Weekend Entertainment: 1 May 2020


We took a Sabbath week from homeschooling this week and it was really nice to have that break, especially when the weather was so nice, so I think we will definitely continue this practice. We didn’t get out for a hike as I still haven’t made masks for the kids, but I hope to rectify that this weekend. We’re having our last co-op meeting of the year today (via Zoom), so we’ll have all of our Fridays free for nature hikes from here out, which I’m excited about. Hopefully we can get out every week from now on!

A note for those of you who have been waiting for picture study prints and/or the printed kindergarten curriculum. We are actually in the process of looking for a new printing company for the prints. The company I have been using, Best Value Copy, ruined an entire order I recently placed and said they couldn’t fix it and future orders would be the same, so now I have to look elsewhere (for this reason, also, I’m not longer recommending them on my site). Hopefully I will be able to find a new one soon! For the kindergarten curriculum, my friend Anna helped me figure out how to print and bind that on my own, so I ordered a coil-binding machine and other supplies and hope to have those back in stock by next week! If you’d like to receive a notification when everything is available again, you can sign up for the waiting lists on the pages for each product!

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Beauty as a Factor in Education I came across this Parents’ Review article when I was doing research for this week’s post and found it fascinating. She covers everything from art in children’s books and how to decorate a nursery or school room to allowing children to decorate covers for their books or what people should be wearing. The emphasis is on including beauty in all things, an idea with which I agree wholeheartedly.

13 Nature Walk Activities for Kids (+ FREE Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable!) I especially love the ideas for activities to do after the walk!

10 comforting classics to read after you run out of Jane Austen novels #3 is one of my favorite books and #5 is also wonderful!

A thank you to my children’s (homeschool) teachers This is a wonderful reminder that there are so many excellent resources out there for homeschoolers so we don’t have to do it all alone!

Cloth Face Mask Tutorial For Homeschool Family Consumer Science “There is something to be said when your child takes pride in her own creation and I couldn’t be more proud. Cloth Face Mask Tutorial For Homeschool Family Consumer Science was a success and we now have a cloth face mask for every member of our family. We are nature lovers and we are better protected when we head to the trail for a walk or a hike.”

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Why is Charlotte Mason picture study important?

Why is picture study important? Last week, I wrote an introduction to a series I continued this week on Charlotte Mason picture study. In that post, I explained why picture study is important to me. This week, I thought I might expand on why picture study should be important to anyone. I believe there are several reasons that picture study is important to include in our homeschool, and in this week’s post, I cover four of those reasons.

(2018) Charlotte Mason Picture Study Aid: Antoine Watteau Including Rococo artists in picture study can sometimes prove to be challenging due to the adult nature of much of the art from this period. However, Antoine Watteau, considered the father of the fête-galante, is a wonderful option!

(2017) Monthly Meal Plan: May 2017 I re-use my meal plans from the same month in previous years, sometimes making minor modifications, to save time. Here’s a meal plan for May!

(2015) May Free Desktop Wallpaper In case you’re looking for a new desktop wallpaper, here’s one I made a few years ago.

(2012) How does your garden grow? One of many patio gardens we cultivated in our old house. This feels like it happened a million years ago!

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