There are plenty of types of sinks that you can choose when you’re ready to (re)decorate your kitchen

From enamel coated to stainless steel sinks, it’s a matter or choosing the materials that match the décor, but also the ones that help you make the most out of your sink. One of the best options out there is the copper kitchen sink: an emblem of beauty, practicality, and durability. If you’re fiddling with the idea of getting a copper kitchen sink for your household, here is our comprehensive guide that’s bound to give you the information you need to know prior to making a purchase.

Properties of a Copper Sink

Alongside stainless steel and granite, copper is one of the most common materials used to make kitchen sinks. The vintage-style look is something that sets copper sinks apart from the crowd, but there is a lot more to copper than meets the eye. It is not uncommon for artisans to make copper products manually, as this adds more value to the product.

There are two terms that are often correlated with copper kitchen sinks: patina and gauge. Gauge is a measurement of the quality and durability of a kitchen sink (same goes for stainless steel sinks, too). Patina, on the other hand, is the finish quality of the sink, the one that gives it a shiny appearance and makes a copper sink as attractive as we know it. One important thing that you have to know about patina is that it is designed to protect the copper material itself, but will, in turn, end up darkening over time. While you can slow down this process, you can’t stop it altogether (and you shouldn’t aim for that either, it just makes the sink look more attractive).

Durability is one of the key factors that come into play here and it’s also one of the strongest selling points for a copper kitchen sink. With proper maintenance, copper sinks are amongst the most durable choices on the market, even better than stainless steel or porcelain. Keep in mind that the thickness of a copper sink will also play a part in its durability: the thicker the sink is, the longer it’s going to last. In order to buy a thick copper kitchen sink, always pay attention to the gauge that is specified in the description of the product.

Should You Choose a Copper Farmhouse Sink?

As always, the correct answer to this question is “it depends”. Farmhouse sinks are known for the elegance they bring to your kitchen and, contrary to popular belief, they can find their way in modern and traditional kitchens alike. The patina finish often provides a feeling of comfort, according to some design experts, but it is a matter of personal taste, in the end.

Copper sinks are known for their ability to reflect light, which makes the kitchen appear more stylish and adds a certain glow to it. If you have a primarily white kitchen, a copper sink can create a beautiful contrast due to the undertones of the material. For instance, you can add a polished copper sink to a modern kitchen, while a more traditional one will work perfectly with dull copper kitchen sinks.

As you may already know, apron farmhouse sinks have their front side exposed, which technically make it easier for you to fit them in your kitchen counter. But apron sinks also tend to be bigger, which makes them more suitable for households with multiple family members. An apron farmhouse copper sink also allows potential water spills to drip directly onto the floor instead of going down your kitchen cabinets and exposing them to moisture that could literally ruin them.

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Cleaning a Copper Sink

If there is one thing that sets copper kitchen sinks apart from all the others is the living finish on these things. That means that, in time, the undertones of the sink are bound to shift, and while some people might consider this to be a flaw, others just love the changing nature of copper sinks and believe they add more value to the space.

You are likely to notice that the patina of a copper kitchen sink darkens over time, but this is nothing but a natural process that helps protect the copper from different elements. Even with these inevitable shifts in colors, it’s important to know how to care for your copper kitchen sink so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Cleaning a copper sink is pretty simple and you’re bound to have the cleaning supplies in your household already. In general, you won’t need more than regular soap, a clean cloth, and some warm water. You can gently scrub the surface of the sink but, whatever you do, make sure that you don’t use cleaning products formulated with harsh chemicals. Rubbing the surface of the sink too hard might also cause scratches, so you want to avoid that as well.

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Washing your dishes ASAP can also go a long way in preserving the integrity of a copper sink, especially if there is any acidic food residue that damages the natural sheen of copper. In order to protect the patina, you want to make sure that no toothpaste or cosmetics are left sitting in the sink.

However, it is also fairly easy to get rid of stains in your copper sink, should they occur. The soap and warm water combination we mentioned earlier should do the trick. Some even claim that olive oil is a good stain buffer. Keep in mind that there are sealants that you can use in order to protect the sink and make it harder for patina to get even darker. It is not uncommon for people to use copper wax or beeswax to prevent further color modification of the sink.

There is one important thing that we still have to talk about here and that’s the antimicrobial property of copper. Yes, it’s true that copper has natural antibacterial properties, being the first metal that’s efficient in killing bacteria upon contact. Some evidence suggests that copper sinks might be efficient in halting flu spread throughout a household, but it’s worth giving it a shot even if solely for the idea of it being able to kill the germs that could reside in your sink.

Top 6 Copper Sinks

In the following section, we are going to show you some of the meanest, roughest, and toughest copper kitchen sinks that money can buy, so that you may find shopping inspiration amongst a list of products that are actually good.

Ruvati Copper Tone 30-inch Apron-Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

We’d like to kick off this series of reviews in style and show you a farmhouse copper sink that left us impressed from both a functional and an aesthetic point of view. Available in a 30 and a 36-inch model, this sink is made from 16-gauge stainless steel, which is pretty much the standard choice for sinks within this price range. It is designed to be rust-resistant and tit comes with a colored finished that’s peel-resistant, as it is applied using an innovative nano-PVD technique.

Other features that set the Ruvati copper sink out of the crown include the superior drainage system (there four drain grooves that create channel for water to reach the drain and avoid making puddles in the sink) and the sound padding construction that create a noise-proof system to prevent unnecessary noise when washing the dishes.

