Preschool at Home: A Guide for Caregivers


Every year, I get a few emails from people wanting to preschool their children at home and asking how to do it. But 2020 has forever changed the way parents look at education and I have so many asking for guidance. Some want to keep their preschoolers at home this fall just to be on the safe side, while others aren't even sure if the schools will open at the end of summer. I've even had a message from a grandmother who was going to be preschooling her grandchild. I can't tell you how much I loved that.

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So I decided that what was needed was for me to put all my posts and advice together, update them,  add printable tools (planners, checklists, and more), and put them in a simple guide that parents can purchase and have at their fingertips for referencing and making notes.

So I'm happy to announce my latest book, "Preschool at Home: A Guide for Caregivers."

And, really, this is a simple guide. It only has 52 pages. And that's because preschool shouldn't be hard. It should be fun and educational. It doesn't take all day; an hour or two, three times a week is sufficient. (You can do more or less!) Basically, this guide lists the important skills and concepts that you should be teaching your preschooler to prepare them for kindergarten...and for life!

Inside this guide, you'll learn:
  • why preschool is so important, 
  • its lifelong benefits,
  • the pros and cons of buying a curriculum,
  • what exactly your preschooler should be learning,
  • everyday activities that teach your preschooler,
  • books, toys, and online resources,
  • how to plan your lessons,
  • a special section for families wanting to preschool in Spanish,
  • reproducible planners, checklists, and more.
I should make it clear that this is NOT a curriculum. There are no day-to-day lesson plans. But there is information and examples on how to make your own and how to plan out your week/year. And there are planning pages for you to copy and use.

If you've purchased my book, The Latino Family's Guide to Homeschooling, then a lot of this information is already in it (minus the reproducibles). 

If you would prefer to have the planner pages (includes pages for Montessori method) and other printables in a PDF form, just email me a receipt of your purchase and I'll send you a file.

That's it! If you - or someone you know - are planning to homeschool your preschooler and are looking for a little help getting started, check out this book! I think it will help you.

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