The 10 Best Farmhouse Sinks of 2022 Are Anything but Basic


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A sink is often the cornerstone of any kitchen. It’s at the forefront of many of our chores, from prepping fruits and vegetables to washing dishes. In recent years, there has been an increased popularity in one specific type of sink — the farmhouse sink. We feel safe in saying we have Chip and Joanna Gaines, hosts of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, to thank for the rise (and the, in turn, the decline) of the trendy farmhouse aesthetic. However, even with the dip in the decor trend’s popularity, one thing has remained sought after in many different homes — the farmhouse sink.

Some of the best farmhouse sinks are farmhouse sinks in name only. The various design choices and generous basin make for a welcome addition to just about any kitchen, so this sink has gone far beyond the rustic kitchen staple it once was.

Today’s hallmarks of the best farmhouse sinks are a broader profile, larger capacity, and apron-style front. Thanks to the variety of options there are for this perennial kitchen fixture; the best farmhouse sink is the one that matches your style. Farmhouse sinks are available in many different materials:

  • Fireclay: The most common material used for the best farmhouse sinks is fireclay. Fireclay is graduation from the enameled cast iron farmhouse sinks of the 1920s — the decade the style became popular in American kitchens. The clay-based ceramic fireclay is covered with an enamel or porcelain glaze, making it highly durable. They also happen to be one of the most affordable typical farmhouse sink options.
  • Stainless Steel: A runner-up to the standard enamel-covered fireclay farmhouse sink, stainless steel farmhouse sinks have risen in popularity. Not only are they often the most affordable of all options, but they blend in seamlessly with most modern kitchen decor.
  • Copper: Although a less common choice, copper is a perfect pairing for more rustic decor. As copper ages, it gains a patina which some consider beautiful, and others less so. Copper is a softer metal, so nicks and dings are par for the course. For that reason, copper is often hammered for a rough, uneven look, which is undoubtedly considered when choosing this metal as an element of design.
  • Bamboo: Expect to see bamboo as an increasingly popular option in all design aspects, including the kitchen sink. Bamboo is a tough, sustainable wood that is surprisingly durable in this application. The bamboo is compressed and heavily sealed to resist water and staining.
  • Granite: Granite, or more often, granite-composite, is very stylish, very durable, and falls in the middle of the road in terms of cost. However, whereas it is chip- and scratch-resistant, it is slightly less durable than fireclay. It falls below both fireclay and stainless steel — the most heat-resistant option on the list — when it comes to heat resistance.
  • Marble: For most people, marble is a great idea on the surface, but once they find out that the surface is soft and porous, marble is scratched off the list pretty quickly. Marble requires the highest level of maintenance in typical applications — countertops and floors — so to add the mess farmhouse sinks are expected to endure means headache for most.

Installing a Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks have a standout look compared to many other styles of sinks, but the fact is, they are designed to fit in an existing kitchen sink cabinet, assuming the size remains the same. There are three main farmhouse sink types:

  • Top mount sinks: Top mount sinks are the easiest to install. An oversized rim sits on the countertop like a regular sink, allowing for the most room for error and size discrepancies. They can typically be installed on any counter surface.
  • Flush mount inks: These sit even, or flush, with the top of the counter and typically require a custom-made laminate top solid surface.
  • Undermount sinks: As the name suggests, these sit underneath the counter. They require a waterproof top custom cut for the sink and faucet.

Some people are handier than others, which means some homeowners will have no problem installing their pick for the best farmhouse sink on their own, while others will need to call in a professional.

Hiring an insured, licensed professional is often the best way to go, as the countertop may need to be cut to make any style of sink fit. That can be complicated, messy and lead to a whole lot of extra work (and money) if someone lacks the proper experience in this area. Better safe than sorry, especially when destroying your kitchen is concerned.

Regardless if you are gung-ho to go it alone or ready, willing and able to pay a professional, the first step is finding the best farmhouse sink for you. Below are our picks for the best farmhouse sinks right now. Sizes range from 24-inches to 36-inches, so our list is based on the standard 33-inch farmhouse sink.


1. Kraus Turino Fireclay Apron Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


Crisp and clean is often the name of the game when it comes to sinks, and this farmhouse sink very much appeals to that aesthetic. Sometimes we shy away from white sinks since they are so susceptible to staining, thereby ruining the fresh look we had been going for. However, this sink offers a stain-resistant, high-gloss finish, meaning we get the benefits of a white sink but without the drawbacks. This sink is versatile in that it has two installation options, either a modern flat apron front or a traditionally-inspired rounded apron. It is also super deep, meaning it’ll have loads of capacity. Its nonporous surface is naturally hygienic and heat-resistant up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kraus KFR1-33GWH Turino 33-inch Fireclay Farmhouse Apron Reversible Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Bottom Grid in White
Buy: Kraus Turino Fireclay Apron Farmhouse Kitchen Sink $899.95


2. Celaeno White Farmhouse Sink


This sink is a top pick for most durable, which we don’t always remember when shopping for a sink. Sinks take a lot of abuse, from having heavy cast iron and steel pots thrown in them to lots of abrasive cleaners. It would be best if you had a sink that can handle all that and do so to keep things easy and streamlined for the people using it. This has features like a sloped drain with a 3.5-inch diameter, which will ensure water does not pool, drains safely and quickly, and keeps things simple just where we need it.

