The Organization Brand Our Social Media Editor Turns to Again and Again


Between mismatched bins and repurposed shoeboxes and jars, its easy for storage containers to end up adding to the clutter. To streamline everything, find a brand whose aesthetic you love and pledge your loyalty to itfor Dominos senior social media editor, Alyssa Clough, thats Yamazaki. I fell in love with the companys products right when I saw them, she says. They had just started selling in the U.S. Buying them wasnt as much a decision as it was a nondecision.

Stuck in the always tricky position of having both a small apartment and a lot of stuff, she ordered an array of the brands products and got to organizing. One move and several years later, she still swears by them all. Heres what sets Yamazaki apart: Each item is designed for small spaces, available in a simple white powder-coated steel finish thats meant to blend in.

Clough has at least one of Yamazaki s pieces in every room of her apartment; if thats not a living testament to their durability and function, we dont know what is. We asked her to walk us through the ones that she might just keep around forever.

The Shoe Rack

Dont discount this adjustable and stackable shoe rack as basic. I used to have three of them stacked in my bedroom; now theyre all on the floor in my hall closet, giving me long, low storage. I also think this tall design would be cool in an entryway.

Tip: If you have wall-mounted cabinets that leave an awkward sliver of dead space underneath, pop one of these there to maximize your square footage.

The Spice Rack

This spice shelf has lived nine lives in my apartments. Its been displayed on my kitchen cart, hidden in cabinets, and now it holds all my tea in the pantry. The brand has since designed this new rack, which I would purchaseexcept theres no need to upgrade my current situation!

Tip: Stick it under the sink in the bathroom to corral all those extra shampoos and bottles of products you havent tried yet.

The Garbage Bin

There arent a lot of chic trash cans out there. This one is powder-coated steel and wood, so it feels more elevated. Its small enough to disappear, but large enough so it doesnt need to be emptied constantly.

Tip: With its slim dimensions, this wastebasket will squeeze into pretty much any corner. If you have a cramped space, its the way to go.

The Paper Towel Holder

Its not flashy; it just gets the job done. I like the one-handed tear functionality for easy access when Im cooking.

Tip: If youve sworn off paper towels, this item can also help you hold multiple rolls of toilet paper instead.

The Dish Drainer

When I didnt have a dishwasher, this drying rack had a permanent place on my kitchen counter. Now I bring it out only when I need to hand-wash things, but I still appreciate the minimalist design and quality.

Tip: You can also use this rack to organize your cupboards; just tuck your fancy plates and bowls safely away in each compartment.

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