50 Things Every Man Cave Needs


If you have an apartment or a house, you should consider having a man cave. Yet what is a man cave, and why is it important? Well, a man cave is a dedicated room that houses everything you enjoy doing. 

Every man deserves to have a man cave as it’s a place he can truly relax, unwind and enjoy some quality alone time. Yet, deciding what to put in one’s man cave can be incredibly difficult with all the available options. 

Since it is a place you will be spending a lot of time in, you need to deck it out with the things you enjoy most. If you’re not sure what you enjoy or what you should put in your man cave, fear not. We will look at 50 things every man cave needs so that you have a better idea of what you should have in your man cave. 

1. Bar Fridge



Do beers with your friends while watching a sports game sound like your ideal afternoon entertainment? Well, it wouldn’t be an enjoyable pastime if you didn’t have a dedicated bar fridge for you and your friends. 

If you have a bar fridge, you can stock it with your favorite drinks, and you won’t need to worry about leaving your sanctuary and taking your eye off the game while you enjoy an ice-cold beer. Additionally, if you don’t have much space, you needn’t worry as bar fridges come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, so you’re bound to find one that suits your man cave. 

2. Recliner Chair



One of the must-have items for any man cave is a reclining chair. This furniture item is perfect for relaxing while you enjoy a private movie evening alone or with friends. There are many reclining chair options available. 

That means you can get one in any material you like, from faux leather and real leather to linen or suede or velvet. Some even have extra padding, USB ports, and cup holders, which means you won’t need to leave your seat while you relax. 

Moreover, reclining chairs have a range of different weight ratings, with some holding up to 330 pounds. If you pick a recliner for your man cave with a weight rating like this, you won’t need to worry about poor construction. 


man watching movie on tv

No man cave is ever truly complete without a large 4K UHD LED television, especially if you plan on gaming with a console. Additionally, if you don’t have a television that shows a crystal clear image, you won’t enjoy watching movies or sporting events. 

Although these televisions are pricier, they are definitely worth it. This is because 4K televisions have four times more pixels than the standard full HD televisions. Essentially, this means you will have a more vivid picture quality because of the higher pixel density. 

4. A Theater Surround Sound System


Are you a man who enjoys listening to music or watching a movie with a sound system that mimics being at a concert or cinema? If, so a theatre surround sound system could be perfect for your man cave. 

There is nothing better than having an immersive sound experience in your man cave. A theater surround sound system can ensure your space can provide you with the sound you want. Additionally, theater surround sound is much better than stereo surround, which is why you should consider it. 

5. A Man Cave Rules Sign



Now a “man cave rules” sign isn’t necessarily used for real rules. A man cave rules sign is usually a decorative item highlighting your personality by telling your friends and visitors the type of person you are. There are hundreds of different types of rules signs that feature different types of humor. However, if you can’t find one you like, you can always create your own man cave rules sign exactly how you want it to be. 

6. Custom Wall Decals



A man cave can look dreary and unwelcoming if there are no custom wall decals used. Once you have decidedly made up your mind on a particular theme for your man cave, you can choose the right wall decals that emphasize the style you want your man cave to represent. There are hundreds of different custom decals you can choose from, so the sky is truly the limit. 

7. Personalized Entry Mat



Along with custom wall decals, it’s important to consider having a personalized entry mat. Not only is it welcoming, but it is also a quirky decor item that you can have fun with. You can choose to have any type of picture put on your personalized mat, including a favorite cartoon character or an image you find hilarious. Additionally, if a picture isn’t really your style, you can opt for a personalized quote or a favorite sentence you have a burning desire to display. 

8. Comfortable Bedding



Since your man cave is your sanctuary and a place you go to relax and enjoy yourself, you need to make sure you have comfortable bedding. Every man cave needs, at the minimum, a blanket, and pillow that you can use while watching your favorite movies, playing your favorite games, or listening to music. You can also use your comfortable bedding to get a good night’s rest if you happen to fall asleep before making it to your bedroom. 