Lordear 33 inch Kitchen Sink Apron

The Lordear kitchen sink comes with a matte bronze finish and all the details that you’ll ever need from a product in this category. Using the same nano-PVD technique that we mentioned in the previous product example, this sink is resistant to peel and will not show signs of wear and tear anytime soon. The angle expansion is designed to increase the sink’s holding capacity and to make it easier for you to clean the corners without too many struggles.

The sloped bottom is designed to improve drainage and allow water to slide straight towards the drain. It is compatible with cabinets size 36 inches and measures 33 x 21 x 10 inches itself. The kit also includes an oven mitt and glove, a cotton apron, the cutout template, the stainless steel dish grid, a strainer, and the installation instructions needed to see the project through.

Renzan Farmhouse Apron-Front Handmade

It is no secret that copper kitchen sinks are chosen because they look good, but when you see intricate details like the ones on this copper farmhouse sink, you begin to understand just how a trivial kitchen item can bring so much beauty into the décor. This is a double bowl kitchen sink designed with an apron front and packet together with a copper care IQ kit. Each of the two bowls is equipped with a rear offset drain so that you can take advantage of every bit of space.

It is compatible with 36 inch cabinets and comes with 3D interactive assembly instructions for an easier understanding. There are sound dampening pads on all sides so that you don’t get disturbed by the typical dishwashing noise that you’re used to hearing. The bowls are 9 inches deep and the included kit is designed to be used on a monthly basis and provide your copper sink with a deep shine.

Double Bowl with CareIQ Kit Kitchen Sink

If the previous Sinkology copper kitchen sink didn’t convince you it was worth the money, maybe you will fancy this model more. Made by the same manufacturer, we’re talking about a copper sink that’s made from 17-gauge pure copper and stands as an emblem of durability and sturdiness. This kitchen sink model shares a lot of similarities with the aforementioned model, including the all-sides padding installed for noise reduction purposes.

Much like in the previous example, this kitchen sink also includes the Copper Care IQ Kit that Sinkology provides its buyers with so that they can perform monthly maintenance and keep the sink shining. There are also 3D assembly instructions that you can get for free using the BILT app.


Made from 12-gauge copper, this kitchen sink is designed with plenty of details that are bound to impress durability and appearance-enthusiasts alike. Measuring 30″ L x 22″ W x 9.25″ H overall, this authentic patina sink is a hand-hammered product that focuses on delivering a quality dishwashing experience while also making sure that you invest in a product that’s built to last.

This sink is disposal ready and it comes with a modern-style drain for everyone that doesn’t wish to pair with a garbage disposal. With each purchase, you will receive a stainless steel basin rack that supports a total dish weight of up to 200 pounds.


Those of you looking to get a complete kit designed to increase the dishwashing and cooking experience whilst benefiting from a stylish sink should take a look into this Strictly product. There are so many things to love about this product: from the stainless steel construction to the wide range of accessories included.

With your purchase, not only will you receive a 32” x 19” x 10” sink (which is compatible with cabinets of at least 33 inches), but you will also get the cutout template, the mounting hardware required for installation, a color-matching colander, a cutting board, a bottom grid, and color-matching square drains.

Bonus: Faucets to go With Your Copper Sink

Because the majority of copper kitchen sink that are available for inline purchase so not include faucets, we’ve decided to cover this part as well and show you four amazing and practical copper faucets that are compatible with different types of matching sinks.

Copper Rose Gold Kitchen Faucet

Our first suggestion is a very stylish copper faucet that comes with a powerful spray to make rinsing the dishes so much easier. It features a pull-down hose that can reach up to 24 inches in length so that you can find it easier to maneuver the stream of water around the dishes and not always the other way around. The best part is that the faucet is super easy to install by inserting the hoses in the installation hole, attaching the locking nut and gaskets, and tightening the screws, attaching the weight in the designated spot on the pull-down hose and connecting the cold and hot water hoses, and tightening them in place.

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Designed for sinks with three holes, this kitchen faucet is a stylish option for people who love a vintage style kitchen and put great emphasis on details. On a single base unit, you get the hot and cold water handles, but also a side sprayer that makes it easier to redirect water streams around the dishes you have to clean. The side sprayer is also ideal for rinsing fruit and vegetables, and the design makes it super easy to operate.  Thanks to the 360-degree swivel spout features, you will find that washing dishes has never been so functional and easy to handle.

Fontaine by Italia

Whenever you’re ready to take the copper faucet game to the next level, you have to give this Fontaine by Italia product a shot.  Ok, so what can you expect to get from this stylish looking product? First of all, there is a cone and a flat spray head included, which means that you can fiddle with both the design and the functionality of the faucet without having to buy more accessories to do so. There are plenty of features to look forward to, all of them designed towards a more durable and functional product: a flexible nylon hose, a lead-free brass waterway, and even a drip-free ceramic disc cartridge.

Copper Single Handle Pull-Down Copper Kitchen Faucet

Sharing a lot of similarities with the model we’ve shown you above, the Akicon kitchen faucet features a copper finish and an expandable and retractable hose that is bound to make dishwashing a whole lot easier. The angled nozzle is designed to provide you with a wide stream of water that’s useful for cleaning dishes and the sink itself.

It’s made from lead-free brass and resistant to both corrosion, as well as high temperatures. The pull-down spray head is designed with 360° swivel dual-function, while the ceramic disc valves are an important detail that indicate just how much was invested in making this faucet a durable product.

Bottom Line

Copper kitchen sinks are a product that will probably never go out of style. With a few variations in details, you can find copper sinks that are a match for both traditional and modern kitchen setups. What you need to keep in mind is that patina darkening is a perfectly normal process and learn to embrace what other people consider to be a flaw of copper sinks. Other than that, focus on finding a model that suits your needs, be it a single or a double bowl sink. And don’t forget the matching faucet!

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