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Best Bike Shop

1. Broken Spoke

The city has spoke-n: Whether you just need a quick tune-up or you’re searching for your next ride, Broken Spoke is Santa Fe’s number one spot. The Spoke’s skilled mechanics can help you out with repairs big and small, keeping your bike in tip-top shape to tackle New Mexico’s gnarliest trails. Its website also features up-to-date trail reports when you’re ready to take a spin.

1426 Cerrillos Road, (505) 992-3102

2. rob and charlie’s

rob and charlie’s has been building a loyal fan base since the ‘70s, and we can see why. Whether you’re in the market for professional repairs, a new bike or some cycling accoutrements, this longtime favorite is an impeccable choice. Were Rob and Charlie responsible for kicking off a skateboard trend in Northern New Mexico? It’s entirely possible. To this day, the shop sells boards from Baker, ATM, Toy Machine, Chocolate, Foundation, Black Label and more.

1632 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 471-9119

3. Mellow Velo

If you’re looking for a rental, Mellow Velo emphatically urges you to look elsewhere: No longer doing rentals. No rentals at all. Nope. But that’s OK, because it’s the candy shop of bike shops and 10/10 will make you buy things you don’t need.

132 E Marcy St., (505) 982-8986

Best Bookstore

1. Collected Works Bookstore and Coffeehouse

Santa Fe’s oldest independent bookstore will transport you to a world of pure imagination. Fueled by Iconik coffee, breakfast burritos and cookies, browse for hours or settle in for a long read by the fireplace. Bookworm staff can help you find what you’re looking for or recommend their own literary favorites, which rarely disappoint. Plus, you can get a sick tote bag to haul your new library home.

202 Galisteo St., (505) 988-4226

2. Garcia Street Books

A feast for the eyes and mind, Garcia Street Books always has a tantalizing array of glossy art books, cookbooks and book books. Its shelves boast a well-rounded collection of new books by local authors and international names alike.

376 Garcia St., (505) 986-0151

3. op.cit. books

If what you’re looking for in a bookstore experience is to lose yourself among labyrinthine spires of books, surfacing only once you’ve found that literary treasure you’ve been searching for, op.cit. is the spot for you. Specializing in new books, modern first editions, children’s books, cookbooks and mysteries, op.cit. in DeVargas Center will make you forget how much you miss their old location in Sanbusco.

DeVargas Center, 157 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 428-0321

Best Car Dealer

1. Honda Subaru of Santa Fe

Because Santa Fe always needs more Subies. But seriously, Honda Subaru of Santa Fe on Cerrillos is the go-to for a dependable car that won’t fly into a million pieces every time it hits a pothole. Which, let’s face it, is often. You can browse the inventory online or visit in person, and the knowledgeable sales staff are happy to answer any questions.

7511 Cerrillos Road, (505) 471-7007

2. Toyota of Santa Fe

Toyota of Santa Fe is a one-stop shop for new and used vehicles. And if you need a tune-up for your Toyota, they’ve got five master certified mechanics on staff. Plus, it stretches for blocks and blocks.

1601 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 395-2996

3. Santa Fe BMW

Santa Fe BMW sends customers home happy behind the wheel of their preferred luxury models. Its wide-ranging inventory is sure to satisfy, and it even has an on-site service shop. Located just across Cerrillos from Villa Linda Park, Santa Fe BMW serves drivers around Santa Fe, Española and La Cienega.

2578 Camino Entrada, (505) 474-0066

Best Consignment

1. Double Take

Top-notch vintage, Western wear and more, Double Take is the best place to consign last season’s duds and update your wardrobe all in one fell swoop. You can consign for cash or for store credit, which is a pretty sweet option since you’re almost certain to find something you love while you’re waiting for staff to look over your clothes to consign. Check out its website for details on walk-in days or to make an appointment.

320 Aztec St., (505) 989-8886

2. The Raven

Sick of staring at the same old stuff? Stop into The Raven to find an opulent statement for every room. While you’re at it, bring in pieces that aren’t to your taste but that somebody else will love. Trash, treasure and all that. The Raven placed first in Best Interior Home Store, too.

1225 Cerrillos Road, (505) 988-4775

3. Stephen’s A Consignment Gallery

Looking to spiff up your place with some eclectic furniture, or a set of antique silverware? Stephen’s on Cerrillos is the place to go. It’s a treasure trove of distinctive beauties that must have stories attached—and if not, you can make one up.

2701 Cerrillos Road, (505) 471-0802

Best Cooking Store

1. Las Cosas Kitchen Shoppe

First-place winner for the seventh year in a row, Las Cosas is a longtime cornerstone of DeVargas Center. A dependable spot for quality kitchenware ranging from handy gadgets to gorgeous dishes, it’s been a home cook’s paradise for almost 50 years. For gifts large and small, you can’t go wrong. The store even offers cooking classes with chef Johnny Vee.

