50 Most Popular Homeschool Curriculum in 2020


There are so many homeschooling programs on the market today! Every website recommends its own favourite. How do you know the best homeschooling curriculum when you see it? Sometimes a recommendation from a friend is helpful, but their experience with a curriculum might be narrow. You can also look at websites which tell you what curricula they think is best. But, I think a more accurate way to check out the top homeschooling curriculum programs today is to look at their search volume. And that is what we’re going to do in this article. 

I do this by listing the most googled curriculum terms and then listing the search volume in America per month. If relevant, I’ve added the second most relevant googled term in relation to that homeschooling curriculum in brackets.

Because America has the highest number of homeschoolers, we use American statistics. However, readers should be aware that different countries would favour different homeschooling curriculum in differing volumes.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the choices available to you, I’ve done a number of reviews on BJU homeschooling curricula. I’ve been impressed with their thoughtfulness and thoroughness throughout the material reviewed. You can check them out here or click the banner below.


Switched on Schoolhouse [Alpha Omega Publications]

110,000 searches/month/United States (Switched on Schoolhouse Online 4,400)

This Christian program has risen to popularity thanks to its online format. Everything is online, making the system paperless and easy to implement. Switched-on-Schoolhouse is the USB/CD version, however, you can the program on a subscription basis (Monarch).  It is one of the most popular Christian homeschooling programs available today. You can look at a Switched on Schoolhouse review here.


Time 4 Learning

90,500 (Time4Learning 60,500)



Easy Peasy All-in-One

40,500* (Easy Peasy Homeschool 14,800; Easy Peasy All in One 9,900)

Easy Peasy is a free Christian curriculum available online but the material can also be printed. It directs parents to many online resources to complete lessons. Facebook groups are available so parents can ask questions and get help when they need it. It’s the most popular free homeschooling program available today. You can look at an Easy Peasy All in One review here.



33,100 (Abeka Academy 14,800)

You can look at an Abeka review here.


The Good and the Beautiful

27,100 (The Good and the Beautiful curriculum 1,600)*



Classical Conversations

22,200 (Classical Conversations Homeschool 590)


The Great Courses Plus




My Father’s World

9,900 (My Father’s World Curriculum 1,000)












8,100 (Sonlight curriculum 3,600)



Power Homeschool

6,600 (Acellus Power Homeschool 1,600; Acellus Academy 8,100; Acellus 49,000)



BJU Press

6,600 (BJU Homeschool 2,900)



Memoria Press

6,600 (Memoria Press Online 720)



Ambleside Online

6,600 (Ambleside 1,900)



Veritas Press

5,400 (Veritas Press Online 480)



Simply Charlotte Mason


A fun homeschool curriculum on the market today is Simply Charlotte Mason, a program based on the educational philosophies of Charlotte Mason.


BridgeWay Academy




Classical Academic Press



Mentoring Minds




Five in a Row

1,900 (5 in a Row 480)



Life Pac [Alpha Omega Publications]

1,600 (Lifepac Alpha Omega 390)



Mater Amabilis




A Gentle Feast

1,600 (A Gentle Feast 140)



Rosetta Stone Homeschool




Calvert Education

880 (Calvert Education Services 140)



Horizons curriculum [Alpha Omega Publications]

480 (Horizons homeschool curriculum 110)



Get Ready for Kindergarten




Monarch curriculum [Alpha Omega Publications]

390 (Monarch Homeschool curriculum 140)



Gryphon House




Living Books Curriculum




Wildwood curriculum




Charlotte Mason Institute

210 (Charlotte Mason Institute Alveary 60)


My Homeschool

90* (Searched in Australia 260)



Little House Kindergarten




My EduCrate




CHSH Teach




Easy Grammar Systems




Higher Up and Further In




An Old Fashioned Education




A World of Adventure




Charlotte Mason in a Box




Charlotte Mason College

10 (Charlotte Mason College distance education 10)



Puritans Homeschool





Some websites can perhaps be used as a homeschooling curriculum or for homeschooling resources such as the following:


The Khan Academy




Hippo Campus



* Curricula containing an asterisk (*) next to it means the search volume could be artificially boosted by a common search term. For example, ‘Higher Up and Further In’ might be googled because it is a homeschool curriculum. But, it might also be googled because it is a phrase in a CS Lewis book.


HELP! Too much information!

If you’d like a few of these curricula narrowed down a little into different categories, I’d suggest checking out the following pages:

Some of these overlap a little, but they should provide a narrower list for you. If you’d like to check out individual preliminary homeschooling curriculum reviews I’ve done, check out this page.

Conclusion: Most Popular Homeschooling Curriculum Packages in 2020

With the huge amount of great homeschooling curriculum programs on display today, picking a program can be a difficult task. There’s a lot to research! Hopefully, this list has given you a few ideas about what you might like and what you don’t. All the best with your research!

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