Bathroom decoration is not something that most people like to do

After all, it takes a lot of time and effort to plan out how to decorate your bathroom. However, if you want to go with a rustic or natural style, then the bathroom can be a great place to start. You should try to make the room as natural-looking as possible. To make the most out of natural decoration, you will need some earthy rustic bathroom decoration ideas that will allow you to combine the feel of nature with modern-day conveniences. Here are some rustic-themed ideas that you might want to consider for your bathroom.

Reclaimed Wood Shelf

Reclaimed wood is great for both indoor or outdoor decorations, especially if you want to achieve a rustic vibe. The reclaimed wood can bring the powerful first impression of rustic style. The great thing about reclaimed wood is that this wood is suitable for a bathroom shelf. If you are trying to create a country feel in your home with your reclaimed wood shelves, you can customize the rack according to your need.

This open shelf stand that is placed in the corner of the bathroom is made of reclaimed wood which looks more natural and is suitable for rustic-style room decorations. Add a rattan wicker basket on the bottom shelf as a storage helper that has a selling price that is not too expensive. Reclaimed wood standing open shelf from homebnc.

Take advantage of your bathroom wall area as a storage idea by hanging a wooden shelf equipped with iron support underneath. Arrange this shelf vertically just above the toilet to put tissues and towels so they are easier to grab when needed, some of the greenery in this room is a sweet finishing touch. Floating reclaimed wood shelf above the toilet from homebnc.

Combine teak wood with metal to make the right combination of hanging shelf materials because these two materials will work well together when used for open storage ideas. This floating shelf is equipped with a towel rack underneath so you can store a lot of your bathroom fixtures and utensils in a neat and orderly manner. The combination of teak wood with metal hanging shelves from homebnc.

Barn Door

For the earthy touch of the rustic bathroom, the barn door can be reliable. Instead of using a usual door, why you don’t take advantage of a barn door? It is one of the classic rustic bathroom decors that can make your bathroom looks aesthetic, modern, and earthy at the same time. You can give a modern touch to the door by painting it to get a refined barn door.

The sliding barn door is a barrier between the bathroom and the bed that doesn’t take up much floor area when in use. This barn door has a vintage feel so it is perfect for a simple rustic vibe bathroom idea without being overwhelming, use solid wood materials such as teak so that it is not easily porous when used for a long time. Teak wood barn door from decoist.

To perfect your rustic bathroom decor, the use of reclaimed barn wood is a very appropriate and on-budget interior. Combined with a dark metal handle to make it clearly visible when used at night, this sliding barn wood is recommended for those of you who have bathroom decorations with limited space. Sliding barn door with black metal handle from decoist.

If you have rustic bathroom decor with limited space, then the use of a sliding barn door is the right idea that you can use. Choose wood with a slightly dark color to make it easier to combine with any colored interior in it. The bathtub and plywood floor is the maximum combination that you can try easily without spending a lot of money. Dark sliding barn door from decoist.

Wine Barrel Sink

For the unique sink and can strengthen the rustic vibe, you can utilize the unused wine barrel. Just install a metal basin on the top of the wine barrel to complete the function of the sink. By using this kind of sink, you can get a bold sink design and a strong rustic style.

Take advantage and reuse wine barrels as one of the rustic bathroom interiors that is on a budget. This wine barrel sink is large enough so that you can place it in the corner of the room so as not to interfere with your activities while in your bathroom. Combine with a mirror covered with a wooden frame for a more perfect look. DIY wine barrel sink from homebnc.

Rustic Wood Towel Holder

The bathroom decor never completes without a towel holder. And for the earthy touch of rustic bathroom decor, the towel holder made from wood is a good idea. This towel holder is made from recycled wood planks then attach a rod or metal pipe to it for the towel holder. The combination of recycled wood and rod or metal pipe is a good way to present a bold rustic vibe.

Reclaimed wood mounted on the wall is a DIY towel storage idea that is suitable for rustic bathroom decor. Combine with metal as a towel holder that gives a vintage vibe, install this towel rack in an empty wall area, and easy to reach when needed. DIY reclaimed wood towel holder from homebnc.

This hardwood hanging rack equipped with iron pipes can be used as an idea for storing equipment as well as an area for hanging towels that is effective and efficient. The material used is very sturdy so there is no need to renovate for a long time. Green plants and bathroom signs are decorations that you can easily place on this shelf. Combination of hardwood with metal pipe towel holder from homebnc.

This combination of reclaimed wood with metal pipes is the perfect combination for an open shelving idea that is equipped with a towel holder at the bottom. This open shelf is equipped with small drawers to organize your toiletries to be more organized. Try placing this towel holder in the corner of the bathroom so it doesn’t interfere with your activities while in the bathroom. Corner towel holder from homebnc.

Rustic style is identical to the natural ambiance. Then, bring an earthy touch to the rustic bathroom can make your bathroom looks aesthetic in a simple and inexpensive way.

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