9. A Gaming Console



Do you enjoy spending countless hours immersed in a fantasy video game? Well, some would argue that a man cave can’t be called such if it does not include some type of gaming console. Arguably one of the most entertaining activities you can do alone or surrounded by friends is play a few competitive video games. It doesn’t matter if it’s on an Xbox or a PlayStation; you’re bound to have fun sequestered away from the real world. 

10. A Movie Collection


It might seem slightly outdated but having a movie collection in your man cave is an excellent idea. Sometimes you could find yourself wanting to only watch a specific movie that might not be available on a streaming platform. With a movie collection of all your favorite titles, you can select the movie you want to watch whenever you find yourself wanting to watch it. 

11. A Gaming Computer



If you prefer to game solo, your man cave needs a gaming computer instead of a gaming console. With a gaming computer, you can spend countless hours immersed in online play while maintaining your privacy. 

Should you have a gaming computer, you can design a custom layout according to the exact specifications you have always wanted. You won’t need anyone’s approval of where you can and cannot place your gaming rig. 

12. A Coffee Maker



Often you will find yourself spending countless hours in your man cave, which is why you need to have a coffee maker. Luckily you have many choices and don’t have to choose an overly complicated coffee maker if you don’t want to. There are simple percolators, high-tech espresso machines, and cold brew coffee makers perfect for a man cave. 

13. A Smart Remote



Have you ever heard of a smart remote? If you don’t want to spend your time completing tedious tasks that take you away from a championship game or a poker game with friends, you need a smart remote. This remote can change your television settings, order an Uber, turn your speakers on and off, control your lighting, and control your thermostat. 

Incredibly, this ingenious technological invention does all this for you and more. A smart remote can control five or more devices in your man cave from the comfort of your reclining chair. 

14. Hidden Bookcase



Contrary to what you might believe, a hidden bookcase isn’t actually meant for reading purposes. In many instances, a hidden bookcase is actually a door that hides your man cave from the rest of the inquisitive world. Usually, you will have to have a professional come and install a hidden bookcase door, and it will likely cost you a fairly large sum of money. However, if you want a challenge, you can try and build and install your own hidden entryway. 

15. Book Collection



If having a movie collection isn’t something you are interested in, you can opt to have a book collection instead. With a book collection, you can have all your favorite novels in your man cave neatly arranged to your preferences. Additionally, with all your favorite novels in one place, you can relax and read whenever you feel the need to get lost in a literary masterpiece. 

16. A Hot Tub



Should you have a large enough man cave with plumbing, why don’t you consider installing a hot tub? Arguably, a hot tub is one of the best items you can have if you want to relax after a particularly long and tiring day of school or work. Having a spa will also allow you to rest sore muscles, relieve a headache and promote better sleeping habits. 

You can choose a hot tub that suits your budget and preference as there are many different kinds. For example, some have jets and are above ground, while others are portable or built into the ground. 

17. Keyless Entry Lock



Often your man cave will have items you don’t want snooped through or stolen. That is why you need to consider installing a keyless entry lock. Although they are a more expensive option compared to traditional locks, they are a much safer alternative. With a keyless entry lock, you can choose your password and who you give it out to. This will ensure only you and only those you deem worthy have access to your sacred space. 

18. Climbing Wall Treadmill



If you like to exercise and spend time in your man cave, why not combine your two passions. A climbing wall treadmill might sound odd, but it is one of the best exercise equipment items you can have in an enclosed room. With a rock-climbing treadmill that has a rotating system, you will have fun and stay fit, as this machine allows you to practice your rock climbing skills in a combined space. 

19. Foosball Coffee Table



Do you enjoy soccer, but you don’t want to spend your time outside on a soccer field? You might want to consider buying a foosball coffee table for your man cave. This ingenious invention allows you to have a coffee table on the outside and a foosball table on the inside. With a foosball coffee table, you and your friends can participate in fun competitions, and when you’re done playing, you can sit around said coffee table and enjoy a few beverages.

