How To Properly Place Potting Sheds In Your Garden


Here are some creative ways to properly place potting sheds in your garden!

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Potting sheds are makeshift structures—made of either timber, tin, or other materials—that offer protection from the sun or rain you’re when doing small gardening tasks. If you love gardening at home, a potting shed offers a good working environment. You can comfortably do your messy DIY experiments while you’re inside the shed. To ensure that your potting shed looks and works great, it’s important to take the time to prepare a proper design and layout, and find the best accessories for the structure. Below are some creative ways to properly place potting sheds in your garden.

1. Install A Potting Table

Your potting shed is the place where you do all the messy gardening work needed to maintain an attractive lawn. Having a table inside the shed will make the process of sowing seeds easier. You can comfortably line-up all the ingredients at the tabletop while mixing planting materials. Just make sure the table is at a perfect height to reduce the strain on your back.

2. Install Storage Spaces

To grow colorful and healthy plants, you need plant pots and seedling trays made of plastic materials. However, these bulky materials can easily turn into an eyesore if they’re not well-arranged. It’s recommended to install or construct a sizeable open shelf that can hold plenty of pots and seedling planters. Alternatively, you can turn an old sink or other old containers into potholders. This a great way to recycle unused items and use more sustainable means to grow your garden. You can also purchase a great range of potting sheds at Their sheds already come with ample storage shelves and spaces. You can even request customized ones which suit your needs and requirements better.

3. Designate Areas For Storing Tools

Gardening tools can pose a safety risk if handled and stored incorrectly. However, they differ in size and use. This means you can’t store and handle a garden rake the same way you store a pruning shear or a shovel. Your potting shed should provide plenty of areas where you can store unique tools. Below are some ideas you can implement:

Open Bucket: Some sharp tools can cause accidents if they’re left strewn around. Use a bucket to store such tools like pruning shears, garden scalpels, and other small metal tools to improve gardening safety.

Tool Hanger: Tools like a fork, hoe, spade, or an ax require careful handling to prevent injuries. You can attach racks to hang these tools on the walls. Having tool hangers also mean you have more room to store other types of items beneath them.

Wall Shelf: The walls of your potting shed offer space that can be utilized to create additional storage. Build a medium-sized wall shelf with racks to hold wood glue, seeds, nails, and other smaller items that can easily get lost.

4. Spice Up The Exterior Of The Potting Shed

Use the area around your potting shed to plant flowers and other plants. One idea you can try is to create an external holding rack. You can use it multiple functions like temporary storage for plants before transferring them to the garden. Ensure the racks are wide enough to act as storage areas for seedlings before they’re transplanted. You can also attach old drainage pipes on the exterior walls. This new space can be used to grow vegetables like spinach onions, herbs, and a few flowers to improve your garden’s aesthetics. Remember, the appearance of your potting shed also affects the overall visual impression of your property. Consider painting the potting shed with colors that complement the walls of your home.

5. Designate Storage for Planting Soil and Organic Matter

Good soil is an essential part of the gardening ecosystem. You should invest in fertile and pathogen-less soil for your flowers, plant pots, and other makeshift gardens. However, as work continues to develop, the handling and movement of this soil can cause a mess to your normally pristine landscape. It’s a good idea to purchase a wide-funnel and deep container to store the soil. This method of storage will keep things neat and provide you with easy access to the soil while you’re working.


A potting shed can significantly improve your gardening experience. It acts as an additional storage space for your gardening tools and pots, on top of providing you with space where you can the bulk of your gardening work. As you’re placing and installing a potting shed in your garden, remember that its design and layout are essential factors to take into account. Your shed should offer safe storage areas, provide quick access to the tools, and have areas where you can do your work in peace.

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