White Bathroom Ideas Can Be Interesting Too


White bathrooms make a bold statement. Every item in a bathroom design has a purpose. With white bathroom ideas, the focus is on style and usability.

White Bathroom

A bathroom space allows you to explore your DIY design skills. Accent colors with bright neutral details or draw attention to your bathroom’s clean lines and décor. An all-white bathroom design is a labor of love. You should know how to care for it if you want to keep it sparkling.

white marble with gray veins

With white bathrooms, it’s easier to create a fresh and clean look. For example, white subway tiles offer a traditional look and are popular white bathroom ideas. White marble tiles, on the other hand, are strikingly elegant and worth it if you want to go all the way.

White bathroom with black countertop

White as a primary color is ideal for a bathroom because it is versatile. Introduce color or accent material into your bathroom design the mix and create stylish focal points without being bold.

History Of The Modern White Bathroom

As an architectural style, the bathroom is a fairly recent addition to the modern home. Washrooms and toilets were in a separate location and not included inside the home.

Also, toilets weren’t always white. In the 30s, ivory and pastel toilets were the norm. Colors like orchid and mauve, peach were popular. The reason why toilets are white is that they’re made of bone-white porcelain.

It wasn’t until after WWII that bathroom designs were implemented in contemporary homes. In the 60s, there were still millions of homes without plumbing facilities.

In the 70s, homeowners began to make full use of their homes, and bathroom design flourished. The walk-in shower added another dimension to traditional bathrooms, and from there, other designs and styles emerged.

What Is CRI Mean In Lighting?

What Is CRI Mean In Lighting?

Color rendering index (CRI) measures a light source’s attributes. It assesses how a light source shows object colors “naturally” when compared to a familiar basis of reference, either incandescent light or daylight.

Without light, we couldn’t see. Bathrooms are white because they have small windows, so they have a limited light source.

Is Soft White or Daylight Better For A Bathroom?

Daylight light bulbs are the most popular choice for bathrooms. Softer white light is used to add ambiance or to create a modern aesthetic. Most bathroom lightbulbs have a CRI rating of 90+, indicating high color contrast.

Now, which light is better for your bathroom space will depend on you, the color scheme of the bathroom, decor, and floor tile.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Among white bathroom ideas, choosing a design isn’t easy, but it is fun. An all white bathroom doesn’t have to be a dull space. Even if your bathroom space is predominantly all white, you can accent it with soft hues for a subtle impact. 

Classic Lighting

Master bathroom with freestanding tub

With marble, there’s no such thing as bad design. A classic French chandelier illuminates the marble flooring and shower walls. The all-white space and table vanity station mirror, combined with the window next to the free-standing tub allow for more natural light. 

The color palette remains intact without feeling crowded or stuffed. In white bathrooms, lighter hues add a sense of depth. 

Modern Rustic Lighting

Subway tiles bathroom decor

A small ceiling light over the walk in shower space and one hanging light next to the sink is enough for this space. A window opposite the shower provides enough natural light during the day. 

Black and white subway tile is one of the most popular color combinations you’ll find among white bathroom ideas. When designing a small space, the tiles might be your best choice. The tiles work well with a neutral color palette. 

The dark copper faucet, shower handles, and nozzle gives this bathroom space its rustic charm. 

Accent Lighting

Bathroom with corner cabinets 1024x669

You can accent your bathroom with small lights. Texture can go a long way and in the case of a space like a bathroom that’s easier said than done.

One of the details you can count on however is an area rug. Pick something suitable for this sort of space and use it to add a bit of contrast to your monochromatic bathroom.

Small White Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom with shower and tub

You can adjust your white bathroom ideas to maximize your space with a variety of color choices.  Experimenting with color nuances like soft pinks or coral decor will add contrast and brighten a cramped space.

First and foremost, create what you love. With small bathrooms, add a soaking tub for a modern touch.

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Texture goes a long way. One detail that you can rely on is an area rug. Pick something suitable for this sort of space and use it to add a bit of contrast to your bathroom.

Bathroom Counters

Clean and stylish this bathroom 820x1024
Seventeenth Avenue

White bathroom ideas are clean and stylish whereas white is the primary color for walls, ceilings, and countertops. Painted cabinets or a bathtub can emphasize traditional simplicity and charm.

The elegant white walls help create a warm, bright room. Still, there’s black, a bit of bronze, and wood which help make this an inviting and beautiful sparkling space. 

Wood Vanity

Minimalist white bathroom 819x1024

In white bathrooms, light wood cabinets contrast with the glass walk-in shower and white tile walls. They add warmth and texture to the décor but at the same time help maintain brightness and the openness of the room. The light wood cabinets complement the design.  

White Bathroom Sinks 

Bathroom floor focal point
Sarah Solis Design Studio

Another way to add variety to your white bathroom ideas is by turning the floor into a colorful pattern design. The colorful tile floor adds serves as a backsplash while offering character and charm. With many different types of tiles to choose from you can come up with a nice pattern or design.

Keep it simple with black and white tiles to make your bathroom space gorgeous. These farmhouse-inspired ideas are a source of inspiration.

