The Link Up: The $10 Toy Emily’s Kids Played With For Hours, Jess’ Favorite Moisturizer & A Stew Recipe That Went Viral


design by three birds renovations | via coco kelley

Happy, happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and caregivers out there. We hope you are able to celebrate (or not celebrate) in whatever way makes you the happiest. It’s your day! Now, here’s what the EHD team has been loving this week:

Today’s home tour is everything we want a Sunday to feel like. Happy, cozy, soft, and a solid dose of light pink. The entire house is a calm breath of fresh Australian air so be prepared to feel very good once your eyes get a load of this home by the very talented ladies of Three Birds Renovations.

ALSO, the wonderful, talented Sarah Sherman Samuels revealed her home’s second kitchen and the island is truly a work of art. GO NOW.

From Emily: “I finally found an over the sink dish drying rack that stores easily and is visually appealing. GOODBYE GROSS TOWELS.”

Also From Emily: “My kids got these as a gift in the mail from a former babysitter and they played with them for like FOUR HOURS.”

From Sara: “I swear I’m never buying store made tortillas again (a lofty statement). While homemaking them takes a decent amount more prep time than just pulling some straight out of a bag, the softness, flavor, and feeling of accomplishment is bar none. The hardest part about these is trying to roll them out into circles – which I failed out, but they still worked even in their blob-esque organic shapes. This recipe calls for bacon fat, but I didn’t have any on hand so I subbed the 2 tablespoons of bacon fat for 2 tablespoons of butter (ghee or vegetable oil would work as well).”

From Julie: “Even before working from home, I had been getting a serious pain in my neck/shoulder area. This was probably partially due to sitting at a desk for most of the day, not working out, being a prone-left-side-sleeper and constantly moving heavy objects for work (aka sofas). Last January, I finally booked myself a 90 min massage which is a rarity for me but after not being able to fully move my neck for about a week straight I thought it might be time to let a professional at it. And OH BOY she did! Let’s just say it wasn’t the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had in my life but it helped so much and above all, I learned the root of the problem. She told me that my muscles and tendons in that area were starting to move down and forward because of the aforementioned issues above. Like the true procrastinator I am, I didn’t really do anything different the following months until all of this went down and we were suddenly working from home for the foreseeable future. My workspace setup isn’t ideal and definitely wasn’t helping my pain issues. So I finally caved and started to look for a heating pad for my neck but it had to be electric since I don’t own a microwave. Then I came across this one from Sunbeam. And it’s AMAZING! It truly helps relive that intense pain I was feeling throughout the day and unlike those ones you heat up in the microwave I don’t have to keep getting up to reheat it only to leave it in the microwave a little too long and inevitably burn the sh*t outta my neck. It comes with 4 different heat settings and a magnet in the front that keeps it from falling off my shoulders and the cord is super long so I am actually able to move around a lot with it on. There is also a little bit of weight that makes me more aware of my posture so I am sitting up straighter throughout the day. Also, it looks like some futuristic battle armor so you know that’s cool too…right?”

From Ryann: “I am trying to drink more water but I unfortunately love sparkling water with the passion of a thousand suns. Since I am now at home 99.9% of the time, I decided it now makes sense to purchase a soda stream, so I can make delicious sparkling water drinks at home. Now I have it and it’s been great, but I am looking for some interesting drink recipes. As of now, I just squeeze some lemon in there and call it a day but I want to experiment. Any ideas??”

From Jess: “I just finished the moisturizer I was using and am now finally getting this one from my favorite skincare line, Tatcha. I have talked about them before (because I LOVE them) but I got a sample of this moisturizer over Christmas and knew it was my next try. I have pretty dry skin and this one really made me feel so hydrated and glowy. Plus according to its description, it’s supposed to tackle literally all of my face concerns: dryness, dullness and uneven texture, and loss of firmness and elasticity. It’s not cheap but I am really focused on getting my skin and routine SET. I require something personally positive to come out of this time at home so anti-aging it is.”

From Mallory: “Have you ever heard of #thestew?? If you haven’t, watch this ASAP. NYT cooking’s Alison Roman is my favorite person and I don’t even know her. Like if I was into polygamy, this girl would be the dream sister wife 100%. I think I linked her cauliflower pasta recipe on here once, but I can’t believe I haven’t discussed #thestew yet…who even am I? The other day I showed my boyfriend (aka personal chef…yes I am very lucky) #thestew recipe so he could make it for us. I was inspired by EHD alumn, Arlyn Hernandez (of course), who made it a mere 3 days before and gave me all the tips. 1. DO NOT SKIP OUT ON THE YOGURT AT THE END and 2. ADD SOME LIME IT DOES WONDERS! We made this even when it was 90+ degrees outside and we didn’t care…that’s how good it is. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. After all, it went viral for a reason :)”

Exciting news! Emily’s Weekend Check-In is finally here. What’s that you might ask? Basically, the Saturday “blog recap newsletter” got a BIG makeover. Now, this newsletter is from Emily herself, which will include a quick “hi” and a “how I’m doing update” along with our usual (but now complete since before it didn’t account for our content nearly doubling) weekend “Here’s What Happened On The Blog This Week.” It is kind of like the “letter from the editor” section you see in magazines. Here’s a snippet from last week to give you an idea:

“We are very, very, very lucky that being a digital company means that our “doors” can stay open, articles can still be read, and we can still connect with our community. Of course there have been some shifts in the business what with this “exciting” (terrifying) new economy. In full transparency, ads are worth far less right now and partnerships are shaky. But we feel genuinely so grateful that as a team we can continue doing what we love to do, remotely, and that we have this incredible community (you) that comes to read our articles every day. It’s really forced us to be more creative and innovative, and while the world is in this very uncertain era, the home continues to be more and more important. You may have noticed that we’ve shifted our content, and now we’re realizing it was a shift that needed to happen anyways. We’ve gotten back to more personal, solution based posts about design/style and the response has been really enthusiastic. It feels more real and grounded and even I’m connecting to it more.”

If you are interested in hearing more from Emily herself, sign up for the newsletter here.

That’s all we have for now, and as always we hope you have a lovely Sunday and a great Mother’s Day. x

Opener Image Credit: Design by Three Birds Renovations | via Coco Kelley

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