Ever been annoyed by a messy looking kitchen even when you’ve kept everything at the place it’s meant to be kept at? You don’t really know what’s wrong with the arrangement but it just looks all messy


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Outright messy!

This struggle to keep a kitchen organized gets even worse when you have a small kitchen. You need to be cautious and utilize every inch of your kitchen space to the fullest to fit in all the stuff within the limited space. To add fuel to fire, a lot of times you need to shell out money on buying expensive organization products which could help organize your chaotic kitchen.

But organizing your kitchen need not be expensive, and, these dollar store kitchen organization hacks prove the same. Excited? Let’s quickly move to the core!

13 Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas

Here are 13 simple yet creative ideas that will help organize your kitchen without breaking the bank using dollar store items. You can organize everything ranging from tiny spice boxes and scrubbers to big pan lids and cutting boards. 

1. Cutting Boards Storage
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Cutting boards can consume a lot of space if not arranged wisely. And you don’t need expensive storage options to store them either. Why not utilize the inner side of your kitchen cabinet to store cutting boards?

You can easily do this with the help of wire rack and zip ties. All you need to do is screw the wire racks to the door and tie a few zip ties at the bottom to hold trays and you are all set. The best thing is it will set you back by just about a dollar or two. Pretty cheap, huh! 

2. Organize Your Cutlery
Image Credit: theelmlife
Although cutlery trays are super convenient for us since we can have all the cutlery in one place without any hassles, still these trays consume more space than required. Not to mention they are a great way to organize your cutlery.

But, dollar store baskets can be an awesome and economical alternative to these trays. Not only do these baskets make efficient use of the space available but are also cost-effective.

3. Organize your Refrigerator

Isn’t it ironic that our refrigerator, where stuff is expected to stay fresh, is often the most messed up place in our houses? Food spills, unorganized cans, and bottles are a common sight in refrigerators at most home.

Make use of storage bins to keep things organized. How? Categorize the items and keep like items in the same basket. You can use different baskets for spices, pickles, etc. This will keep the fridge organized and it will be a lot easier for you to locate and access the things you require. Now, these baskets are not available at the dollar store but you can grab these organizers on Amazon.

4. Storing Paper Goods
Image Credit: Organizingmadefun
If you’re anything like me, the paper plates, napkins and other paper goods in your house must all be lying at random spots in the kitchen. This practice not only makes it difficult to search for stuff but also uses the already limited space in the kitchen inefficiently. So, what’s the solution?

Use dollar store magazine files to keep them organized and easily accessible in one place. The thing I love most about this is that it also utilizes the vertical space which usually remains unutilized.

5. BBQ tools organization
Image Credit: Organizingmadefun
Have you ever paid attention to the enormous amount of space available under the sink? You can use this space to store various things just by being a little creative.

How? Command Hooks.

Command Hooks works really great when it comes to organizing things and you can creatively sneak your BBQ tools under the kitchen sink using them.

6. DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

Create your own spice rack by using the space on the side of your refrigerator. In case there’s not enough space on the side of your refrigerator, you can utilize your wall or other such plain unused surface for this purpose. This is a great way to store spices and save space with optimal utilization of space.

Hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, a pack of magnets, and some pencil holder magazines are all you need to make this magnetic spice rack. Instructables has a brilliant step-by-step tutorial on how to go about making your own spice rack using negligible space. 

7. Organization of Cans
Via Myuncommonsliceofsuburbia
It’s perfectly natural to stock up stuff whenever there’s a sale going on. Stocking of food cans is even more common when you have a large family. But where do you keep all that stuff you bought in large quantities? Your pantry gets all full and looks unorganized.

At such times, dollar store baskets may act as a godsend and assist you in organizing all the canned food.

Wanna know more? Head over to

8. Organization of Bottles
Via Drivenbydecor
I’m sure there are numerous bottles lying around your kitchen right now which are of little use at present. These bottles can make your kitchen look messy if not organized in a proper manner. You could use magazine holders for storing bottles to make the kitchen look tidy and orderly. 

9. Organization of Lids

Most people find arranging utensil lids problematic. If you are one such person, keep your eyes fixed on this article as I’m about to reveal a wonderful lid organization method.

Pan divider is the answer! Yes, a pan divider can help you arrange lids systematically. Read Restorationbeauty to know more about it.

10. Vegetable Storage

Most of us are in the habit of storing veggies and fruits in the bags we buy them in. A better alternative (which will also make your kitchen look orderly) is to store them in wire file holders. You may also put labels on these holders if you want.

11. Storing of packets (of eatables)

Wouldn’t it be outstanding if you could find all the packets of eatables at just one place in the kitchen? Of course, it would be super convenient. But the question is how should you do it so that it looks tidy and organized at the same time. Simple! Just by hanging them with book rings and binder clips.

12. Food Wrap Storage
Via Iheartorganizing
I don’t know where you’ve been storing your aluminum foils till now but I can assure you that you’re gonna love the trick I’m about to tell. You just need some wooden dowels, a few command hooks, and a wood stain (optional).

13. Cleaning Sponge Holder
Via Drivenbydecor
Sponge used for cleaning utensils and shelves is often ignored while arranging kitchen stuff (probably because of its small size). There is no fixed place for keeping it and it’s placed at random spots in the kitchen.

You could purchase a kitchen sink basket that may store not just the sponge but also scrubber, drain stopper, scouring pad, and other such stuff (in addition to making your sink area look tidy, obviously). 

So, that’s the end of the list! I hope you loved these creative uses of dollar store products as much as I did. I assure you a super organized and tidy looking kitchen if you follow these simple tricks well!

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