Beach Road Kitchen A Hearty Festive Buffet Filled With Traditional Christmas Goodies


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If you were to think of three things that encapsulate Christmas, it would most probably be family, presents and of course, the most amazing festive food! Christmas is the last holiday of the year, so its the perfect time to let loose and indulge one last time before the year ends!

This holiday season, JW Marriott Singapore South Beachs very own Beach Road Kitchen has prepared a wonderful festive buffet filled with traditional festive flair. This year-end affair has Beach Road Kitchen chefs sparing no effort to tickle your tastebuds with a luxurious spread of quintessential festive roasts, seafood and mouth-watering desserts.

Expect freshly-carved Slow Roasted Turkey with a Signature Gravy and Cranberry Sauce and a sumptuous Honey Glazed Gammon Bone-In Ham as their festive highlights. Luxuriate in Beach Road Kitchens temperature-controlled seafood haven where you can find Chilled Poached Prawns and freshly-shucked Oysters. You can also watch skilled chefs cook your food la minute at several live stations.

With this festive buffet, youre in for a jolly good time with friends and family. To make your gift of bountiful food and precious time this season even more meaningful, quote ladyironchef for 50% off 2nd diner or 25% off total bill when you make a reservation at Beach Road Kitchen.

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Kickstart your meal with Beach Road Kitchens extensive range of antipasti from varying cuisines and cultures. Located in a special temperature-controlled room alongside their fresh seafood, you can expect dishes such as Potato Salad, Grilled Pumpkin and Truffle Mushroom Pasta Salad.

salad bar beach road kitchen

If you were craving some fresh greens, Beach Road Kitchen also has a wonderful salad bar where you can customise the perfect salad to start off your culinary exploration at the buffet. Youll be spoilt for choice by the variety of toppings and dressings they have available.

caviar pass around beach road kitchen


Get a taste of delectable hors doeuvres this season and expect a mouthwatering selection of caviar at their Caviar Station! This is the station to make a beeline for as it is only available on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

The caviar comes in a variety of flavours and toppings and is served atop a savoury pancake. We enjoyed a delicious pancake of caviar and pickled onions that really whet our appetites, preparing us for the seafood we planned to go for next!

fresh ocean seafood beach road kitchen


One of the highlights at Beach Road Kitchen is definitely their seafood room. Its a temperature-controlled room that allows for the seafood to be kept fresh until it gets to your plate!You can expect sweet Snow Crabs and succulent cooked Prawns the freshest ocean catches youll taste.

live oyster shucking beach road kitchen

Look forward to having oysters shucked before your very own eyes! It really doesnt get any fresher than this. Skilled chefs will shuck these tender oysters for you so you can focus on eating only the best and the very freshest. These delicacies are best eaten with just a squeeze of lemon and a dash of tabasco!

live tuna tartare beach road kitchen

Another live station within the seafood room is where chefs will make a seasoned Tuna Tartare la minute! You can choose what you wish to add to the mix or just let the chef surprise and impress with his own custom blend.

salmon compilation beach road kitchen

In addition to the Tuna Tartare, enjoy some fresh Salmon Tartare and various kinds of smoked salmon from the seafood room. Accompanying the fresh slices are Duck Rilette, Mustard and Baby Pickles.

Seafood lovers will inevitably find this station the most satisfying! The fresh cold seafood is a perfect prelude to the rest of the hot items at the buffet.

turkey beach road kitchen


It really wouldnt be a Christmas buffet without roasted meats to share at the dinner table! Beach Road Kitchen is bringing some quintessential holiday dishes to their lineup such as their Slow Roasted Turkey with Signature Gravy and Cranberry Sauce, as well as their Honey Glazed Gammon Bone-In Ham.

Each turkey is marinated with festive herbs and spices before it is slow-roasted for a minimum of 12 hours at a lower temperature. This meticulous method allows each turkey to remain as juicy, tender and succulent as possible. Pair it with the umami-filled Signature Gravy or the sweet and tangy Cranberry Sauce. Either way, its a festive favourite not hard to see why once youve tasted it!

ham carving

Another of Beach Road Kitchens festive roasts would be their Honey Glazed Gammon Bone-In Ham that is coated in the most luscious pure honey extract straight from the honeycomb! The honey allows for the meat to caramelise beautifully, yet still gives the roast a natural, mildly sweet flavour.

Spiced with cloves, this ham is definitely a traditional staple at every table yet, you wont tire of it. Accompany the ham with more tangy sweetness from the Pineapple Chutney. It really gives this festive ham a modern twist.

live grilled platter beach road kitchen


Alongside the carving meats, a plethora of seafood, meat and vegetables are flame-grilled at a live station just for you! Indulge in some freshly-grilled crayfish, tiger prawns, sweet corn and shell-on scallops! It feels just like a big family barbeque once you sink your teeth into the grilled meats charred-to-perfection!

live grill lamb rack beach road kitchen

Our favourite from the grill was the Grilled Lamb Rack. Perfectly juicy with a good char, these tender slabs of meat were so satisfying to eat. Lightly seasoned with a simple mix of salt, pepper and a hint of rosemary, they were simple yet oh-so-delicious. Pair it with some grilled sweet corn to balance out the savoury flavour of the lamb!

live pizza beach road kitchen


As a kid, we remember staring through the glass dividers as pizza chefs stretched out the dough, sprinkling toppings and sauce on them. Well, you can relive that experience as pizza chefs churn out some fresh classic pizzas in Beach Road Kitchens very own pizza oven.

