How I Re-Seasoned My Cast Iron Pan


A few asked how I restored my cast iron skillet, so this post is about that.

It's been a long time since I had to restore cast iron, but I did some research online.  Never soak your cast iron more than 8 hours (some Youtube videos I found said to soak overnight, do not do that).

I placed the pan in a large tote big enough to fit it.  I had the larger skillet so I used a plastic tote.

I filled the tote 50/50 with water and white (5% acidity) vinegar.  The vinegar helps loosen the rust (if you pan is rusty like the one I was given).  Completely cover the pan with this mix.  I soaked my pan about one hour, then tested it with the scrubber, and soaked about a half hour more.  

You'll have to wash out your tub or sink after soaking. There will be a residue of rust left behind.  I washed my tote outside, using the water hose.

I have read that you can scrub the rust off with a waded up ball of foil, scrubbie, or steel wool.

I had a few of these on hand, and it worked great.  Heavy Duty Scour Pad (found at the Dollar Tree or your local Wal-mart etc).  You can cut these in 4 smaller pieces to make your supply last longer.

Using Mesh Food Bags - Scrap Article (this may work as well, but you'll ruin the yarn portion of the scrubbie).  If you have food mesh bags, I'd just use that to scrub off the rust, but I think the thicker one I used worked better.

Once the rust is removed, I completely dried the pan.  I then oiled the pan with a canola oil (what I had on hand, or use vegetable oil).  If you read the instructions from Lodge company themselves, they say to use the spray type, but I suggest you do not.  That leaves a weird coating.

I placed a piece of foil in the lower rack to catch any oil that may drip off.  I read you can set your oven from 450 to 500°F.  I set mine at 450°F.  I place the cast iron pan on the other rack above it, and upside down.

You may want to do this on a day when you can open your windows.  You will get a (smoke) fog in the house from the oil baking on the pan if you do not.  It may depend on the oil you use, but for me it smoked up the house a bit.

I heated the pan for one hour, turned off the oven, and let it completely cool inside the oven.  I also re-oiled it after it cooled.

I hope this helps.  

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