Alongside the Reverse Hyper, the GHD (Glute-Hamstring Developer) might be one of the most neglected machines in the gym


And it’s unfortunate because the GHD has the potential to transform your training — especially when it comes to the posterior chain — for the better. It’s a surprisingly versatile machine, despite what its name might suggest. It can target your glutes and hamstrings, sure, but it can also be used for a multitude of core exercises, arm exercises, and more.

We’ve found that people generally encounter three major obstacles to getting a GHD. First, they can be hard to find. Second, they might not be cheap. And finally, if you do find one you like, it might take up too much space in your home gym. With all of these considerations in mind, we scoured the top brands available to everyday consumers to select the best GHD machines on the market for various needs. Let’s dive in. 
Best GHD Machines Best GHD Machine Overall: Force USA Commercial GHD Best GHD Machine for the Money: Titan Fitness GHD Best Multipurpose GHD Machine: Force USA Commercial GHD Best GHD Machine on Amazon: Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair Best Floor-Based GHD Machine: Rogue Floor Glute Best GHD Machine Overall
Truth be told, when looking at GHD options, there isn’t going to be an enormous difference between an average option and a great option. It’s going to come down to build quality and a few small features here and there. This is where we see the Force USA GHD shining. 
Force USA Commercial GHD
Made with Vor-Tex material and manufactured using heavy-gauge steel, this GHD has a 1300lb weight limit, which is several times heavier than other similar products. The upholstery is covered with VorTex rip-stop vinyl that is very long-lasting and resistant to abrasion. A lifetime warranty on the frame highlights that this GHD is made by a company that believes strongly in quality. 

Force USA Commercial GHD Force USA Commercial GHD
The Force USA Commercial GHD is a versatile GHD machine that is made of top quality components, like Vor-Tex vinyl and heavy gauge steel, to ensure it withstands the wear and tear of your training. 
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Who Should Buy the Force USA Commercial GHD Athletes who want a fully adjustable GHD. Consumers looking for a GHD with a great warranty. Trainees who need a versatile piece of equipment. Who Shouldn’t Buy the Force USA Commercial GHD Buyers with a tighter budget.  Lifters with a lack of space for a full-fledged GHD machine. Athletes who are still working on basic strength training movements like squatting or deadlifting and don’t have the time for extra work. 
Brimming with features and an incredible build quality reflected in the generous warranty, this GHD is an all-around great pick for the determined athlete who has some space. 
Best GHD Machine for the Money
Titan Fitness has done it yet again by merging a quality build with an affordable price point. In terms of making equipment affordable, we think they’ve hit the sweet spot here. While this isn’t the cheapest option on our list, we think it has a solid value proposition in its own right and offers the most bang for your buck. 
Titan Fitness GHD
This machine is strong and stable at 70 inches long and 45.5 inches wide and made out of heavy-duty steel. It affords lots of opportunities for more explosive, rotational movements without fear of it toppling. Fully adjustable with 10 different settings, you’ll be able to find one to accommodate you.

Titan Fitness GHD Titan Fitness GHD
The Titan Fitness GHD machine, as with many of their other products, blends affordability and a quality build into one. It's stable and has a footprint that will keep you well-grounded while working out. 
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Who Should Buy the Titan Fitness GHD Consumers who need a quality GHD at a reasonable price. Lifters looking for an easily adjustable but solid GHD. Athletes who want a GHD with wheels for maneuverability. Who Shouldn’t Buy the Titan Fitness GHD Buyers with limited space to store equipment. Athletes who won’t regularly use the GHD in their training. Consumers who haven’t yet purchased more basic equipment like barbells or dumbbells.
Titan is pretty well known for producing affordable equipment, and this GHD is no exception. It does the basics very well and won’t burn a hole in your wallet.
Best Multipurpose GHD Machine
If you aren’t a large commercial gym, the likelihood is that you’re searching for a piece of equipment that can justify itself in multiple areas of your training. Single-use machines aren’t much good if you don’t have a large amount of floor space available. We think that the Force USA Commercial GHD is one of the most versatile options we have seen on the market.
Force USA Commercial GHD
In terms of the basics, it is adjustable, is manufactured from top-quality materials, and has wheels for easier transport. It’s the little extras, though, that makes this machine such a multipurpose monster. The foot platform allows for some cool options with arms and straight leg work, and the pegs mean you can attach bands to almost any movement you like for accommodating resistance. 

