All in the Details: 6 Key Tips for an Efficient, Well-Designed Kitchen


When starting any kitchen project, you may have the bones in place—the layout, cabinets, and counters—but it’s all the key details that can make or break how efficient the space is—and add elements of beauty, cohesiveness, and design, too. Think, for example, how important it is to have kitchen outlets positioned in the right spot for plugging in the coffee maker or the mixer. Or how a well-placed rail system, like Rejuvenation’s Brookside, can add a good-looking place to both store and display kitchen linens, brushes, and wooden spoons.

Whether you’re embarking on a full renovation or making simpler swaps to your existing space, a few upgrades can create a kitchen that’s both hardworking and well-designed—a space that’s easy to cook in, move around, and gather in, too. Consider these six key elements that make a big difference, via Rejuvenation:
1. Lighting, lighting, lighting
The importance of lighting in the kitchen can’t be overstated. You’ll need good light for a variety of purposes: flexible overhead light that illuminates the whole space and focused, strong support light for chopping, cleaning, and other kitchen tasks.
Above: Start with overhead lighting: pendant, flush, or semi-flush fixtures that brighten the whole room. We like Rejuvenation’s Ormandy Pendant (from $1,034), shown here in a set of two above the counter and also available as a semi-flush mount and wall sconce. Rejuvenation’s range of customizable lighting offers multiple finishes, lengths, and shades, so you can configure your lighting to fit your space. Above: Consider the size and scale of your kitchen to determine whether one statement fixture is best—or two or three. Above: Then, add support lighting to brighten the spaces around your overhead lighting and illuminate specific workspaces or details you want to highlight, like open shelving. Here, a pair of Crawford Single Wall Sconces ($229 each), shown in aged brass, brightens the space above the sink for well-lit food prep and cleanup. 2. Hard-working hardware Above: Another detail that shouldn’t be an afterthought: cabinet hardware. Choosing the right hardware for how you use your kitchen makes your space work seamlessly—and adds a design-forward touch.
Select knobs and pulls that are in proportion to your cabinets and that align with their function, like these Blair Drawer Pulls (from $30 each), shown here in aged brass. Larger-scale pulls are well-suited for opening tall cabinet doors or built-in appliances.
Above: All of Rejuvenation’s cabinet hardware and plumbing is available in multiple finish options that coordinate with their lighting offerings for easy cohesive design. Shown here: the Blair Drawer Pull (available in 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch options) and the Blair Cabinet Knob ($16 each). 3. A faucet with flair Above: An unexpected place to add design-forward function? The faucet. Choose from Rejuvenation’s traditional widespread designs or more minimalist single-hole styles—and add functional accessories like soap dispensers, hot water dispensers, and pot fillers—all in a wide array of finishes to complete your sink. Above is the Blair Cross Handle Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer ($3,499) in aged brass (one of the retailer’s solid-brass faucet designs) to coordinate with this kitchen’s lighting and hardware. 4. Design-forward storage Above: Among Rejuvenation’s good-looking storage accoutrements is an array of shelving, designed to be customized. Select shelves and brackets in a variety of depths, woods, and finishes, then add undermount hooks or a wine glass storage system for additional functionality. Also available: pot racks and hook racks for keeping cookware at the ready (and on display), plus moveable, flexible kitchen islands.
The Blair Shelf Brackets shown here ($189 for a set of two) are available in five finishes and add practical storage (and a place to display art). Also shown is the streamlined Fenton Switchplate ($18), available in five finishes.
Above: We are always advocates of storage options that keep spaces in good-looking order. Two favorites from Rejuvenation are the Brendon Farrell 10-Fin Hook Rack ($159) and the Korbo Modern Wire Round Basket ($69) for stashing aprons, linens, and other kitchen practicalities. Rejuvenation’s Cobb Counter Stool with back (shown in matte black, $299) makes sure that there is always an extra seat. Above: The 24” Brookside Rail System ($225 for the set as shown, with three cups and three S-hooks) corrals pans and cooking instruments. It’s also available in four lengths that can be configured to fit your space. 5. Flexible seating Above: In addition to being the workhorse of the home, the kitchen is also a gathering place for entertaining, remote-working, doing homework, and casual weeknight dinners. Don’t forget to add comfortable and flexible seating to suit every need, like these midcentury-inspired Randle Tractor Counter Stools in solid natural ash with contoured wood seats (from $469 each). They’re also available in walnut or black ash and with a metal base. 6. Elements of style Above: Last but not least, a few well-chosen accessories add style and make the space personal, whether you’re customizing your kitchen from the ground up or just doing a quick refresh. Rejuvenation’s selection of essentials—including cutting boards, butcher blocks, storage canisters, and easy-to-clean flatweave rugs, like the Pollock Flatweave Rug ($299 for the 2.5’ x 9’ size)—are both design-forward and hard-wearing.
See the rest of the retailer’s design-worthy kitchen offerings at Rejuvenation.
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