How to Provide Houseplant to Your Home


Plants are known can make a fresh and peaceful feeling. Whether your space is small or large, plants can make it happen. That is why, providing greenery into your home is a must. You will get more benefits by providing some indoor plants and houseplants to your home. You can freshen up your space while getting relaxing feels. In this case, you need some houseplant to complete your home decorations. But make sure to provide the right plants. In means, don’t let the plants you choose to complete your home decor will trouble you in the future.

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When providing houseplants to your home, first, pay attention to the spots. Light, humidity, and temperature play a key role in the life of any plant. Thus, you can use that as your guide. In choosing the spots, the houseplants can be apllied to anywhere. The living room is a prime candidate as it is the room where most people spend their time. Moreover, you can provide houseplants to your private space, such as your dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or home office. Next, pay attention to the placements. You can hang the plants, place it at the corner, put on the shelves, or near the window. Furthermore, choose the plants that are low-maintenance and can live indoor. For examples, you can choose succulents, cacti, ferns, spider plants, and more. If you need a focal point to your room, you can choose a big plant. Here are some references for you.

Got an empty corner? Fill it with hanging plants and let the beautiful green color add instant vibrancy to your reading space. Choosing green plants that hang in the corner of the room with this macram will display a fresher room design and look cooler. Combined with the beige color scheme and large windows it creates a spacious and bright look. Hanging Corner Greenery from thespruce.


This type of beautiful greenery and minimal maintenance will give a cool and fresh feel to the decor of this reading corner. It will look Perfect if you want to grow your own with monstera type plants and tall trees. Green plants hanging in the corner of this room will give a beautiful look. Its simple design will bring the magic of nature into the room. This large rattan chair equipped with pillows will give a comfortable impression for the whole room. Reading Corner Houseplant from thespruce.


If you want to have a lively wall, you can try adding many types of these beautiful indoor plants. Adding living, breathing greenery to your space will instantly liven up the atmosphere. Low maintenance plants placed on this wall will create a beautiful design and will give a cool and fresh impression to the room. Combined with a pile of books on this shelf, it will also provide a neat room design and will avoid clutter. Trailing Plants from realhomes.


Want your home to have a cool and fresh feel? You can add a jungle feel to a room with great plant life. This large monstera plant and tendrils will be a beautiful and cool room design recommendation. Placing it in the corner of this house will be the focal point of the room as well as beautify this room. This will make your plants happy too. Lage House Plants from realhomes.


You can add greenery and gardening indoors which is very beneficial for your mental health. Choosing these vertical plants will make the room design beautiful and will steal the attention of many people. In addition to these plants, you can add palm trees and green plants in large pots to complete the decor of this room. This type of plant is classified as low maintenance so it is perfect for you to place it in the modern bathroom of your home. Placing it above the sink or in the corner of this house will make the design of the room attractive and steal the attention of every guest who comes. Indoor Greenery from thespruce.


Monstera plants are a wonderful thing to incorporate into your home office design. The pegboard and work table are also equipped with some green plants in pots that will create an attractive and eye-catching home appearance. These are indoor garden ideas for you to try. You can try using white ceramic pots to give a beautiful look and contrast with the color scheme in this room. Monstera Plants Home Office from thespruce.


If you have high ceilings, you can create the perfect platform for indoor gardening with taller plants. Choose a more dramatic species or an equally eye-catching trailing variety for a stunning all-round look. You can apply some green plants that are hung using macram to give the perfect room design. These fig trees, vines and ferns are the perfect choice for decorating this room. Hanging Macrame Plants from realhomes.


You can spread your indoor garden around the house, as this will give the best cool feel to any home decor. You can choose a large cactus plant in a wicker basket to make a great home for houseplants and we love the neutral and rustic look it brings to this minimal bathroom. In addition to actus, you can add succulents in wicker pots to complete this bathroom decor. Cactus from realhomes.


This breakfast bar is a perfect example of making use of space to put some greenery. Adding plants like ferns and spider plants will go a long way in creating the perfect environment. Place it on this dining table to bring a cool and natural feel to the entire room. Combined with this high iron chair, it will give the impression of a comfortable and inviting room. Tropical Plants from realhomes.


Change every room in your house with a cool impression enhanced by several types of green plants of different sizes. You can apply this plant arrangement in the corner of this house. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also hang beautiful tropical paintings. Choosing low-maintenance plants such as fig trees, cacti and citrus plants will make beautiful room designs for you to try. Use terracotta pots to match the bohemian space theme used. Green Plants with Terracotan Poted from realhomes.


The arrangement of simple types of palm green plants will look beautiful when used to decorate this home office. You can choose several sizes of green plants in wicker pots which will give a different design each year. This array of houseplants brings a cool feel in an instant and can also help create the perfect environment. Palm Tree Home Office from realhomes.