CELAENO farmhouse sink
Buy: CELAENO White Farmhouse Sink $399.87


3. Glacier Bay Apron-Front Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink


A sink takes a lot of abuse, from a pile of dirty pots to a makeshift bathtub for dogs or babies. So a sink that feels like more of a workstation is functional, even if we don’t fancy ourselves to be an at-home chef. It has an extensive interior and comes with many accessories, from colander to cutting board. It is also made from heavy gauge stainless steel, so it is built to last, no matter how much abuse it gets.

Glacier Bay Apron-Front Stainless Steel Farmhouse Workstation Sink Buy: Glacier Bay Apron-Front Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink $399.00

4. Kraus Kore Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


This farmhouse sink uses heavy-duty 16-gauge steel, which will be durable and both stain and heat resistant, but also it will avoid rusting, dents and peeling. It is easy to clean and stays shiny, maintaining that new kitchen feel, which we all can appreciate. Thanks to all the custom sliding accessories, it also streamlines space and work area, two features that can never be more important in any kitchen.

kraus stainless steel sink
Buy: Kraus Kore Kitchen Sink Single Bowl $519.95


5. Rejuvenation Copper Apron-Front Sink


If copper is the look you want, this Rejuvenation copper apron-front sink is going to be one of the best out there. Avoid the pretreating and faux-aging and start fresh with this blank slate. This 33-inch basin is crafted from solid 16-gauge copper and accommodates a standard 3.5-inch drain.

Rejuvenation Copper Apron Front Sink Buy: Rejuvenation Copper Apron-Front Sink $1,770.00

6. Barclay Products Bamboo Apron-Front Farmhouse Sink


It’s funny how such a staple in ancient civilizations can also be the future of home sustainability, isn’t it? From bamboo scaffolding to flooring to bedding and more, bamboo can be used in every aspect of our home. So, of course, bamboo farmhouse sinks are a thing. This elegant style from Barclay Products looks as at home in an eco-conscious vegan kitchen as it does in a modern penthouse kitchen downtown. This 33-inch sink accommodates a 3.5-inch drain and can be used for either exposed front or under-counter installation. The bamboo surface is sanded and sealed with four coats of polyurethane.

Barclay Products Bamboo Apron Front Farmhouse Sink Buy: Barclay Products Bamboo Farmhouse Apron-Front Kitchen Sink $800.81

7. Plymouth Granite Composite Farmhouse Sink


Granite-composite is an excellent option for those looking for a strong, durable, chip-resistant farmhouse sink but wants to steer clear of the ubiquitous white apron-front that faces many a modern kitchen. This is a 32.75-inch granite composite sink with a 3.5-inch offset drain to help to gain more unobstructed under-counter space. The nonporous granite composite surface is hygienic and can withstand temperatures up to 560 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plymouth Granite Composite Farmhouse Sink Buy: Plymouth Granite Composite Farmhouse Sink $599.99 (orig. $1469.99) 59% OFF

8. Ruvati Brass Tone Apron-Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


It’s hard to feel fancy when buried in kitchen chores, but the addition of a golden sink may just get that job done. Gold or brass kitchenware is undoubtedly on-trend, and this sink aligns with that style in spades. It’s made with heavy gauge stainless steel, so despite how precious a metal its appearance offers, it is built to last and is resistant to tarnish, rusting, wearing and chipping. It’s large and loaded with features that the other farmhouse sinks in this class have, but honestly, you just want this one so you can have the fanciest farmhouse sink in the neighborhood.

Ruvati Brass Tone 33-inch Apron-Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Matte Gold Stainless Steel Single Bowl
Buy: Ruvati Brass Tone Apron-Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink $459.00


9. VASOYO 33 Black Farmhouse Sink


After years of apartment living, some of us are kind of over the basic white kitchen sink. They can show every bit of dirt or grime instantly, and that’s a constant hardship if you do a lot of cooking and maybe less cleaning. This black sink was an instant draw for that reason, but it is also desirable to look at on its own. It’s large, can fit all our pots and pans and dishes and even has fun and useful extra features like a built-in cutting board, drying rack, strainer and pleanty more. It will be quite the step up from that sink in your studio apartment.

VASOYO 33 Black Farmhouse Sink
Buy: VASOYO Black Farmhouse Kitchen Sink $409.99


10. CASAINC Small Bowl Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


If you crave a farmhouse-style sink but have a smaller kitchen, this is the best bet for you. It is made from white porcelain-glazed fireclay, which is resistant to scrapes and chips, and installed beneath the countertop, saving space. Whereas other farmhouse sinks come in at an average of anywhere between 30 to 36-inches, this handsome style is on 18-inches, ensuring you can achieve the look you want, no matter the size of your kitchen — or kitchenette.

CASAINC Single Bowl Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
Buy: CASAINC Small Bowl Farmhouse Kitchen Sink $377.99


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