20. Touch Screen Beverage Cooler



Do you like having high-tech premium quality gadgets at your disposal? A touch screen beverage cooler might just be the perfect item for your man cave. Although touch screen beverage coolers tend to be pricey, they allow you to access your beverages in style. 

You can see directly into a touch screen cooler as it has interior lighting that keeps your beverages well lit. Additionally, you can also easily set your temperature to ensure your beverages are as cold as you want them to be. 

21. Pool Table



A classic man cave item that everyone should have is a pool table. If you’re going to frequently entertain friends and want an activity that everyone can participate in, having a pool table is the solution. Interestingly, you don’t need to buy a full-sized pool table if you feel you don’t have the space. There are small novelty desktop pool tables that can also be fun. Additionally, you can also opt to purchase a pool table that is built into a dining room table. 

22. Massage Chair



Did you know that you can healthily use a massage chair three to four times a week? Interestingly, there are many reasons why you need to consider having a massage chair in your man cave. For example, massage chairs help increase mobility while softening spastic muscles. 

They also help regulate spinal alignments and maintain proper blood circulation throughout the body. With a massage chair in your man cave, you won’t need to feel too bad about spending so much time sitting down. 

23. A Security System



A crucial component you need to have in your man cave is a security system with security cameras that allow you to securely view your man cave via a live stream video feed. This is especially important if your man cave is not located inside a building. You never know who might try to break and enter, which is why it’s important to always be able to see what is going on.

24. A Poker Set



Have you always wanted to have poker nights with friends like what is often seen in the movies? Well, if you buy a poker set for your man cave, you can make this dream a reality. Poker sets are inexpensive items and usually have additional builder kits that you can add on. So as your circle of friends gets bigger, you can expand your poker set collection and continue hosting enjoyable poker evenings. 

25. Liquor Cabinet



Should you like to partake in an occasional drink or two, you will want a place where you can store your liquor. Luckily there are many different liquor cabinet options that you can choose between when you purchase one for your man cave. Just remember to buy one that is the right size for your liquor collection, and remember that bigger is usually better when you are considering your storage options. 

26. DIY Backyard Bowling Alley



Not every person has a man cave that is contained within four walls. Some have a man cave that extends out into a backyard. If you have this additional space, you may want to consider building a DIY backyard bowling alley. It might seem like a difficult project, but with the right tools and some help from friends, you can get your own private bowling alley set up quicker than you think. 

27. Chalkboard Game Table



A pen and paper aren’t always easily at hand, but this isn’t a problem if you have a chalkboard game table. A man cave can benefit from having a chalkboard game table as it will help with keeping tallies during certain games. You won’t need to keep score on paper as you can simply write it on your table. If you can’t find a chalkboard game table to purchase, you can easily make one yourself with some chalkboard paint from a hardware store. 

28. Custom Coasters



It’s the finer details that bring a space together. That’s why coasters are an excellent man cave decor item. Coasters can add a touch of quirkiness to a table and finish off an interior theme. Additionally, coasters serve another purpose than simply looking attractive. They are used to protect a table from unsightly water rings that are commonly caused by beers, sodas, and coffee mugs. 

29. An Arcade Machine



Do you enjoy an older gaming style that doesn’t involve modern technology? It might be a pricey investment, but having an arcade machine in your man cave can provide you with countless hours of old-fashioned entertainment. There are even a few arcade machines where you can add more than one classic game. 

30. A Comic Book Corner



If you like comic books, why not turn a corner of your man cave into a comic book corner. You can set up a comfortable bean bag or sofa and a few bookshelves or storage cabinets to store your comic books. Then every time you want to relax and get lost in the world of superheroes, you can escape to your very own private world.

