The Best Techniques for Storing Beauty Products


Finding a place to store your beauty products is tricky. You want to keep your products organized without damaging or misplacing them. If you need help or want some organizational tips, check out this list of the best techniques for storing beauty products.

The Best Techniques for Storing Beauty Products

Hair Products

Given that hair products range in size (shampoos, hair ties, gels, etc.), you need a storage method that will help you organize your products without creating a cluster of random items. A great storage technique is to use a shower caddy to hold your liquid products like shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, and pomades.

You can use individual drawstring bags for hair accessories, such as hair ties, headbands, clips, and bobby pins. This will keep the accessories organized without the risk of things getting tangled. Once you place the items in individual bags, you can store them in a container.


From foundations and concealers to lipsticks and liners, many makeup products exist that you may own. And given the variety of products, there are different storage options. However, the best storage techniques are clear drawer organizers or stackable drawer organizers.

Clear drawer organizers allow you to place clear bins in an empty drawer and separate your products by type. For example, you can group eyeshadow pallets in one area and mascaras in another section. Stackable drawer organizers allow you to group products together without the need for extra shelf space.

Makeup Removers and Applicators

Although makeup removers and applicators aren’t “direct” beauty products, they still hold an important function. Cotton swabs, Q-tips, and disposable applicators help you apply and remove makeup (or product residue).

You can place makeup removers and applicators in clear containers or mason jars. And when you put them in the jars, you can set them on your bathroom sink or any place with easy access. Placing the items in containers is the best technique because you can easily grab items without hassle!

Skin Care Products

Did you know that direct sunlight can speed up the breakdown of active ingredients in skin care products? Did you also know that storing skincare products in the fridge doesn’t make them more effective? It’s challenging to figure out the best technique for storing skin care products.

As a general rule, you should store skin care products in a room temperature space and out of direct sunlight. Places like drawers, cabinets, and lidded boxes are great storage spots.

Nail Polish

This nail polish technique is among the best techniques for storing beauty products. You can use a spice rack to hold your polishes! Keeping your bottles sitting upright is among the top salon tips for storing your nail polish bottles because it prevents spills and hardening. A basic spice rack is the perfect holding spot for your nail polish, as you can display your polishes while ensuring that they’re safe.

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