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Fall is officially in the air, which means the weather is getting a bit cooler, the leaves are beginning to turn, pumpkin spice everything abounds, football season is here, and the nights are growing a little bit longer. All of these are the perfect reason for indulging in the season of candles, and what’s more, with the desire to curl up under a blanket with a good read, it makes only the most perfect sense you’d want bookish candles to surround you with literary scents.

Find here the ultimate guide to bookish candles, with something to suit every single preference when it comes to fragrance. I’ve included well over 50 bookish candles here, and frankly, if you decide you need one of each, I wouldn’t blame you. That’ll keep your whole fall lit, as well as winter (maybe even the next two seasons, too!). These are the perfect literary candles for all occasions.
Amazing Bookish Candles and Literary Candles
Before we dive too deep into the world of book themed candles, let’s begin with the obvious: the wizard world.

First up: Butterbeer candles! It smells like butterscotch, caramel, and rum, which are all such fabulous scents. $22.



Your potions master candle smells like apples and cinnamon. $6.



Ginger, cinnamon, and sugar are the smells of Mrs. Weasley’s cookies—at least in candle form! $14.



This sorting hat candle not only is purported to smell great, per the reviews, but you can pick it to either align with your Hogwarts House OR you can choose to be surprised and have that house revealed to you! $11.



A trio of Harry Potter prayer candles, if that’s your jam. $32.



Smell your way into the restricted section candle, which is reminiscent of “worn books and invisibility cloaks.” $20.



This Draco candle smells like cologne, woods, and wine, and that sounds about right. $8.



You can buy these Hogwarts House candles individually, or if you grab ’em as a set, you can have them all. $25 for the four.



The last Harry Potter candle for this guide is an LED candle, meaning it’ll last for a really long time. Naturally, it’s a silhouette of The Boy who Lived. $10.



A candle for late night reading smells like lavender and vanilla, aka the perfect scent. $12.50.



Perhaps you want a candle that smells like old paperbacks? Grab one for $18.



Crackling firewood and hot cocoa for a fireside reading candle scent sounds absolutely perfect and I need 18 of these candles right now. $8.



Visit the library with this literary candle. $16.



Fans of Jane Austen will want this bookish candle named in honor of Jane Austen’s Writing Desk. It smells like lilac, tea, berries, mahogany, and leather. $18.



Fans of all things spooky will want this Edgar Allan Poe Annabel Lee candle. $19.



Head to Walden Woods with this literary candle. $18.



If you love Samantha Shannon’s Priory of the Orange Tree, chances are you’ll love this candle inspired by the book. $18.



The burning books candle smells like cinnamon and orange. Yum! $18.



This rainy day reads candle is perfect for anyone who, like me, geeks out over the smell of rain. $22.



If you love J.R.R. Tolkien, you’ll want this Bilbo’s Sitting Room candle. $18.



Can’t get enough Gatsby? This Gatsby and Daisy candle is a winner. Even if you don’t love the book, the candle smells like champagne and strawberries, aka delicious. $13.



This antique books candle is a bestseller for a reason. $22.


My cafe is also a chocolate shop, so I have no doubts this reading at the cafe candle nails the smell of being there. $9.



Sandalwood is one of my all-time favorite scents and one that, if you’re into scent therapy at all, is great for anyone to have around. The aged page candle has the smell, along with cedarwood, vanilla, and clover leaf, meaning this happened to fall into my shopping cart. $30.



Shakespeare fans: get your hands on a literary candle that smells like fair Verona. $27.



When I think of what a Hemingway candle would smell like, I do think of tobacco and bourbon. $22.



This kindred spirits candle is perfect for all of the Anne fans out there. $8.25.



The perfect Secret Garden candle. $14.



This dystopian dreams bookish candle smells like fig…caramel…REBELLION. $12.



Curl up in your blanket with a book while burning this blankets and books candle. $8.



Not only does this Sherlock candle sound like it’ll smell amazing, but the packaging itself is swoony. $23.



Light the Queen of Hearts candle and enjoy a delicious sweet strawberry Bakewell tart. $9.



Black Panther and Avengers fans will do well with this T’Challa candle. $13.



This Miss Honey candle pays homage to Matilda. $10.



Burn this fairy tales bookish candle while you sink into your favorite fantasy tale. $8.



How cute is this horror candle? SO cute is the answer. $5.



The perfect candle for whatever you’re currently reading. $7.50.



Proclaim your proud nickname/hobby with a bibliophile candle. $6.



The candle itself is as magical looking as the book from which it’s inspired. $13.25.



Celebrate kickass female protagonists with this caramel/vanilla candle. $9.60.



Put together your perfect bookish candles collection with a trio of scents. $18.



Make visiting Middle-earth an even more sensory experience. Trio of candles for $30.



This book club candle would make for such an excellent book club gift. $14.75.



Scented with vampires who sparkle. $21.



Indulge in your bibliophagist side. $12.50.



If ever you wondered whether Ophelia smelled great, this bookish candle will answer your question. $22.



Are Rioters actually elusive though? This candle tells us we smell good, at least! $20.



Mother of dragons! $12.



What’s great about a garden reading nook candle that smells like outside is that you don’t have to go outside to enjoy the outdoors. (Maybe I spoke too soon about not being elusive). $18.



This romance trope candle is for all of the romance fans out there. $14.75.



Last but not least, a scent to match what’s in your dream library: a library ladder candle. $16.50.

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