How to Work with Your Small Bathroom Space to Look Bigger


Having a small bathroom might be a little bit tricky to work with. You have to deal with the limited space. When planning to decorate a small bathroom, make sure not to add a lot of clutter. And making it appear bigger is what you have to do. It might sound a bit difficult. However, it’s actually not as difficult as you might think as long as you know the trick. Changing your bathroom’s color scheme is also an important step to making it feel more spacious. Light colors will make your bathroom appear bigger by reflecting light. Moreover, consider placing mirror in your small bathroom. Adding a mirror is an essential part of a small bathroom design. Try placing a mirror over the sink or higher up on the ceiling to create an illusion of a larger space. If you have a small bathroom, make sure to install recessing shampoo shelving and cabinetry. They can make a small bathroom look much larger and airier. Furthermore, if you consider using a shower room, place it at the corner then use a glass shower door to feel more airier. Placing, a towel rack next to the shower/bathtub will minimize the overall appearance of the bathroom. Another easy trick to maximize the space is to hide towel racks on the back of the door. And for another trick, you can pay attention to the white subway tiles, lighting fixtures, floating sinks, installing windows, and more. These following ideas may inspire you.

How to work with your small bathroom space to look bigger1

In this small bathroom you can use a white color scheme to give a beautiful and bright look to the whole room. The use of marble tiles on the walls and floors will create an attractive room design and give an elegant and overall impression of the room. This white floating bathtub and toilet will also provide a charming contrast to the room. Some green plants in these small pots provide a fresh and cool room. The framed paintings here also give a charming look. White Marble Small Bathroom from idealhome.


In this luxurious bathroom, adding a window is not a bad idea for you to try. The small window directly above the bathtub gives the impression of a bright room and allows sunlight to enter this bathroom. Adding potted green plants on this windowsill also gives it a beautiful and attractive look. Complementing the look with a shower over the bathtub will make the bedroom look beautiful. Brass hardware and marble tiles all combine for an upscale look, in a small space. Window Small Bathroom from idealhome.


Mounting the vanity to the wall and leaving the floor space below clear of clutter will make your space feel larger and less cramped. Choosing to use a vanity with lots of storage will give your small bathroom a neat and uncluttered look. At the top of this table you can add two sinks and a gold faucet and this gold frame mirror will make the table look beautiful and eye-catching. This vertical subway tile background is also able to give a beautiful bathroom appearance.  Floating Sink from idealhome.


If you don’t have enough space for a shower in your small bathroom, opting for a stand alone bathtub with this mixer shower faucet will make for an eye-catching and eye-catching bedroom design. This bathtub is equipped with a shower tray which will keep your bath time within easy reach and save space in this small bathroom. Placing this bathtub in the corner of the room and combining it with a white and blue color scheme gives it a bright and cool look. Stand-Alone Bathtub  from idealhome.


Adding built-in storage to this shower room will give the impression of a neat and clutter-free room. Choosing this type of storage will not take up much space and will give the impression of an attractive room. This pair of hexagonal and Metro tiles adds interest without overwhelming this small room with pattern. This floating sink and hexagonal mirror will make a beautiful design and will give the impression of a sleek room. Built-In Storage from idealhome.


A walk-in shower with frameless panels looks almost non-existent in this elegant bathroom, and helps to create the illusion of a beautiful, eye-catching space. Placing this walk in shower in the corner of the room and pairing it with gray marble wall tiles and brass fixtures and fittings gives the small space a bit of glamour, without being overpowering. This large framed mirror will give a beautiful room and create the illusion of a spacious room. Glass Shower Room from idealhome.


These mirror tile wall tiles to add reflection and light will give a beautiful look and will give this bathroom a spacious feel. This metro tile offers a fragmented mirror look and would be the perfect focal point of a room. This white furniture set will also balance the look of this bathroom. This white color scheme and dark tiled floor also offers an attractive room design and perfect contrast. Mirror Subway Tile from idealhome.


If full wall mirrors don’t work in your space, you can add multiple mirrors to one wall. Adding two frameless mirrors above the toilet and sink will make a beautiful room design and will make a difference. This curved shape will also give it a vintage look. This white color scheme and penny tiles will give the room a clean and airy look. Framless Mirror from architecturaldigest.


This totally renovated doorless bathroom will make the bathroom design wider and look more spacious. This will make the design of the room beautiful and will give a different look to each room. The shower and bathtub cabins, light beige tiles on the floor and walls will also be a focal point. This white and black color scheme will give the room a minimalist look and will make it look clean and sleek. Remove Shower Door from architecturaldigest.


To create a luxurious impression in the bathroom, using a curtain as a shower divider is the best way to decorate this small room. You can choose ceiling-high green curtains to create the illusion of a tall room. Using this gold bar will also add a touch of luxury to this room. The white color scheme will also help you give the illusion of a spacious and airy bathroom. Shower Curtain from architecturaldigest.


Herringbone wood flooring gives the illusion of a larger and warmer bath. This is easy for you to try and will give a unique bathroom look and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Here you can combine it with a white color scheme to balance the look while giving the illusion of a spacious and airy room. This floating double sink will provide a neat floor. This square mirror will also reflect light which will make this room more spacious. Wooden Floor Pattern from architecturaldigest.


A narrow ledge along the length of this bathroom is the perfect place for a mirror, toothbrush, and other essentials. Placing it on the bathroom wall will present a unique design and will give the impression of a neat and clutter-free room. Making your own from this wood will create a beautiful display and will enhance your creativity. This white color scheme will also make the room look clean and sleek. Wooden Floating Rack from architecturaldigest.


In this bathroom you can add a towel tied to the side of the floating sink. This sleek design will make a beautiful room design and will create a neat room and avoid room clutter. You can choose a gold color handle to give the room a luxurious and elegant look. Combined with a small floating sink in the corner of this room, it will give a beautiful appearance and save space in this small bathroom. Towel Bar Storage from architecturaldigest.


This is one of the more interesting small bathroom ideas, which will make a big impact. Installing skylights will open up your entire bathroom and significantly brighten up the room. You can put this skylight in the shower room to make a beautiful room design and will steal the eye. The mosaic tiles combined with this white color scheme will give the room a beautiful appearance and will give the illusion of an airy and bright room. Skylight Small Bathroom from architecturaldigest.


Adding the right lighting to this bathroom design is a brilliant idea for you to try. You can add a discount lamp placed above the mirror which will create an attractive and inviting look. In addition, the addition of natural lighting in the form of large windows will give the room a bright appearance and will let sunlight into this room. Wall and floor tiles with this matching pattern will make for a charming look. Sconce Lamps from architecturaldigest.

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