21 Types Of Bathroom Mirrors: Add Beauty and Function to Your Space


It makes sense to give your choice of bathroom mirror a lot of thought the way you do ample research before buying a door or a window. Its one of the first things that you see and notice as you enter the room. Mirrors are functional as they are aesthetic, so if you feel like your bathroom is missing out on something, it is worth considering to upgrade your mirror.

The best thing about them is that today, you can find an infinite array of styles, designs, shapes, colors, sizes, and materials to choose from. In fact, if you dont know which one you are looking for, you can get overwhelmed. To avoid that pitfall and just wing it, lets take a quick peek at the various bathroom mirrors that you can go for.

The Different Types of Mirrors You Can Use in the Bathroom

Framed Mirrors

Lets begin with the most basic type. These come in different colors, designs, and materials to choose from. Its easy to find one that will easily suit your needs and fit into the current theme of your bathroom. You can go really simple or incredibly ornate as you wish.

Lighted Mirrors

Lighted mirrors, as the name suggests, come with built-in lighting. This is great for modern bathrooms that need additional lighting. This type will work perfectly since the light bulbs in the mirror can give you better illumination while getting groomed no matter what time of the day.

Medicine Cabinet Mirrors

These are great if you have lots of bathroom products, medicine, toiletries, and other essentials that you want to have on hand while youre in the bathroom. These are more functional than anything, although craftsmen today are also putting a lot of stock into the aesthetic of these mirrors. The mirror is placed on the door, which you can either pull or slide open to reveal the cabinet shelves inside.

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Ledge Mirrors

Also known as shadow boxes, these have ledges built inside to store bathroom items. If you have limited storage space in your bathroom, this will be a good choice to go with.

Venetian Mirrors

If you crave a more Italian vibe at home, you can go for Venetian mirrors, which feature beautiful details etched on the glass, which also functions as the border of the mirror. Use these if youre looking for a more delicate and beautiful flair in your home.

Frameless Mirrors

Cant decide on a frame? Why not ditch the whole idea altogether. These mirrors have a buffed edge. Its basically just a simple mirror designed for the modern bathroom. These fit well into contemporary bathrooms and homes.

Pivot Mirrors

These mirrors are commonly mounted on the wall using two hinged points, which let you tilt the mirror. Its almost the same as framed mirrors, except these are more flexible.

Extension Mirrors

Speaking of flexibility, you cant get better adjustability than these extension mirrors. Also called swing arm mirrors, these are mounted on the wall using an accordion mount. If you have a small bathroom, you can get a lot of use from these, since they dont take up a lot of space but can extend and contract from and to the wall as you need it.

Extension Arm Wall Mirror With 5x and 1x Magnification, Chrome

Captains Mirrors

These are round mirrors that hang from a strap against the wall. These make for a nice focal point in the vanity area or powder room.

Double Mirrors

Double mirrors make sense if you have a double vanity. One mirror above each sink creates symmetry in the room. If you have only one sink thats long and large enough, you can add two mirrors above it as well. This creates a stronger impact without having to use one bulky mirror.

Mirrored Wall

What if at the end of the day, you find yourself stressing out on which color or material of frame to get? The good news is that you can skip the entire step and just get a mirror for the entire wall. Plus, doing so will create an illusion of having a larger and more illuminated space.

Round Mirrors

A classic choice, the round mirror is a no-brainer and can be the perfect complement for modern bathrooms which are often chock-full of sharp edges. A round mirror softens these details while maintaining a timeless look. You can either get a hanging mirror or a classic one with a good frame.

Gilded Mirrors

You can highlight the mirrors sparkly surface with this type of mirror. The gold accents arent just a luxurious look, but can also create a room of warmth perfect for either casual or elegant bathrooms.

Sculptural Mirrors

Mirrors are by default the focal point of bathrooms, so why not capitalize on that and use an unusual form and sculpted frame? Your unique mirror will surely become an eye-catching piece that will serve your room aesthetically without having actual pieces of art in the bathroom.

Antique Mirrors

The vintage look is all the rage today, and antique mirrors are one way to go. Pieces that look aged add an air of luxury and sophistication to any space. Forget the mirrors you can get off the rack and get an antique or vintage one that adds charm and personality to your home.

Colorful Mirrors

Feeling playful? Not everyones home and personality can fit into boxes. Dont like black and white, sleek modern designs? Not a fan of old-timey, rustic accessories? Then go out bold and loud with these colorful pieces. Add color to introduce life to an otherwise dull bathroom. You can get creative with different shapes and sizes if you want to add even more whimsy to your home!

Minimalist Mirrors

If youre a minimalist with a modern sensibility, these mirrors are perfect for you. Their streamlined design often uses basic shapes and either go with a slim border or completely frameless. For this design theme, less is definitely more.

Mix-and-Match Mirrors

Why choose one mirror style when you can want more? Mix and match different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to create an overall appearance thats unique and appealing for you. These are particularly great when placed above a double vanity.

Ornate Mirrors

If you are a fan of glamor and over-the-top designs, ornate mirrors are calling out to you. These come with intricate detailing and sparkling frames. To play the part even better, go for oversized mirrors. If you want a safer design sense, you can skip this scale.

Triptych Mirror

Thinking about Old Hollywood? You can feel like a glamorous star from the good old days with a triptych mirror. Place it on your vanity or above a sink. Now, you can feel stylish and one-in-a-million every time you get dressed or do your makeup.

Mirror on Mirror

Weve heard it before: Two is better than one. Layer one mirror on top of a mirrored wall just because you can. You dont just get more sparkle, youll also increase the depth of the whole room.

Where to Buy Bathroom Mirrors Online

We hope the types weve laid out earlier have helped you find some inspiration. If you have made your choice of bathroom mirror, its time to find reputable stores that sell them. Here are some of the most trusted online retailers that carry a wide array of bathroom mirrors:

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