We especially loved the Pepperoni Pizza as the savoury pepperoni complemented the generous helping of cheese baked onto the fluffy pizza dough. It was perfectly cooked in the oven and still piping hot as it reached our plates!

live laksa beach road kitchen


The live noodle station allows you to pick and choose from a myriad of noodles, vegetables, mushrooms and toppings for your noodles! Choose your soup Laksa or Beef Broth and enjoy a piping-hot bowl of freshly cooked noodles.

live laksa 2 beach road kitchen

We chose to have laksa broth with our noodles. This bowl is perfect for spice-lovers. Its both spicy and creamy, proving to be a really heart-warming bowl of laksa. You can add some fishballs, fishcakes, lobster balls, beansprouts and eggs to your bowl, customizing it to your liking!

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Savour some dishes from Chinese cuisine, showing how diverse Beach Road Kitchens buffet line up really is. You can expect iconiczi char favourites such as Sweet & Sour Pork, Black Pepper Stir-Fried Pork and Trio Egg Spinach.

beach road kitchen steamed tofu with minced meat

Our favourite from this section had to be the Steamed Tofu with Minced Meat. Silky beancurd is drenched in a savoury soy-based gravy and topped with minced meat to create this Chinese classic. It goes well with a little bit of rice but its perfect by itself too!

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Adding that splash of spice on your plate, Beach Road Kitchens Indian cuisine specials will tantalize your tastebuds, tingling them with fragrant spices and sauces. Our favourites from the selection include the Chicken Tikka and crispy Prata.

The Chicken Tikka was super juicy and tender, yet packed amazing flavour with every bite. We paired it with some yoghurt to mellow out the spice and give it a tangy, creamy edge. It went perfectly with the fried Prata!

beach road kitchen desserts sesame green tea log cake


The dessert was probably the biggest highlight of our meal at Beach Road Kitchen. The sweets spread was so luxurious and extensive it was as if we had won a Golden Ticket to a candy factory! This holiday season, Beach Road Kitchen chefs have prepared some familiar festive classics and some more modern Christmas treats.

One of these new-age festive desserts includes their handcrafted Sesame Green Tea Log Cake. Made with green tea mousse, sesame praline and a crunchy feuilletine base, this cake is a definite must-try.

christmas cookies stollen

Traditional treats such as Christmas butter cookies, cinnamon cookies and Stollen are also available! Our favourite of the bunch was the star-shaped cinnamon cookies because of how soft they were and surprisingly not all that sweet or cloying.

beach road kitchen gingerbread man

Something the kids can enjoy and take home would be the cutely-decorated Gingerbread Man cookies. Soft, chewy and with a nice hint of that classic gingerbread spice, its definitely a Christmas classic all can appreciate. Keep a lookout for the Gingerbread House thats specially crafted for the holiday season!

mini pies compilation

Not to be forgotten at any Christmas meal are Mini Mince Pies and Traditional Mini Granny Smith Apple Crumble Pies. The apple crumble pie was buttery and flaky with a sweet gooey filling of sweet granny smith apples while the mince pie was a spiced mix of meat and dried fruits. Both have their own unique charms you have to try these!

dessert wall beach road kitchen


One of our favourite features that Beach Road Kitchen has is their Sweets Wall. Displayed in big jars are old-day Singaporean snacks such as iced gems, haw flakes and chocolate wafers.

live crepe station beach road kitchen

If you have a thing for crepes, youll definitely enjoy this live station. Skilled chefs will prepare some banana custard crepes to order, topping them with a generous dusting of icing sugar. Its perfectly sweet from the banana and made even creamier with the vanilla bean custard.

cakes sweets desserts beach road kitchen

Other than festive desserts and old-school sweets, be enthralled by the super extensive range of cakes and pastries Beach Road Kitchen has to offer. End of your meal with some Kueh Lapis and Banana Cake or Matcha, Opera and Black Forest Petit Cakes. Whether theyre local delights or french pastry, theyre the perfect conclusion to your time at Beach Road Kitchen!

festive drinks beach road kitchen

As an accompaniment to your meal, enjoy some festive refreshments! Choose from the traditional Mulled Wine with an assortment of fresh fruits or some Strawberry Sparkling Cider. They are all available at the live bar where you can request the bartenders to whip up these festive drinks for you.

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The prices for JW Marriott Singapore South Beachs Beach Road Kitchen Buffets are as follows:

Jolly Festive Buffet (1 to 23 Dec & 26 to 30 December 2019):

  • Lunch (Mon to Sat, 12pm 2.30pm): Adult S$68++, Child S$34++
  • Sunday Brunch (12pm 3pm): Adult S$118++, Child S$59++
  • Dinner (Mon to Thurs, 6pm 10pm): Adult S$88++, Child S$44++
  • Dinner (Fri to Sat, 6pm 10pm): Adult S$98++, Child S$49++

Christmas Eve (24 Dec 2019):

  • Lunch (12pm 2.30pm): Adult S$78++, Child S$39++
  • Dinner (6pm 10pm): Adult S$148++, Child S$74++

Christmas Day (25 Dec 2019):

  • Brunch (12pm 2.30pm): Adult S$148++, Child S$74++
  • Dinner (6pm 10pm): Adult S$98++, Child S$49++

New Years Eve (31 Dec 2019):

  • Lunch (12pm 2:30pm): Adult S$68++, Child S$34++
  • Dinner (6pm 10pm): Adult S$148++, Child S$74++

New Years Day (1 January 2020):

  • Brunch (12pm 2.30pm): Adult S$148++, Child S$74++
  • Dinner (6pm 10pm): Adult S$80++, Child S$40++

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