DeVargas Center, 181 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 988-3394

2. Kitchenality

Kitchenality, run by Kitchen Angels, will make you think you’ve gone to kitchen heaven. Killer prices on cookware, a glittering array of glassware and the place to find that one vintage Betty Crocker cake cookbook that makes you all nostalgic, Kitchenality will help outfit your kitchen delightfully without breaking the bank.

1222 Siler Road, (505) 471-7780

3. Santa Fe School of Cooking

In person and online, Santa Fe School of Cooking isn’t just for cooking classes—they have all the tools and treats you could possibly want for your culinary journey, from micaceous clay cookware to jars of roasted green chile.

125 N Guadalupe St., (505) 983-4511

Looking Glass Yarn and Gifts
Looking Glass Yarn and Gifts (Shelby Wyatt/)

Best Craft Store

1. Artisan

Come for a pen, leave with 17 different kinds of watercolor paper. Artisan Santa Fe is a wonderland of art supplies for the seasoned artist and delighted dilettante alike. The store is staffed by artists who are happy to recommend supplies based on their own tried and true experiences, and Artisan offers a range of workshops to inspire creativity and hone your craft. Check out the event calendar for upcoming classes.

2601 Cerrillos Road, (505) 954-4179

2. Looking Glass Yarn and Gifts

Fiber artists are in their element at Looking Glass. Their wide and colorful array of yarns is complemented by the well-chosen tools and accessories you’ll need for any project.

1807 2nd St. #2, (505) 995-9649

3. Santa Fe Quilting

Santa Fe Quilting boasts a gorgeous array of fabrics. Not sure what to do with them? You can sign up for their sewing and quilting classes, and start turning your favorite fabrics into textile masterpieces in no time.

3018-A Cielo Court, (505) 473-3747

Best Floral Shop

1. Barton’s Flowers

If you want flowers so fresh the dew’s still on ‘em, give Barton’s Flowers a call. Kristin Sargent and Justin Svetnicka are the new owners and they’ll design a custom bouquet with in-season blooms that’s sure to wow, whether the occasion is a holiday or birthday, hot date, or just a treat for the most special someone of all—you. We all need a little beauty in the day to day, and Barton’s is happy to oblige.

1722 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 982-9731

2. Artichokes & Pomegranates

As the name suggests, Artichokes & Pomegranates designs unique, creative arrangements for special occasions or a touch of everyday beauty. Their floral artistry can transform a room from drab to fab in a matter of moments.

418 Cerrillos Road, (505) 820-0044

3. Amanda’s Flowers

Amanda’s lends a touch of botanical magic to weddings, galas and other events. Experienced florists pride themselves on giving careful attention to each floral sculpture they create, making sure every customer gets something extraordinary.

1610 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 473-9212

Best Garden/Plant Supplies

1. Agua Fría Nursery

Yes, it can be super hard to get a parking spot here, but that’s only because it’s so beloved. Since 1975, Agua Fria Nursery has been providing Santa Fe’s gardeners with the plants, tools and soils they need to have beautiful gardens even in parched New Mexico. The nursery is focused on organic plants that are as good for the planet as they are for the people.

1409 Agua Fría St., (505) 983-4831

2. Payne’s Nurseries

Centrally located, Payne’s has multiple greenhouses full of well-tended specimens for your gardening pleasure. But that’s not all—you can pick up handy tools and some lovely garden art as well.

304 Camino Alire, (505) 988-8011; 715 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 988-9626

3. Newman’s Nursery

With plenty of parking, Newman’s is a great place to get a big haul of yard-transforming vegetation. Got an open Saturday and a strong back? A stroll through ready-to-plant trees will solve your shade problems and give you something to fuss over lovingly for years to come.

7501 Cerrillos Road, (505) 471-8642

Best Gift Store

1. Doodlet’s

There’s always something to drool over or chuckle at when visiting Doodlet’s. If you’ve got an hour to spare in the downtown area, this is the place to be. Last-minute gift shopping? There will absolutely be something for anyone on your list, even your pickiest, most crotchety relative, be they 8 or 80.

120 Don Gaspar Ave., (505) 983-3771

2. Nambe Trading Post

Want something that screams, “I went to/live in Santa Fe?” You’ll find it at Nambe Trading Post. Just bring your wagon full of coin and you won’t leave disappointed. Fun for lookie-loos too.

