How To Protect Kitchen Cabinets From Water Damage


How To Protect Kitchen Cabinets From Water Damage

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Whether you have existing cabinets with a bit of wear and tear or a brand new cabinet, protecting against water damage to the cabinet bottom is easy and affordable.

In this post, I’ll cover how to protect your cabinets from water damage and list best products to add to your cabinets today!

The last thing we want in our kitchen or bathroom cabinets is water damage from a leak or spill. You’ll thank yourself in the future for investing a little time and forethought into adding protection with an under sink floor mat.

Whether you have existing cabinets with a bit of wear and tear or a brand new cabinet, protecting against water damage to the cabinet floor is easy and affordable.

In this post, I’ll cover how to protect your cabinets from water damage and list best products to add to your cabinets today!

Let’s get into it…

Protecting Cabinets From Water Damage

Water damage is nothing to mess around with. It can quickly ruin your cabinets, floors and walls. The hardest part…it often goes un-noticed until it’s too late.

If you don’t have a small barrier or protection in your cabinet base it can destroy laminate and finishes, cause warping and even bring about mold.

Along with under sink cabinet protector mats, there is also waterproof paint that claims to help against any moisture penetration.

One of the easier ideas to protect your cabinets from water damage is to use a sensor that sits inside the base of the cabinet. An alarm sounds off when water starts to collect and is detected by the sensor.

Do You Have A Leak?

  • Check your cabinet floor for any dark spots or discoloration
  • Check the smell for anything odd
  • Feel around plumbing pipes and hoses for moisture
  • Inspect under sink hoses and pipes for any loose connections and shoddy plumbing work

Top Reasons To Get An Under Sink Cabinet Mat

  • Water filtration system is used inside the cabinet
  • Pipes or a garbage disposals in the cabinet
  • Constant leaking around faucets or dispensers
  • A trash can is used under your sink
  • Wet sponges and washcloths get stored under sink
  • Recent remodels/cabinetry
  • New home or vacation homes
  • Owner of rental properties
  • Frequently travel

How To Choose The Right Under Sink Protector Floor Mat

As I frequently discuss on this website, it’s all about the measurements and functionality.

This also applies when choosing the best floor mat to protect against water damages.

Assuming water damage has not already occurred and you want to protect your cabinets from future issues, you’ll want to empty out the under sink space and follow these steps…

  • Clear the cabinet space you want to put a mat into
  • With a tape measure, gather the width and depth dimensions of the cabinet
  • Most widths for under sink kitchen cabinets will be 30″, 32″, 34″ or a 36″
  • Make sure the floor mat product will not interfere with cabinet hinges (most will not, as they sit below hinge height)
  • Choose from rubber or plastic material floor mats
  • Do you have any pipes coming through?
  • You’ll need to measure and prepare to cut the floor mat to accommodate those pipes

1. Drop-In Under Sink Cabinet Protector Mat

Don’t worry, they do have various sizes that can work with your cabinet dimensions. Check them out here.

The cabinet mats from Xtreme are thick, durable and designed to last. The design allows the water to not pool in one area and instead travel throughout the mat.

It has raised side panels to keep any leaks well contained.

Helps disperse and pool water evenly, can be cut through to accommodate plumbing/pipes and extremely flexible and waterproof.

2. Cut-to-Size Under Sink Mat

The Drymate mats are a great option if you need to make a custom fit or trim around plumbing.

It’s easy to cut down to size using standard craft scissors or utility knife. It’s also extremely absorbent and a nice addition to protect against under sink leaks or spill in kitchens or vanities.

It comes in a few different sizes too. All are 24″ deep, but the widths range from 29″, 35″ and 59″. This allows you to use them for shelving too.

Helps absorbs water and spills, simple to trim down to size, offered in black or a taupe color and machine washable.

3. Water Pooling Under Sink Cabinet Liner

WeatherTech is a well-known brand making amazing products for both cars and homes.

Their mats are known for durability and lasting quality. They can be used in under sink areas in kitchens, bathrooms or utility rooms.

These come in a standard size of 34-1/4 inches wide x 22-1/2 inches deep and will fit a standard 36 inch wide base cabinet opening. It can also be trimmed down with a utility knife to fit custom sizes.

Helps pool water and prevent permanent water damage, width can be trimmed down, colors come in black or tan.

4. Under The Sink Felt Waterproof Mat

One thing I like about under sink floor mats is that you can take them out and clean them if need be.

This one from Convelife is no different. It’s simple to cut to size, affordable and will help prevent major damage to your cabinet floor.

The waterproof backing material helps to stop undetected leaks from causing major damage to your cabinets. This is a no-brainer for any new cabinetry.

Helps prevent liquids from soaking through and staining, 4 sizes to choose from and waterproof backing material absorbs spills.

5. Under Sink Water Leak Detector

You may not always see the leak or water damage occurring until it’s too late. That’s where this awesome product comes into play.

Ideal for not only new cabinetry, but in laundry rooms, garages, bathrooms or basements.

If this sensor detects water it will sound a 90 dB alarm for up to 72 hours or until battery is dead. It sounds like your smoke detector alarm and works off of batteries as well.

Designed to float, great for any new cabinetry, chirps warn you of any water detection and it’s small and fits within your cabinet sink areas.

Can You Install A Slide Out Organizer On A Mat?

There’s lots of amazing and easy to install under sink pull out organizers. The question is though…can you install one on top of a cabinet floor mat? The answer is a tough one. It simply depends on the slide out and the type of floor mat.

Generally, the slide out will need room to operate and “slide” out of the cabinet. The slides and base frame of the pull out also need to be mounted to the cabinet floor through the cabinet protector mat.

If you have a thicker cabinet protector mat, it may be difficult to use a slide out organizer in your base under sink cabinet.

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