Discover the great features in the Insignia 24-inch Dishwasher with third rack


Insignia 24-inch dishwasher installed and open with dishes.

Choosing a new dishwasher is difficult! There are so many options and lots of new models with interesting features. For families that cook or entertain a lot, or simply for those who don’t enjoy or have time to stand in front of a sink manually washing dishes every day, a dishwasher is an essential kitchen appliance. It can do the tough work of removing caked on grease and grime while also delivering perfectly dried dishes. But the varieties of brands and models can make shopping for one daunting. This article will help by explaining what to expect from an Insignia dishwasher. The Insignia 24-inch built-in dishwasher with third rack (NS-DWR3SS1) is one of the latest models from the brand that has some really cool features that would be welcome in any home.

Design of the Insignia 24-inch dishwasher

Insignia 24-inch dishwasher with dimensions.

First off, let’s examine how it looks. At 24 inches, it should fit in the standard countertop cut-out in the average kitchen. It measures 23.9 inches wide x 33.8 inches high and is 24.5 inches deep (60.7 x 85.8 x 62.2 cm).

Finished in stainless steel, the classic look will match any kitchen décor and is easy to wipe clean without leaving dirty smudges and fingerprints behind. A recessed handle creates a further clean look on the front while the bottom light is a really nice aesthetic touch.

Inside, the tub is also made of stainless steel, which ensures not only durable construction but also a beautiful look, inside and out. The electronic control panel is at the top edge of the door, which allows both for easy operation and a completely clean front. Choose the setting you want, close the door, and away the machine goes!

Insignia 24-inch dishwasher top panel.

The child lock feature is a nice touch for families with young children, preventing the child from adjusting the setting or accidentally (or intentionally!) starting the cycle before you’re ready.

The set-up of the dishwasher racks

Insignia 24-inch dishwasher front view open with dishes.

In all, this dishwasher can hold up to 16 place settings thanks to the third rack that maximizes space in the main interior. The top rack is designed specifically for cutlery, silverware, and other small items, keeping them separated from the rest of the dishes. This also keeps spoons, for example, from piling together, which can potentially lead to an uneven clean or missed spots.

The top rack can be adjusted to make it higher, lower, angled, or even removed entirely – great for when you want to wash a large pot in the bottom after making a big batch of spaghetti sauce or soup.

The bottom rack, meanwhile, is designed for bowls, plates, saucers, and larger cookware. It features tines that fold down, offering additional support for larger items that might be otherwise difficult to fit inside. In addition to the third rack, the bottom rack also has a silverware basket (you can move this to the upper rack if preferred) for accommodating items you can’t fit in the third rack, like rounder soup ladles, ice cream scoops, or measuring spoons; or for additional cutlery if the top rack is full after a big party.

Key cleaning features of the Insignia 24-inch dishwasher

Insignia 24-inch dishwasher half open.

Smart washing takes the guesswork out of the process

This dishwasher features a smart wash system that will automatically select the best cycle based on how full the dishwasher is as well as how soiled it senses the dishes are. Using a filter system, the dishwasher works by pumping heated water through the spray arms to clean, then separating the dirty and clean water into different chambers. This means the machine uses less energy for every clean.

The fact that the dishwasher will intelligently analyze your dishes and use the appropriate amount of pressure and water to clean makes dishwashing both effortless and efficient.

A wash cycle to suit every load

You can select from five wash cycles, including Auto, Normal, Heavy, Delicate, and Express, so you get the perfect clean whether you’re rinsing some wine glasses for the next dinner party or cleaning plates, pots, and pans with caked on food from last night’s dinner. I love the Express option, which is great if you realize you have no clean plates but guests have arrived and dinner needs to be served soon (trust me, it happens!)

With the sanitization rinse option, you can even run a quick cycle for baby bottles and food containers for a little one. The dishwasher meets NSF certification, which ensures that, after running this cycle, the items inside are completely sterile.

The heat dry option is great for ensuring the dishes are completely dry at the end of a cycle. There’s nothing worse than opening a dishwasher only to find water dripping from your cups and plates, requiring that you manually dry them before putting away. With my old dishwasher, I often encountered water spots on wine glasses because of water that didn’t sufficiently dry after a cycle. So, this option is especially appreciated.

Super quiet operation

Insignia 24-inch dishwasher installed.

Because the dishwasher is Energy Star-qualified, you can rest assured that it’s eco-friendly and feel good about using it. It also runs super-quiet at just 49dB, so you can easily continue chatting over dessert and coffee while the dinner dishes are being cleaned a few feet away.

Don’t want the dishwasher to run until after you’re in bed? Use the delay start option with the ability to set it to start anywhere from one to 24 hours in advance. This is ideal for cities where time-of-use pricing might be in effect from the electric company, so you can set the dishwasher to clean while you’re in bed and the rates are at their cheapest.

What do you need to get with the Insignia 24-inch dishwasher?

Insignia 24-inch dishwasher side profile.

In order to install and get this dishwasher working right away, you’ll need to get the strain relief, hot water line kit, “T” connection, garden hose connection, and electrical cable or power cord, if you don’t have those already. It comes with the drain house, installation hardware, user guide, and installation guide. Note that Best Buy not only offers delivery but also installation and recycling services of your old model if desired, for an additional fee.

With a one-year parts and labour warranty, you can rest easy that the purchase is covered.

What do customers have to say about the Insignia 24-inch dishwasher?

Best Buy customers who have already purchased the Insignia 24-inch built-in dishwasher with third rack give it a solid 4.4-star rating, praising, in particular, its great performance for the price. They love the three spray arms and the heated dry option, though many recommend using a rinse aid (a smart idea with any dishwasher). All reviewers agree that this dishwasher is super-quiet, with one saying her drip coffee maker makes more noise!

Others say the third rack is large enough to accommodate small bar items as well after having friends and family over for drinks. “For the price,” writes one verified buyer, “it outperforms my expectations.”

Many also believe that it’s rare to find a stainless-steel interior in a dishwasher of this affordable price, which gives it a look of being much more expensive than it really is.

Should you choose the Insignia 24-inch dishwasher?

Insignia 24-inch dishwasher open empty.

From the perspective of someone who just forked over dough for a brand-new dishwasher after spending several weeks without one, I can confidently say that a dishwasher is an appliance you would miss terribly if you didn’t have it in the kitchen, and one you’ll find you can’t live without once you do.

The Insignia 24-inch dishwasher with third rack checks all of the boxes when it comes to the features you need in a good dishwasher. Having only recently been introduced to using the third rack design, it’s such a simple yet effective addition to a dishwasher that makes cleaning cutlery and silverware that much easier (and results in a better overall clean).

I love the idea of the light on the floor as well, which adds a funky, modern twist to the look, combined with the sleek and clean front and stainless-steel finish.

Bottom line: based on the features and what customers have to say, combined with the affordable price, this is a quality dishwasher that looks, and acts, more expensive than it actually is.

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