Why a Small Tub for a Guest Bathroom?



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Having a guest bathroom is a wonderful added amenity. When guests come to visit, they have their own private space to clean up or get ready for the day. And when a guest bathroom has room for a bathtub, all the better!

But for a guest bathroom, the size of the tub installed will make a big difference in the overall flow of the space. The following are the four top reasons it’s recommended to use a small tub for a guest bathroom.

1. Working With the Size of the Room

In most cases, a guest bathroom is much smaller than a standard bathroom. When there is room for a bathtub, that space is generally very limited.

Using a small tub will help work with the size of the room. Often, when a smaller tub is chosen, it will be easier to install and require less renovation to the room.

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2. Ensuring a Comfortable Space

Similar to the above point, when a small tub is used in a guest bathroom, it helps prevent the space from becoming cramped.

In turn, this creates a more comfortable space for guests. A smaller tub can help ensure that there is ample room around the toilet and sink, making everything in the room easier to access and use.

3. More Room for Other Bathroom Accessories

While a guest bathroom might have enough room for a full-size tub, when a small tub is used instead, it can free up room for other bathroom accessories.

Ideas for the extra space include:

  • A freestanding towel warming rack
  • Extra cabinet space
  • A larger sink vanity
  • Additional towel rings
  • A robe hook
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4. An Affordable Option for a Less Used Space

Often, a guest bathroom is only used when someone comes to visit. Otherwise, the bathtub sits unused. With the limited amount of use a guest bathroom might see, it makes sense to choose a smaller, more affordable tub for this space.

This allows homeowners to spend more on a bigger bathtub for the main bathroom.

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