31. A Mixology Set



Do you want to try your hand at bartending? Well, if you purchase a mixology set, you can learn how to make a few popular, world-famous drinks for friends in your man cave. A mixology starter kit will have all the tools you need, like a strainer, a jigger, a shaker, and a muddler. In no time, you will be creating drinks you have always wanted to learn how to make.

32. Daybed



Sometimes you don’t want to have a nap in a recliner or on a sofa. If you enjoy sleeping and want to take frequent naps in your man cave, you need to have a daybed. Daybeds are well known for their attractive space-conscious designs, which means you won’t have to worry about one taking up too much space in your man cave. Additionally, daybeds double as both a bed and a sofa, so you could opt for only a day bed instead of having both. 

33. Insulated Freezer Beer Glass Holder

Insulated Freezer Beer Glass Holder


If you enjoy drinking beers, you likely don’t want to drink them warm. That’s why having a few freezer beer glasses in your man cave is a good idea. These beer holders will keep your hands warm, but your beer chilled to perfection. All you have to do is place them in the freezer to chill and pop them on a glass when you’re ready to have a beer. 

34. Dartboard



A dartboard is a traditional man cave item that everyone should have. A dartboard is ideal for those who want to participate in drinking games with friends or friendly competitions to establish who has the best aim out of your friend group. Additionally, playing darts is another way to relax which is why it’s the perfect game for a man cave. 

35. Virtual Reality Headset



With the many technological advances in the virtual reality sphere, there are several must-have gadgets you should consider. One of the best technological gadgets you can use in your man cave is a virtual reality headset. 

With a virtual reality headset, you can escape reality and enjoy your time fully immersed in a video game or simulation. When you use a virtual reality headset, it will make you feel like you are in the situation being shown to you, which is why it’s incredibly entertaining. 

36. Golf Simulator



If you don’t have the time to visit the golf course or you live far away from a golf course, you should consider purchasing a golf simulator for your man cave. Golf simulators are incredibly fun, and they act as a perfect destressing activity. Yet, they also allow you to practice shots from various points throughout a virtual course and find your skill weaknesses so that you can work on them because they are incredibly realistic. 

37. Chess Set



Are you a competitive person by nature who enjoys playing strategy games that stretch the muscles of your mind? If so, your man cave definitely needs to have a chess set. With a chess set, you can frequently enjoy a game of strategy with your friends or family, or if you’re an avid chess player, you could even play against yourself. Nowadays, you can find many different unique types of chess sets that could suit your needs and preferences, like wooden ones or glass ones. 

38. Novelty Wall Clock



Sometimes when you are spending time in your man cave, time can become an obscure concept. That’s why you need to purchase a novelty wall clock for your space. If you have a clock that you like to look at, you will be more inclined to check the time and make sure you don’t forget anything. 

A wall clock is also convenient for your friends to determine when they need to go home and for you to remember when they are coming to visit you for a game night or poker evening. 

39. Shot Glass Holder



A shot glass holder might seem like a trivial ornament to have, but it’s an item you need. A shot glass holder will keep your shot glasses safe and sound, especially when your man cave activities become more heated with competitive play. Additionally, having a shot glass holder will allow you to access your shot glasses whenever you need them. 

40. Novelty Key Rack



When you are spending time in your man cave, you don’t want to make the mistake of placing your keys in a place you won’t be able to find them. That’s why you need a novelty key rack. This is another item that has a dual purpose. It can be both a decoration and a place to safely store your keys. There are many different types of novelty key racks like magnetic key racks, guitar amp jack key racks, pistol key racks, and plenty more. Take the time to search for one that suits your man cave’s theme.

41. An Air Conditioner



Your man cave is specifically designed for leisure, so there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortably hot during the summer in a place you go to relax. Unfortunately, uncomfortable climate control is usually a problem because man caves are relegated to areas that are not in the coolest of locations. 

Yet, there is a solution. If your man cave is located in the basement of your home, in a garage, or in a shed outside, you might want to consider installing an air conditioner. With an air conditioner installed, you can easily maintain the temperature and set it to the temperature that makes you most comfortable. 

