Iron Space Saving Kitchen Sink Drying Rack


Vendor: MaviGadget
Price: 34.95

This holder is an ideal solution for conveniently drying and storing kitchen sink items such as a sponge, dish brush, dishpan, soap bar or liquid soap, etc.

Iron Space Saving Kitchen Sink Drying Rack is a practical and decorative kitchen tool. 

This is a space-saving rack, which brings a creative and practical sense to your kitchen.


Material: Carbon steel

Colour: Black

Size: 28.5*15*21.5cm

Suit for: Rag, Scraper, Water cup, Whisk, Ginger, Garlic, Soapdish, Steel wire ball, Sponge, Hand soap, Brush, Fish scraper, etc.


Moisture-proof and oil-proof, anti-rust, and not easy to fall off

Ventilate and drain, not easy to breed bacteria

Can hang rag, put sponge kitchen supplies, centralized storage and with layering

Detachable water tray to avoid water stains on the table

Package Includes: 1x Storage rack

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