Kitchen Sink Corner Drainer Filter


Vendor: MaviGadget
Type: Drain Frames
Price: 15.95 - 21.95 (2 variants)

The triangle shape design fully makes use of the space of the sink corner and won't take up additional space inside the sink. Drain groove design can let the water runoff and make sponge and scrubber dry. These mesh bags are elastic and flexible, easy to connect to the 7-point holder, and maintain stability.

Excellent Function: The fine mesh captures all small food particles that normally slide through the filter. Effectively prevent hair, paper scraps, food scraps, fabric, and any other garbage into the drain.

Economical & Practical: Filter out the kitchen/restaurant leftovers to protect the kitchen drainage, not to block the drainpipe, and it helps to save space and keep the kitchen clean.

Total height 17mm
Board thickness 4mm/0.16in
Material: plastic


Package Included:
1x Drain Rack
50pcs Net
50pc nets

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