Adding greenery above the washing machine and this floor will make the room design beautiful and create a cool and fresh impression for this laundry room. To make your indoor garden easy to manage, you can choose green plants with low maintenance. Not only will it look great, but it will also keep the room from being cluttered with pots here and there.  Laundry Room from thespruce.


You can turn this built-in bookshelf into a beautiful plant rack for those of you who like plants. No more displaying books and accessories when various green friends automatically steal the show. On this floor you can add some plants with wicker pots for a beautiful and interesting room decoration idea. This will make the design of the room attractive and will give a cool impression to the entire room. Built-in Bookshelf Greenery from thespruce.


Add some live plants to your home workspace to make long days in front of a computer screen feel a little cooler. In this home office, you can put some of these plants on the ground or hang from the ceiling to make a beautiful room design and steal the eye. Choosing these wicker pots and bronze pots will create a unique design that will steal the eye. Home Office from thespruce.


You can add a natural touch to this feminine living room wall decor to give a cool and fresh impression to the entire room. Floating shelves with built-in holes for vases make it easy to display single stems, which is an excellent choice for those who prefer a minimal look. On this floor you can also add a cactus plant with a large pot to give the impression of a beautiful room and steal attention. Floating Shelves with Greenery from thespruce.


Rubber plants need bright, indirect light. Choosing this plant is suitable for those of you who are lazy to water it because you should only water it when the soil is dry. The rubber plant has the added benefit of being one of the best natural air purifiers out there. You can place it near your favorite seating area to enjoy the fresh air. Rubber Plants fromhousebeautiful.


Like most other plants, choosing tall fig green plants placed in this bohemian bathroom decor is worth a try because it will give a cool and fresh impression to the entire room. Unusual fallen leaves give a dramatic impression and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. In this plant you can use a rattan flower vase which will create a unique plant design and steal the show. Tall Tree Bathroom Decor from thespruce.


Adding a few types of low maintenance plants is a good idea if you’re too lazy to water them. Choose a fiddle leaf fig plant placed in a corner to create a dramatic focal point, just like in this apartment. In addition, the addition of several types of outdoor plants with different sizes will also make the room decoration beautiful and will give a cool impression throughout the room. The terracotta pots here will also make beautiful and charming plants. Fiddle-Leaf Fig from housebeautiful.


Do you want to apply a cool and fresh impression to your hallway decor? If so, then growing snake plants indoors is a smart idea that you can do right now. A snake plant with a metal stand will make the room feel fresher and more beautiful. It’s not enough to stop here, using this type of plant will be cheap to maintain and will absorb toxins in your home. Standing Snake Plant from housebeautiful.


Make your evening bubble bath even more zen by bringing some plants to the toilet. You’ll recreate the feel of your favorite tropical spa-like vacation without going too far. Simply adding some low maintenance greenery will create a cool and fresh look to this bathroom decor. Laying on the floor or hanging using a macram is not a bad idea for you to try. Hanging Greenery Bathroom from thespruce.


Adding some greenery in this Moroccan dining room will add a touch of nature and cool air to the entire room. They are the perfect addition to any space and easy for you to decorate yourself. There are many varieties of air plants too, which is great if you want your plants to have variety. Choosing this type of plant is low maintenance and you will create a cool, fresh look in the room. Greenery Morrocan Dining Room  from thespruce.


Trying to add greenery to your entryway decor is not a bad idea to try and will create a cool and fresh look to your home. You can add green vines shaped in the mirror to create an attractive and welcoming look to guests. In addition, adding other green plants will also give the impression of a cool and fresh room. Greenery Entryaway from thespruce.


This split leaf philodendron is the best choice for you to try in decorating this tiny living room. Choosing this plant will be cheap to maintain so those of you who are lazy to water it will suit this type of plant. With indirect light and even humidity allows this plant to thrive. You can plant this plant in a pot with two colors that will enhance the appearance of this plant. Split Leaf Philodendron from housebeautiful.


Take houseplants to a new level, with this beautiful wall display. This imaginative houseplant idea uses a wall-hung cube shelf between art prints to add plants. Choosing these low-maintenance plants will make it easier for you when you want to water them. With this type of look, it works well and ensures you don’t have to constantly treat the foliage to keep it looking its best. Wall Display from idealhome.


Let your plants be the center of attention by decorating a fireplace in any room you’re lucky enough to have. Choosing various types and sizes of green plants will make the design of the room beautiful and will attract every guest who comes. Here, arranging water using this black and white color pot will make a different look and at the same time steal attention. Greenery Fireplace from idealhome.

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