These Plants Are All the Rage for 2022—Here Are 3 Ways to Style Them


Flat surface area is valuable, and a dresser can only fit so many begonias. So plant lovers are looking upward. According to plant marketplace Horti’s recent trend predictions, 2022 is going to be the year of the hanging plant. Small space–friendly (everyone has a ceiling that’s going unused) and so versatile—as long as they get light—trailing vines can add all of their jungle qualities without getting dirt on your nightstand. Read on for a few of our favorite styling tips. 

Let It All Hang Out

Trailing plants can be suspended on way more than just ceiling hooks, including the pot rack in your kitchen, the clothing rack alongside your winter puffer, or even the rungs of a sideways ladder.

Think Beyond the Pothos

There are so many varieties that offer trailing leaves other than the pothos—but we do love that it’s so beginner-friendy. For a funkier silhouette, go with a spider plant (you can propagate its crazy offshoots) or a durable string of pearls (which is secretly a succulent). 

Get Grounded

Much to your landlord’s relief, trailing vines don’t actually have to be hung at all. Place long strands on a tall bookcase or shelf and let the greenery do it’s thing. Blogger Melissa Frusco added a grid to help guide her philodendron leaves in the right direction. 

Psst: How to Handle Hydration

Pots with drainage holes make watering a hanging plant a mess (beware, curtains and favorite armchair). Instead use one with a rubber stopper (or cork). If you’re nervous about overwatering, though, it’s best to take the plant down and place it in the sink.

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