Force USA Commercial GHD Force USA Commercial GHD
The Force USA Commercial GHD is a versatile GHD machine that is made of top quality components, like Vor-Tex vinyl and heavy gauge steel, to ensure it withstands the wear and tear of your training. 
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Who Should Buy the Force USA Commercial GHD Buyers who want a versatile GHD that can be used for many different exercises. Athletes looking for the option to add extra resistance with bands on GHD movements. Trainees who want a machine that is adjustable for people with different heights. Who Shouldn’t Buy the Force USA Commercial GHD Consumers on a tighter budget. Anyone with minimal space to store the GHD. Lifters who haven’t yet bought all the most basic gym equipment like Barbells, dumbbells, and plates.
It is the most expensive option on this list, but you get the best feature set, excellent durability, and huge versatility. Highly recommended if you want a future proof piece of equipment.
Best GHD Machine on Amazon
Before the GHD, there was the Roman Chair. This evolved from the original pommel bench and wooden stall bars set up that Russian lifters pioneered to strengthen their posterior chain. The Roman chair is really just a lighter GHD which means it can be a great choice for certain lifters.
Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair
This roman chair for Marcy is easily movable, weighing in at only 39lbs. Sturdily constructed from steel, it has a max weight capacity of 300lbs, which we think is a reasonable weight capacity for even a relatively strong lifter. It’s adjustable too, which means lifters should find it comfortable. With Amazon Prime also factored in, this is certainly worth considering. 

Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair
The Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair is perfect for those who want to work on developing the posterior chain with an adjustable and relatively non-invasive piece of equipment. The free shipping with Amazon is a huge plus too. 
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Who Should Buy the Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair Athletes who want a lighter GHD that is easy to move around.  Consumers who want to take advantage of free shipping.  Lifters who want an easy-to-use and adjustable GHD. Who Shouldn’t Buy the Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair Trainees who need a more heavy-duty GHD for more dynamic movements. Lifters who are much taller than average won’t be able to adjust the chair fully. Buyers looking for a GHD with a warranty.
Lightweight, adjustable and straightforward, this GHD is a great option if you need to move your equipment around regularly. For a garage gym, it’s a solid choice.
Best Floor-Based GHD Machine
As we said in the intro, space is one of the major reasons people may avoid GHDs. Recently, however, companies have innovated and produced versions that have a very minimal footprint. This version from Rogue is one of our favorites for those lacking the real estate for a full-size glute hamstring developer. 
Rogue Floor Glute
Equipped with wheels for easy movement, this Floor GHD is tiny compared to the other picks on the list. The trade-off is that you lose some of the versatility of the full machine, but honestly, with a bit of creativity, you can probably regain some of that functionality. Made with 11 gauge steel and offering six adjustable foot positions, it is a lovely option.

