Wall-Hanging Bathroom Storage Ideas


When it comes to locating better bathroom storage solutions, wall-hanging bathroom storage ideas come really handy for your space without losing any real space. Wall hangings are known to make an extremely neat and organized room. There is a definite element of formality in having one of these items up in your bathroom. Here are a few hanging bathroom storage ideas that you may find helpful.

Mirror with Hidden Storage

For small bathrooms that seem to be perpetually cramped, hanging bathroom storage ideas like mirrors that have hidden storage are perfect. These are small-sized storage mirrors that can be used to improve the appearance of small bathrooms by giving them a bit more space and improving the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors are also perfect in small bathrooms because they help you achieve a well-toned appearance.


The bathroom that is not too large can use the wall area as a storage idea for a more effective and efficient look. So that it is not only used as storage, you can also install a mirror on the storage door to make it more multifunctional so that it saves bathroom floor space. Install it in the corner of the bathroom so as not to interfere with your activities while in the bathroom. Corner mirror with storage from shelterness.


Another option that you can try is to use a square mirror in the sink area which is equipped with hidden storage on the back of the mirror or more precisely on the right and left sides. The storage can be opened and closed by pulling it to the side, making it closed storage. This certainly can make the room tidier and of course unique. Square mirror with hidden storage from shelterness.


To get a unique impression in your small bathroom, use a mirror with a multifunctional oval shape. A mirror that is equipped with hidden storage behind it will make the center of attention of people who use it. Open storage without a cover will make it easier for you when you want to take or store something. The slim shape certainly won’t take up much space. Oval mirror with storage behind it from extraspace.

Hanging Storage Shelves

A hanging storage shelf is an excellent choice for extra storage in small bathrooms. If you want to utilize this type of storage shelf, you need to figure out where you would like it placed within the bathroom. There are many different styles that are available, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that suits your taste.


If you have a small bathroom but still want to provide storage in it then try using a woven basket as hanging storage which is neatly arranged vertically so that it makes the wall space more useful. You can attach this hanging woven basket to the toilet for storage of clean towels. In addition, this basket also presents a natural feel that is not excessive. Hanging the wicker basket over the toilet from homebnc.


Take advantage of the empty door area to hang a storage container made of knit material. You can attach between these crochet pouches using a vertical round ring. Put all your toiletries or equipment in this container for a tidier bathroom look and of course, save more floor space. Hanging storage containers made of knitted material from homebnc.


In addition, you can also apply a hanging box storage rack made of reclaimed wood and install it in the corner of your small bathroom. This wood accent can add a warm impression to your small bathroom, besides that the materials used also indirectly present a rustic feel that is never out of date. You can also add potted greenery for a natural freshness every time. Hanging rustic box storage from homebnc.

Wire Basket

Another type of hanging bathroom storage idea is a wire basket. A wire basket is another small-sized storage fixture that provides ample space for small items. You just have to measure the amount of space that you would like to use and then purchase a small wire basket that will fit neatly into the area.


If you want to increase the open storage area then wire baskets are a smart idea to implement. The wire basket is very suitable for storage in your small bathroom because it has a large cavity that will make it easier for wet items that you want to store in your small bathroom to dry quickly. Place this wire basket next to the face wash mirror, so that it is easier for you to store or retrieve the items you need. Hanging wire basket in the sink area from homebnc.


You can also use this wire basket as a place to store tissue supplies in your small bathroom. Its small and slim shape makes it easy and can be installed anywhere. Don’t just install one wire basket, install several wire baskets in an empty area so you can store more items in your small bathroom. Basket wire storage of different sizes from homebnc.

DIY Floating Ladder

One of the most popular hanging bathroom storage ideas includes a DIY floating ladder. This is a type of hanging shelf that allows you to choose whether you would like to place it on the floor or on a surface. Because the ladder is suspended, it makes it easier to work in tight spaces. To work in limited space, you can hang the ladder above the toilet.


Pour your creative ideas to decorate your small bathroom so you can save more things. For example, by making a DIY floating ladder using fiber ropes and tree branches. Cut several tree branches to one size then string them together using the fiber rope that you have prepared. By using this DIY floating ladder you can make it easier to store wet towels after use. You can also attach this DIY floating ladder behind your small bathroom door, so that it makes your bathroom look tidy and doesn’t take up much space. DIY the floating ladder behind the door from homebnc.


Not only by using fiber ropes and tree branches, but you can also be creative using a combination of wood and metal plates to make DIY floating ladders. The wood is assembled into a ladder and combined with an iron plate as a barrier so that the items stored on the DIY floating ladder do not fall easily because they are blocked by the iron plate. This combination is perfect for your small bathroom to make it look unique and attractive. The combination of iron and wooden floating ladder from homebnc.

These are just a few of the many wall-hanging bathroom storage ideas that you can consider. They are a great way of adding some extra storage to your bathroom. If you have the right color and the perfect size storage unit, you can make your bathroom look much bigger than it actually is. This will help you achieve the illusion of a larger bathroom when you have little space to play with. As you can see, there are lots of ways that these storage systems can be used to your advantage!

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