Telescopic Kitchen Sink Rack


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Telescopic Kitchen Sink Rack

An easy hack to create more space in your kitchen!

Expand your sink space and work more efficiently than ever before. 

This draining rack stays secure over the sink, allowing you to wash fruits and vegetables or dry dishes without taking up precious countertop space!

Features a stretchable design and extendable handles to fit most kitchen sink sizes. 

Use this awesome space-saving tool for air-drying your tableware, rinsing your fruits, thawing frozen meat, prepping veggies, and more!

Water conveniently drips right into your sink... so you can say goodbye to watery messes in your kitchen, too.

Can also be used as a regular rack on your countertop whenever you need more sink space.   

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Space-saving design

Adjustable length to fit all sink sizes

Practical and multi-functional


Material: Stainless steel and plastic

Adjustable from 30.5cm (12") to 47cm (18.5")

Minimum size: 30.5cm x 21.5cm x 9.5cm (12" x 8.4" x 3.7")

Maximum size: 47cm x 21.5cm x 9.5cm (18.5" x 8.4" x 3.7")