.
Milano Aluminum And Woven Rope Patio Club Chair

The contemporary club chair silhouette gets a fresh twist in this woven design from Sunset West. The Milano Collection features a rope-covered chair that is big, deep and comfortable. Sink into the thick seat cushion and relax because there’s plenty of room to nestle in. This roomy club chair features a sturdy fully-welded, powder-coated aluminum frame that is wrapped with high-quality olefin rope in a neutral, trendy charcoal gray.

The cushions in the Milano are upholstered in Sunbrella Echo Ash fabric for good looks as well as comfort. Sunbrella resists weather and will look good for many seasons. The chair also has foot glides that are not visible but very handy for protecting the deck or porch floor. No assembly is required for the Milano club chair and Sunset West covers its porch furniture against manufacturing defects for 10 years. Sunbrella fabric is covered by a five-year warranty and the fill by a one-year warranty.
Venice Wicker Patio Club Chair

Classic rattan styling has been transformed into a more contemporary look in the Venice club chair from Sunset West. Despite the traditional-looking features of the construction, the overall vibe is very current. It has a striking chocolate brown silhouette that is very classy and distinctive. This porch chair has a durable powder-coated aluminum frame wrapped with virgin PE resin wicker that, together, will provide countless seasons of relaxation.

The thick cushion is upholstered with high-performance Sunbrella that resists water and mildew. It’ll also keep its colors for many years. Sunset West covers the Venice club chair with a ten-year warranty on the frame against defects in materials and workmanship. The resin wicker on the porch furniture is covered for years against fading, discoloration and deterioration. Sunbrella Fabric is warranted for five years and the cushion filling for one year.
Leisure Season Sling Patio Chaise Lounge

For serious relaxation, nothing beats a chaise lounge, especially for a porch chair. Leisure Season’s sling patio lounge chair is a budget-friendly addition to your outdoor space and is super comfortable. This sling lounge features a pillow for extra comfort and plenty of space for stretching out – whether that’s for relaxing or snoozing!

Made with a frame that’s crafted from solid wood, it has a high-end look and Hollywood styling. The decay-resistant wood comes from the Cypress tree family, which is made for outdoor use and is very easy to maintain. It comes stained a medium brown and covered with a protective coating, making it extremely durable. The sling itself dries quickly and requires no special treatment. Some assembly is required and Leisure Season covers the porch furniture against manufacturing defects for one year.
Solana 2 Piece Wicker Patio Chaise Lounge Set 

Sometimes, only a pair will do and this set of Solana lounge chairs is a sleek choice for porch chairs. Sunset West’s minimalist silhouette is perfect for adding a modern twist to the patio or porch. Crafted from virgin PE resin wicker, the lounges have fully welded, powder-coated aluminum frames. Together, they create the ultimate structural integrity and an easy-care piece. Even more, it provides great comfort and the ultimate lounge for relaxing. The chaise has plush weather-resistant, six-inch-thick cushions that are covered in Sunbrella’s Cast Silver color.

At the bottom of the chaise lounge, stylish brushed aluminum feet add a daring accent and help protect the surface of the deck or porch from scratching or other damage. No assembly is required for these resin wicker lounge chairs that can support up to 400 lbs. of weight. Sunset West products cover the frames of these Solana chaise lounges against defects in materials and workmanship for ten years and the resin wicker for three years against noticeable fading and deterioration. The Sunbrella fabric carries a five-year warranty and cushion fill has one-year coverage.
FAQ What kind of porch chairs should I buy?
The type of porch chairs you should get is influenced. By many factors, including your personal style, the space you have to work with, the weather where you live and how much work you are willing to investing in maintaining your chairs and outdoor furniture.
What materials are best for outdoor porch furniture?
A wide range of materials are used to make porch chairs and your choice will be driven by the look you want to achieve, along with the level of maintenance required as well as your budget. In general, plastic and metal-based porch chairs will provide durability and ease of care, while those made from wood will require more care and maintenance over the years.
What styles are available for porch chairs?
Basically, any style that you can get for the interior of your home can be found for the exterior as well. You’ll want your chairs to match the vibe and style that meshes with your preferences and that is comfortable.

As you can see, there are many, many choices when it comes to porch furniture. So much of the decision comes down to specifics of the space as well as your personal preferences that you’ll need to take into account above all. Nonetheless, the goal is to choose stylish porch chairs that fit your space and give you the relaxing seating that you desire.

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