Quick Organizing Tips: Organizing Hacks to Get Organized


Quick organizing tips to get you started! Have you decluttered and become stumped when it came to organizing your space? 

I am going to be sharing organizing tips for different areas of the house.  These are really general, but I am hopeful that you can use these or they will spark some ideas for you.

MMM good. The kitchen!

Here are some quick tips to organize and open up space.

  • Open shelving cookbooks, serving bowls, baskets.
  • Wall grid / ceiling rack to store pots & pans.
  • Under cabinet appliances: coffee makers, microwaves, lighting, a dishtowel rod. If you use something frequently see if there’s an easy access storage option.  You can also use a magnetic strips along backsplash knives & cooking utensils.

Cookbooks & Recipes.

You can really create clutter here and this can be overwhelming to organize. If you use only a handful of recipes consider ditching the books and keeping the recipes you use most often. I read we make the same 9 recipes again and again.  So, if that’s you consider keeping the recipes and tossing the books. Other options:

  • Scan & file electronically.
  • Photocopy & file
  • Make online cookbook. 
  • Google & store recipes. Search by ingredient, course, or occasion. Find a recipe you like, try. Not a match, delete.
  • Pinterest, Evernote are two great tools to organize recipes.


My bathroom is my sanctuary and the bathtub by woman cave. I want to feel good every time I walk into this room.

  • Keep flat surfaces here as tend to get easily cluttered
  • Get rid of expired meds and don’t keep anything around that can make you have an adverse reaction. (Note: don’t flush in the toilet; see if your town has a turn in day to safely get rid of. )
  • Keep extra supplies out of the way and stored somewhere like a linen closet if you don’t have room in the bathroom.

Don’t forget to use vertical space or even behind the toilet if you’re struggling to get organized.


This can be the land of delayed decisions. Here are some quick organizing tips to get you started:

  • Group in categories that make sense: lawn & garden care; automotive; decorations; tools; sports, etc. Whatever you’re storing create a category.
  • Consider peg boards for tools. Shelving. If you can get it off floor you can gain extra space.
  • Be Creative: My husband used the bottom of old bathroom sink we were going to get rid of when we remodeled. He repurposed a door as a top and created a useful work station.
  • Don’t forget the ceiling! Lots of storage options. Great place don’t access frequently: luggage, decorations are good here.
  • Your garage will be exposed to the outdoor elements: containerizing/covering items might be affected by dust, rain, etc. such as pet carriers or luggage.
  • Create a map to keep near the garage door with groups/categories where everything stored.

Not organizing tips for space, but wanted to share to make sure you dispose of hazardous materials properly. Your actions could have an impact down the road for your community. Also:

  • Make sure highly flammable materials are tightly sealed & closed & locked if you’re going to store
  • Allow for 20 inches around furnace
  • Match paint to rooms and recycle the rest. Why would you keep old paint around.

Basements. A little bit more than organizing tips that I hope you’ll find useful. Keep the drain clear. Consider a Water alarm for your sump pump. If your house can possible flood, this is worth the investment.

  • Use waterproof plastic bins
  • Packets of silica gel help absorb moisture so consider placing them in your boxes.
  • Use wooden pallets to get boxes and bins off the floor.
  • Leave space around fuse box, furnace and water heater.
  • Consider having smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, fire distinguisher in the basement.
  • I read sowwhere there are two types of basements: those that have flooded and those that have yet to flood.
  • When storing: a foot off floor; hard plastic containers, instead of flimsy cardboard boxes.
carton box and tape with scissors on shabby table
Quick Organizing Tips
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Closet. As a note, make sure you really declutter your closet. So many times this can be a huge wormhole of clothes you never wear.

  • Adjusting shelves can help you better organize your closet.
  • Use Doors & Walls to keep you organized and stretch closet space.
  • Store underneath bed (Note: this is bad Feng Shui but might be the only option for some.)
  • Reposition / remove rods. Again, this is a way to create more space in your closet.
  • Store off season another room if you have the space and a large number of clothes.
  • Slim hangers really can add to your space.

What quick tips can you use to organize your cookbooks? What do you need to do to organize your garage? How can these quick tips help you organize your basement? How can you better organize your closet and your bathroom?

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