Marble Bathroom Shabby Chic

Marble bathroom with built in shelves
Laurence Simoncini

White marble is a white bathroom design favorite. Notice how the rug gives the space a sleek shabby chic party vibe. The white marble makes the space bright and airy but isn’t minimalistic. The rug color is an ochre green with touches of yellow that resemble dried moss. 

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

Spa like bathroom with wood accents
Tobias Partners

Wood and gray tile are all you need when you have the right space. The minimalist design is reinforced with white walls, cement flooring. and wood panels.

Natural light complements the ambiance thanks to the glass doors and large mirror. The natural wood and concrete accents emphasize a contemporary aesthetic and the greenery balances the simplicity.

Small Bathroom Ideas

Small black and white bathroom decor

Adding a few metallic accents to a white bathroom can change its look and feel. Bronze and gold accents add a refined but also old-school kind of charm to the design and can be paired with other colors and offer a sleek trim style.

This beautiful interior created by Red Deer is an example.

Master Bathroom Ideas

White marble and brass faucet fixtures
CM Studio

Marble countertops, floors, and walls make for a strikingly beautiful bathroom. You can add brass fixtures and other brass hardware for visual interest to the color scheme and work wonders for this bathroom space. Quartz countertops would offer similar features for those on a lesser budget. 

Marble tile introduces patterns and natural wood that give this modern farmhouse bathroom a crisp texture and sleek surface. A few golden metal details complete the design and give it an elegant and sophisticated feel. 

Walk-In Shower

Make small bathrooms feel spacious using white

Make a tiny bathroom feel more spacious by using white as the primary color combined with glass shower dividers and mirrors. Clean simple lines offer a chic vibe and require minimalist bathroom fixtures.

You can add warmth to a white bathroom with an earthy shade. Bathroom tiles, countertops, or a small rug can provide the right touch to offset a white bathroom. 

White Bathroom Sink

White bathroom bit warm decor add a carpet

You don’t need white countertops to add a trough sink to your white bathroom. A wood countertop provides a stylish base for your bathroom sinks. Underneath, there’s plenty of storage for towels and other amenities.

A small slash of green color is the focal point. For the ceiling, you can use a contrasting material or color to create an interesting combination and visual effect.

Scandinavian Bathroom

Small bathroom white and concrete

Create a Scandinavian motif by combining it with wood accents and raw finishes. The black frame of the mirror and black sconce complement the handles. The concrete flooring and stone sink create elegance in the small space.

Also, the wood stool offers a natural accent to the atmosphere.

Modern All White Bathroom 

White bathroom interesting ceiling design

Among modern bathroom ideas, how simple is this one? A free-standing tub is a centerpiece, and nothing else is needed to capture the charm and elegance of this layout. The white tub is strategically placed under the large skylight for full effect. The sole decor item here is the stainless steel faucet.

The bathroom is an example of advanced modern décor with a minimalist edge. The walk-in shower with gray walls provides an industrial backsplash.  

All White Bathroom

Clean minimalist loog white bathroom

An all-white bathroom with white marble flooring provides a clean and elegant look. A dual sink countertop with white cabinets and matching finishes complements the interior style.

The white marble countertop and matching tub balance the space and are separated with large marble tile slabs. 

Bathroom Floor And Wall Tile

Most bathrooms have ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Porcelain Tile

Modern scandinavian white bathroom

Creating a cohesive look with only one color is common among white bathroom ideas. What you see here are clean, sharp lines, including the washbasin, toilet, cabinet, and white tiles.

A lone potted plant perched on the window sill offers a splash of green color to the all-white color palette, giving the space added character.

Ceramic Tile

White bathroom with concret floor

This is an example of a standard all-white bathroom featuring a soft gray floor tile. The floor tile offsets the all-white space yet blends in rather than contrasts with the white bathroom walls.

You could accent the room with a bold shower curtain color or choose a clear plastic style. With a white clawfoot tub, it’s best to keep it open.

The white bathroom floor rug, like all rugs, offers a subtle accent along with the rusted steel towel rack. The oval freestanding tub and the tiny white stool serve as focal points for this classic bathroom setup.

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles

As you’ve noticed, many white bathroom ideas include tile for the walls and floor. You should know about the best DIY methods available to keep your bathroom sparkling and if maintained properly can preserve its modern look. 

What Type of Bathroom Tile Are You Cleaning?

You need to know what type of tile you have so you can apply the best cleaning methods. If you applied the wrong chemicals, it could damage the tile. 

The tiles are held in place with grout and this is what you’ll want to keep clean.

How To Clean Tile Grout

Grout preserves tile. If you take care of the grout in your bathroom you won’t need to worry about mold, for example. It is a dense fluid that either fills gaps or reinforces structures. The substance consists of water, cement, and sand. When cleaning grout you’ll need to be extra careful not to damage it. 
  • Damp sponge: use this to rub in your cleaning solution.
  • Bristle brush: if you use a bristle brush, make sure it’s grout-specific. As a DIY solution, a toothbrush will do the trick.
  • DIY cleaner: The best homemade grout cleaner is a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap. Cream or tartar sauce with lemon juice is the best natural remedy for whitening tile and removing stains from grout. Do not use substances that have a high acidic content like vinegar.

