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Many people decide to use a kitchen island to complete their kitchen design. When choosing the kitchen island there are many aspects that should consider. For the size, color, shape, and also functionality. Because, in fact, more benefits that offered by the kitchen island and you have many design options to make that kitchen island a focal point in your kitchen while still keeping it as the functional piece you needed. Here are some ideas.
Go for A Bold Color
To make a focal point in your kitchen, go for a bold color for your kitchen island. Perhaps you are choosing a light grey for a subtle kitchen island, but decide a bold kitchen island will make your kitchen looks standout. Besides that, the bold kitchen island will hide the stain that might ruin the look of your kitchen island.

Repaint your kitchen island with dark blue for a more distinctive look in your kitchen decor. This blue color looks fresher and brighter, the splashes of white on the countertops, walls and kitchen cabinets are an elegant blend and can blend perfectly. Hang a vintage iron lamp over the kitchen island for the right lighting idea. Dark blue paint kitchen island from sebringdesignbuild.

Change the atmosphere of your kitchen by including functional bold color furniture. This red kitchen island is equipped with an open storage rack that you can use to store some ceramic cutlery to keep it safe and not cause chaos. In addition, this kitchen island has a shiny surface that has a smooth texture. Red kitchen island with open storage shelves from sebringdesignbuild.
The Distressed One Looks Aesthetic
Another way to make that kitchen island a focal point in your kitchen, the distressed finish of the kitchen island is a great choice. With the distressed finish, you can create a kitchen island that looks like a treasured antique and can give an aesthetic look to your kitchen. It will make your kitchen warmer and inviting.

To emphasize the artistic style in your kitchen decor, you can use the white melamine kitchen island, surrounded by vintage chairs covered in shabby white cloth. The kitchen island appearance will be more perfect when equipped with a flower vase on it with a large enough size. Glass chandeliers are the right lighting that you can try. Melamine wood kitchen island with vintage chairs from digsdigs.

You can present an antique look in your kitchen decor easily and cheaply. You can try to apply a reclaimed wood kitchen island without repainting it. This vintage tray filled with greenery is a never-failing decoration and certainly brings a fresher and soothing feel to the room. Enter sunlight into this kitchen to protect wooden furniture from being easily moldy and porous. Antique wood kitchen island from digsdigs.
Have a Proper Storage
When looking at ideas to make the kitchen island more useful, one of the best ways to utilize the island is to add storage space underneath it. Islands with a counter are an excellent choice for this, as the counter-space can be utilized for storage space, too. One of the biggest problems that many people have with small kitchens is the fact that they are just not big enough to comfortably store everything they might want to. However, by using the right materials, such as the kitchen island planks that are made of wood, there is no need for this to be the case.

If you have a small kitchen decoration, then pay attention when choosing some functional furniture, for example the modern kitchen island which is equipped with a storage drawer on the side and an iron holder that makes it easier for you to pull it out. In addition, this kitchen island is also equipped with stainless steel sink which is used to wash vegetables or fruits. Modern kitchen island with storage drawers from digsdigs.

It is better to use a kitchen island which is equipped with a built in wine bar rack which is enhanced with transparent glass doors in the side area. Give a wooden partition to the storage of this drink bottle so that it is easier to take according to the taste you want, besides this storage also avoids collisions between glass bottles that cause breaks. The countertop surface made of granite has a sturdy, smooth and shiny texture. Kitchen island decor with built in rack wine bar from digsdigs.
Choose the Right Material for The Counter
There are several materials that you can choose for the countertop of your kitchen island. If you want to get an elegant look and stand out, the granite or marble material you can choose. But for more functionality, the butcher block countertop is a good idea.

The modern kitchen island that can be used as a dining table and sink is a multifunctional kitchen furniture idea. To be used as a dining table, you can add a high chair made of wood with iron, the combination of these materials will make the chair stronger and stronger. You can clean the kitchen island countertop after washing dirty kitchen utensils or cutlery. Contemporary kitchen island which is used as a dining table from idealhome.

Perfect your modern kitchen decor with the right use of furniture, for example using a marble island square kitchen which is equipped with a high chair and storage drawers. Use this drawer to store some cutlery to keep it clean and avoid dust. Transparent glass flower vases are an ornament idea that you can try. Square marble kitchen island with storage drawers and dining table from idealhome.
Use it As A Work Area and Eating Space
If you have a larger kitchen or one that is shared by several other family members, the kitchen island can be used to create extra counter space. By adding an island, you can have another work surface available, or you can even have extra seating space available in the small kitchen area. In this case, the kitchen island that has a sink, refrigerator under the counter, and dishwasher will make it easy when you have to prep your food. Besides that, the kitchen island also can be used for the eating space. You don’t need to go far to put your food on the dining table, just put it on the kitchen island and enjoy your meal. Just add bar stools for the proper chair.

The built in round dining table on this kitchen island is a luxurious and more functional furniture idea. Choose cement material so that it is stronger and not easily porous when used for a long time. This open shelf on the side of the kitchen island can be used to prepare all dishes elegantly. Kitchen island equipped with dining table and shelves from realhomes.

Add a wooden dining table to your kitchen island as furniture that you can use for a simple dining table equipped with transparent high chairs. This dining table looks minimalist and really saves the floor area maximally and is more effective. Align the countertop with this table to make it more comfortable to use. Wooden dining table attached to the kitchen island from realhomes.

Those are some ideas to make your kitchen island a focal point in your kitchen while it’s functional. Many things you can do by having a proper kitchen island. Have a nice to try.

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