Rogue Floor Glute Rogue Floor Glute
The Rogue Floor Glute is the ideal solution for athletes who live in small spaces but still want to emphasize glute and hamstring development in their training. It's easy to store and easy to move around as you progress through your workout. 
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Who Should Buy the Rogue Floor Glute Buyers with minimal space for equipment. Athletes who need specific targeting for the hamstrings and glutes. Lifters who need a GHD they can move around easily. Who Shouldn’t Buy the Rogue Floor Glute Consumers who have the space needed to get a full-size GHD. Trainees looking for a GHD machine with more versatility. Athletes who already train hamstrings well and need something more challenging.
With its innovative design and small footprint, this floor GHD is ideal for people who can’t justify dedicating such a large area to one piece of equipment. 
What to Consider Before Buying a GHD Machine
There are so many solid pieces of equipment on the market today. If you are trying to decide whether to get a GHD or not, here are some things to consider first.
Space constraints
Unfortunately, most of these GHDs are large. You need to consider that this piece of equipment will use only a little less floor space than a power rack. This could be an issue that prevents many from getting one, so take this consideration seriously. 
Your Budget
While a GHD will still set you back a decent chunk of cash, the price range has dropped dramatically in the past few years, and the quality hasn’t suffered. You can now find options from $400 all the way up to $1500+ with all the bells and whistles. Leg day is important and certainly worth the investment. The big question isn’t whether you should sink some money into lower body training, but what tools you want to invest in to build your strength. 
A full-size GHD is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. You can perform row movements, sit-up variations, reverse hyperextension, and more. The smaller floor-based machines won’t allow you the same variety of exercises, but they are great if you lack space. Consider your needs and how often you’ll use this piece of equipment to inform your decision. 
Where the Roman Chair is a relatively light piece of equipment, the GHD is a sturdy beast, and the overall weight reflects that. The full-size GHDs on this list will weigh around 200lbs. This is a pretty considerable object to move around and support. If you have a larger space to train in, or you’re a larger athlete who needs higher weight capacities, then a bonafide GHD is probably your best bet. If you’re starting or are limited on space, you may want to consider a smaller option to start with. 
As we just mentioned, GHDs are heavy. Fortunately, manufacturers have realized that the addition of wheels can make maneuvering them much easier. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer includes wheels on every model. If you anticipate having to move your GHD regularly, make sure you get one that can roll.  
GHD or Reverse Hyper
The GHD and Reverse Hyper works similar muscle groups, but how they do is quite different. Here’s a rundown of the two machines and how they work. 
Reverse Hyper
Reverse hyper is short for reverse hyperextension, and this machine involves lying on your stomach with your legs dangling straight down off the edge behind you. The movement is done by driving your heels aggressively backward and up so that your body straightens out horizontally. This movement works your hamstrings, glutes, and spinal erectors tremendously and can help strengthen the area without applying any load to your back itself. 

Read more on the reverse hyper and how to use it.
As we’ve talked about, there are multiple ways to use a GHD, but the most common is to use it for your glutes and hamstrings. In this sense, it has a similar outcome to the reverse hyper, but the movement is different. Here, the feet are now anchored and don’t move. Instead, you lean forward and move your upper body. 

Read more on how to use the GHD in our training guide.
Should you get a GHD or Reverse Hyper? 
Both are massively underrated pieces of equipment in our estimation. Both are fabulous for developing areas of the body that are frequently neglected, and both take up a similarly large amount of space. Generally, we’d lean towards the GHD as it can be a more versatile machine. Still, we can see several scenarios in which you’d want to purchase the Reverse Hyper, especially if you’ve had back issues in the past and find it helpful for rehab. 
Final Word
GHDs are fantastic tools if you have the space to keep one. We rate them highly as a training tool. If you do get one, make sure that you train with it. We’ve seen far too many of these magnificent machines languishing in the corner of a gym functioning more as a place to put your coffee than a route to improved performance. 
FAQs What's the best GHD machine?
When it comes to value, quality, and a lifetime warranty, we think the Force USA Commercial GHD is the best GHD machine on the market. If you’re looking to seriously train your glutes and hamstrings, it’s an investment that will go a long way with a little time and sweat.
What are GHDs good for?
Glute Hamstring Developers (GHDs) are, as the name suggests, great for your glutes and your hamstrings. They are also great for a variety of other body parts, especially the core. There are a huge variety of lower body and core exercises you can train that are very difficult to replicate on other equipment.
I get cramps when I use a GHD is this normal?
It’s certainly common for muscles to cramp when they aren’t regularly targeted. When you first start to use a GHD, many of the commonly performed exercises on the machine will directly challenge your muscles in ways that they are unlikely to have experienced previously. This might cause you to cramp. Don’t worry though, as your body adapts, the cramps shouldn’t persist.

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