Remember: do not clean grout with wire brushes or steel wool because they would damage it. Also, do not use abrasive cleaners on your white walls with tile. Harsh cleaning chemicals are bad for tile and can scratch tiles and the chemicals can damage grout.

White Bathroom Layouts

Earth color white bathroom

Earthy colors such as brown pair well with white. You can opt for wooden flooring in the bathroom to make it feel warmer and inviting.

Bathroom Counter Style

White walls bathroom design glass shower door

The white bathroom vanity blends in perfectly given how the walls, floor and ceiling feature the same color. The glass shower door, and the big mirror add spaciousness to the room, keeping it simple and fresh.

Claw Foot Tub Bathroom Design

White bathroom different approach using pedestal sink
Lisa Petrole

The beauty of white bathroom ideas is how they’re not confined to a set of rules. They can be applied to a modern farmhouse bathroom aesthetic. You can try a different approach by using pedestal sinks and other accent features and accessories that help define your style.

Modern Look Bathroom Design

Small white bathroom design

You can paint your walls with a lighter cream color, soft beige, or pastel. This way the white bathroom will still feel spacious and airy but the color palette won’t be as harsh and cold as white.

Glossy white bathroom finishes

Glossy finishes pair well with mirrors. For example, the white bathroom vanity and under sink cabinetry create a combination together with the large mirror. The rest of the space can be matte or opaque.

White Bathroom Shelves

Increase space with white bathrooms

If your white bathroom ideas are centered on how to make the room more spacious, shelving is one answer. Aside from using white as the primary color, you can spruce things up by adding a different color scheme as there are plenty to choose from.

With white walls, a different hue bring something else other than blah, if you know what we mean.

Bathroom Natural Light

Large contemporary white bathroom accent piece

You can build your bathroom ideas around a large window when it functions as a main light source. In a predominantly white bathroom with a modern freestanding tub, a wood vanity offers refined detail. In this example, a wood bench serves as a natural touch while outdoor light works wonders on this classic design.

A glass shower adds contemporary style. Here, you have the option to bath in a tub next to a window it will leave you feeling warm and relaxed.  You can choose creative quality by adding the perfect piece designed to complete your bathroom, which in this case is the dark wood bench. Artwork would offer a splash of stylish inspiration.

White bathroom with vintage flair
Kate Jackson

If you want to add classy flair to your bathroom, a modern free-standing tub with off-white flooring and similar neutral hues will fill the room. Window coverings, lighting fixtures, or other design and décor elements each offer a pop of color.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is A White Bathroom Boring?

No, a white bathroom isn’t boring.  To make yours bold, go for contrasting colors to complete your palette. Here, black and white bathroom floor tiles provide all the interest this bathroom needs. Brass hardware adds to the contemporary look.

What Color Makes A Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

Light makes a room look spacious. According to basic design principles, light colors like white, crème, pastel blue, gray, or yellow will make a room look bigger. Dark colors like deep red, green or brown, will make a room feel smaller.

How Do You Make A White Bathroom Interesting?

A vase of flowers or a piece of artwork can introduce style and character to your white space. A modern freestanding tub or claw foot tub with white and black accents would turn your white walls into a backsplash. And don’t forget, a strong shower curtain or wood vanity could be a focal point for the whole space. 

While there is no shortage of white bathroom ideas, don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of colors. Subway tiles and white tiles will add brightness to the space. You could also try an undermount sink if you had room. Another option to consider would be brass fixtures or a medicine cabinet.

Are White Bathrooms Out Of Style?

Ask any designer or interior decorator and they’ll tell you that white bathroom ideas never go out of style. Bathrooms are predominantly white, especially in small rooms like apartments. Although a master bedroom won’t always be accompanied by a white bathroom, its bathroom design could feature white coats or accents in certain areas. However, white bathrooms will have a constant presence for as long as people continue building homes.

What Colors Go With A White Bathroom?

A cool gray-blue or other soft hues can spruce up a stark white bathroom without going overboard on color. Wood paneling would be enough to contrast subway tiles with a neutral color palette. 

White Bathroom Ideas Conclusion

The quality of a white bathroom is not solely based on cleanliness. With cozy textures to help brighten its features, it doesn’t have to be a neutral color gallery, even when combined with black and white themes. There’s plenty of room to play and get creative and doesn’t have to adhere to a dull aesthetic.

For example, a combined white layer with herringbone or hint of spring color punctuated with green plants would spruce up its interior settings. You can make a statement that suggests royalty or ranch sensibilities. As a homeowner, you want to bring serenity to your white bathroom and maximize it until you are content.

Remember, DIY interior design is about doing what you love, and shouldn’t be dictated by Instagram. If you keep things easy and simple, you’ll learn something new along the way. When creating your white bathroom rooms, whether large or small, will elevate their character and work wonders for your home.

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