20 Summer Road, (505) 455-2819

3. Array

Located in a lovely high-ceilinged building on Guadalupe Street, this airy venue offers indulgent home goods and gifts from candles to confections. The collection is always changing, so every trip to Array is a chance to discover something new.

322 S Guadalupe St., (505) 699-2760

Best Grocery Store

1. Kaune’s Neighborhood Market

Gourmet truffles, anyone? Kaune’s is the place to go. Whether you go for your weekly grocery run or simply to drool over the selection of European sweets, you won’t be disappointed. Kaune’s offers prepared lunches, gift baskets and grocery deliveries that are both nourishing and convenient. Right on the corner of Old Santa Fe Trail and Paseo, Kaune’s has been serving Santa Fe, almost unbelievably, since 1896.

511 Old Santa Fe Trail, (505) 982-2629

2. La Montañita Co-op

Looking for a cornucopia of local, sustainable groceries and sundries? Look no further than La Montañita Co-op. The store has your favorite national brands as well, and a deli and butcher counter full of tasty options for take-out and home cooking.

913 W Alameda St., (505) 984-2852

3. El Paisano

El Paisano has a staggering array of Latin American foodstuffs and more. Its full service carniceria, fresh tortillas, dulceria and home style tamales made daily make a trip to El Paisano a mouthwatering shopping experience.

3140 Cerrillos Road # D, (505) 424-9105

Best Hardware Store

1. Big Jo True Value Hardware

For the past 75 years, Big Jo’s customers have been appreciating the friendly, knowledgeable service that this hardware store provides. If you’ve watched one too many home-improvement shows and want to take a stab at a project yourself, Big Jo is a one-stop shop for what you need—no sneers at your lack of handy-ness here.

1311 Siler Road, (505) 473-2255

2. Ace Hardware of Santa Fe

A go-to for tools, paint, home goods, electrical supplies and more, Ace Hardware is a dependable choice. If you don’t feel confident tackling that DIY project on your own, you can book an appointment with one of their multi-skilled craftspeople to help you out—you can schedule online any time, day or night.

2006 Cerrillos Road, Ste. 1, (505) 424-9343

3. Eldorado True Value

For Eldoradans hoping to avoid that long drive to town when all they need is a washer for that dripping sink, zip right up to La Tienda and get it at Eldo’s own hardware store. The store has more than plumbing stuff—check out its animal feed and garden supplies, too. The money you save on gas can be spent at a local business!

7 Caliente Road, Eldorado, 466-6522

Metamorphosis (Shelby Wyatt/)

Best Interior Home Store

1. The Raven

Nevermore will you shop anywhere else for fine furniture, lighting, gazebos, fountains and garden accessories once you’ve visited The Raven. And it’s not just antiques and consignment, there’s also new merch including seating, rugs, curtains, chandeliers and other luxe interiors. With physics-defying flare, owner Kateryna VanHeisch fits 20,000 square-feet of goods into an 11,000 square-foot space on Cerrillos.

1225 Cerrillos Road, (505) 988-4775

2. Design Warehouse

Over the rustic Santa Fe vibe? Hit Design Warehouse for clean lines, modern furniture and more. There’s plenty to play with as well, and you can always find a whimsical version of pedestrian household goods at this longtime Santa Fe favorite, beloved since 1981.

130 Lincoln Ave., (505) 577-1419

3. Metamorphosis

You never know what you’ll find on a visit to Metamorphosis, and just one trip might not be enough to see it all— the bright, airy space is chock full of eclectic housewares to liven up any dull corner. And it’s not just a retail store: Metamorphosis can transform your home before you put it on the market with its home-staging services.

3005 S. St. Francis Drive, Unit 2A, (505) 471-3900

Best Jewelry Store

1. Santa Fe Goldworks

Since 1972, David Griego’s designs have been delighting jewelry shoppers with their unique, contemporary style that also pays homage to his cultural heritage in Northern New Mexico. Griego’s custom inlay gold jewelry features diamonds, turquoise, Mediterranean coral and Australian opals. Each handmade piece is created right here in Santa Fe by skilled local craftspeople working from Griego’s original sketches.

60 E San Francisco St., Ste. 218, (505) 983-4562

2. James Kallas Jewelers

Have an inherited piece of jewelry that you’d like personalized or updated? Take it to James Kallas—he’ll work with you to create a new piece that fits your style but honors grandma’s prized possession.

2801 Rodeo Road, Ste. B10, (505) 986-1955

3. The Golden Eye

A pretty, petite boutique full of gorgeous gold and gemstone jewelry that will make you the envy of all. The Golden Eye has been selling handcrafted gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more beautiful ornaments since 1971.