42. A Lava Lamp



It might be old school, but having a few lava lamps in your man cave can give you a retro aesthetic you never knew your space needed. Besides being an attractive decor item, lava lamps are also incredibly soothing to watch. When you need to relax and destress your mind or work through your current life concerns, staring at a lava lamp in your color of choice can be therapeutic. 

43. TV Backlight



Sometimes minimalism is best in your man cave, while other times you might want a little razzle-dazzle. With that said, should you have a large television, you need to consider using LED strip backlighting. This is not an expensive decor item, and it is incredibly easy to install.

Additionally, it comes in a range of different color options, with some having multi-color features. Most also include an easy-to-use light that will allow you to set the intensity and color you want, lighting up space. 

44. A Kegerator



There is nothing wrong with liking your beer fresh, crisp, and properly preserved. If you want to make a quality investment, you should consider purchasing a kegerator for your man cave. 

Should you have a kegerator, you will be able to have a fresh beer whenever the need strikes your fancy while enjoying a bar atmosphere from the comfort of your abode. When your beer is stored in a kegerator, you are guaranteed to have a beer that maintains its quality and stays fresh for extended periods of time. 

45. Bottle Openers



You don’t have to damage your furniture by using the corners of tables, the edges of countertops, and coffee tables as a bottle opener. There are hundreds of different types of bottle openers from which you can choose to have in your man cave. Additionally, many of these bottle openers also act as decorative pieces that you can proudly display near your bar area or where you tend to make beverages. 

For example, you could buy either a mounted bottle opener, a vintage hand-crafted bottle opener, or a handheld bottle opener. If these don’t sound appealing, why not invest in a novelty bottle opener in the appearance of Thor’s hammer or a spark plug. Undoubtedly, there is most likely a bottle opener to match your style. 

46. Picture Frames



When you go on trips and adventures with your friends and take pictures of your adventures, you shouldn’t leave them gathering virtual dust on your phone. Instead, you should consider displaying them pridefully in your man cave. 

There are many different picture frame options available, so you likely won’t have any problem buying a few that match your man cave’s decor scheme. Surprise your friends the next time they visit with pictures of your time spent together. Not only will it show your dedication to your friends but it will also create a friendly atmosphere. 

47. Keg Urinal



Who says you can’t deck out your man cave bathroom in your decorations of choice. One of the most unique things you can do in your man cave bathroom is install a novelty beer keg urinal. Not only will this item be memorable, but it will also add some flair to a space you will likely spend hours in. 

Best of all, if you are savvy with a few tools, you can even build your own beer keg urinal if you want to take on a creative project. Then every time you use your bathroom, you will be reminded of your handyman finesse. 

48. A Snack Bar



The kitchen isn’t the only place you can have a snack bar. If you equip a snack bar in your man cave, you won’t ever have to make a run into the main house or to the shop to get your snack fix. With a snack bar, you can enjoy participating in activities in your man cave with friends without developing a hangry persona. 

But did you know that should you have the skill, you could build your own snack bar if you don’t want to buy a specialized cabinet or are on a budget? Building your own snack bar will let you decide the size based on your general snack needs. Yet if you don’t want to build one, there are many attractive options in various themes. 

49. A Whisky Barrel Sink



Besides having a keg urinal, another one of the greatest decor items you can have that is multi-purpose is a whiskey barrel sink. Like the keg urinal, you can also make your own whisky barrel sink from scratch for your man cave if you are someone who enjoys DIY projects. Yet, if making one sounds like too much of a chore, you can buy one off a well-known store like Amazon. 

50. Ping Pong Table



Have your ideas run dry about which indoor sporting table your man cave needs? A ping pong table is one of the best group activity items you can put in your man cave. Not only is it fun for intense competitions amongst friends, but it’s also perfect for beer pong game nights. 

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