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Choose a Contrasting Vanity
One of the best things about granite, and why it remains a popular countertop choice, is that it comes in a variety of colors and tones. In fact, granite countertops can be any of the following colors:
White Black Brown Beige Blue Red
Not only that, but each color of granite has its own unique variations. Granite often contains beautiful specks of stone within its surface. This adds to the stately appeal of this natural-looking countertop.

When pairing a granite countertop with the latest bathroom trends, choosing a contrasting vanity is a great pick. Currently, wood and minimalist vanities are trending, which make a great accompaniment to a granite counter.
@theinspiredroom_KS1970AX_BA312MB LS8228CTL 2. Pick a Faucet to Complement the Granite’s Colors
In many cases, upgrading a bathroom to meet the latest trends doesn’t need to involve a massive overhaul. In fact, a great way to use granite countertops in an updated way is by pairing the countertop with a brand new bathroom faucet.

Bathroom faucets with squared lines are currently trending in popularity.

Take the Continental single-handle bathroom faucet, for example. The sleek styling and matte black finish make this a great pair for a granite countertop.

Other great options include antique brass, brushed nickel, and oiled bronze finishes. Make sure to consider the color of granite in the bathroom when picking a faucet finish.
3. Complete the Look with Accent Finishes
Nothing will finish off a quick bathroom upgrade quite like a few additional accessories. Bathroom accent finishes don’t have to be complicated. Add a towel rack to a blank wall or a mounted soap dispenser alongside the kitchen sink.

When adding a few extra touches, be sure to choose accessories with finishes that match the rest of the bathroom’s design.
Upgrade to the Latest Bathroom Trends with Kingston Brass
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