115 Don Gaspar Ave., (505) 984-0040

Red River Mercantile
Red River Mercantile (Shelby Wyatt/)

Best Men’s Store

1. Red River Mercantile

Downtown and looking for some comfortable men’s casualwear and accessories? Red River Mercantile has a wide selection, as well as books, soaps and other surprises. The shop boasts unique clothing designs like embroidered shirts from Howler Bros. that can liven up your basic button-down with some playful scorpions, alligators and more. Get your outdoorsy vibe on right downtown across from Del Charro.

235 Don Gaspar Ave., (505) 992-1233

2. Corsini

Upscale elegance just off the Plaza. Corsini has been providing this to visitors and residents for years. Customers love the knowledgeable, personal service.

107 W San Francisco St., (505) 820-2300

3. Parts Unknown

Hey old gringos—if you’re looking for the brand that fits your vibe, Parts Unknown has it. Not just Old Gringo boots, but lots of other popular clothing and accessory brands are featured, too.

123 W San Francisco St., (505) 983-9298

Best Optical Shop

1. Botwin Eye Group | Oculus

Botwin Eye Group and Oculus Optical offer luxury and unique eyewear on St. Mike’s and Water Street. With this reputation, there’s no surprise it’s the winner eight years running. Plenty of international brands and designers right alongside the works of fun and funky independent eyeglass houses. This optical shop also offers full service lab work and expert repairs.

125 W Water St., (505) 982-2020; 444 St. Michael’s Drive, (505) 438-2020

2. Eye Associates of New Mexico

On the hunt for customized eyewear in a staggering range of choices? Look no further than Eye Associates, where all the options you could hope for are conveniently accessible right outside your eye doctor’s office.

2947 Rodeo Park Drive, (505) 983-6613

3. Ojo Optique

Tired of boring frames? Want to make a statement each time you correct your vision? Ojo Optique has an inspired selection of artful and refined frames that will liven up your routine.

125 Lincoln Ave., Ste. 114, (505) 988-4444

Best Shoe Store

1. On Your Feet

Boasting two locations, On Your Feet has been providing Santa Fe with comfortable and striking shoes for decades. These quality shoes are a treat to wear and will last and last and last. Your favorite European brands and more are here. If you’re looking for clogs and some fun socks to show off in them, these are the shops for you. Workers will even fit you with some comfy insoles to help you float through your day.

DeVargas Center, 189 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 780-8997; 328 S Guadalupe St., (505) 983-3900

2. Goler Fine Imported Shoes

Lots of foot traffic makes this shoe store a vibrant place to visit. Make sure your socks are cute and clean, because you’re going to want to try on everything.

125 E Palace Ave., (505) 982-0924

3. The Running Hub

A full service shop for fitness footwear, Running Hub isn’t just for runners. But running is a passion—the Santa Fe Striders’ group runs start here every week.

1100 Don Diego Ave., (505) 820-2523

Best Western Wear

1. Double Take

You need only wander through Double Take for the tantalizing scent of leather to draw you to the back room, where you’ll find a rhinestone cowboi’s paradise. Rows upon rows of boots ranging from the practical to the gorgeously camp, bedazzled belts, pearl snap shirts and Wranglers abound. It has finds to fit any budget—we’re especially partial to the $1 rack.

320 Aztec St., (505) 989-8886

2. Back at the Ranch

Colorful or quiet, Back at the Ranch has a wide selection of handmade boots from El Paso, Texas. If you don’t see exactly what you want, have ‘em custom made.

209 E Marcy St., (505) 989-8110

3. Kowboyz

Vintage, used and new boots galore. This funky little shop adjacent to the Railyard has plenty of north-of-the-feet Western wear and memorabilia to boot.

345 W Manhattan Ave., (505) 984-1256

Best Women’s Clothing

1. WearAbouts

Simple, comfy everyday wear is easy to find at WearAbouts. Not your typical knockabout pieces, though: These have a well-crafted elegance that will take you from a quick run to the grocery store to a dinner out at your favorite restaurant. Just add one of their pretty accessories. Open every afternoon in the heart of downtown, you’ll find something fun and functional for sure.

101 W Marcy St., Ste. 3, (505) 982-1399

2. Sign of the Pampered Maiden

A Santa Fe institution, don’t be dismayed if you visit their longtime spot next to Doodlet’s and find them gone. Sign of the Pampered Maiden has moved all its lovely things just around the corner on Galisteo. Is the new space better than the old? You’ll have to stop in and see!

209 Galisteo St., (505) 982-5948

3. . Double Take

Double Take is a treasure hunt. On any given day you might find your dream vintage suit, a satin rollerskating jacket from the 1970s, or a brand new designer dress. Their prices range from $1, making it a fit for any budget.

320 Aztec St., (505) 989-8886

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