65 Ingenious Kitchen Organization Tips And Storage Ideas


Being organized is one of the first things we learn yet we’re having trouble with it even as adults. Kitchen organization is one of the trickiest things, simply because there are so many little things you need to pay attention to. Cabinets and drawer are not enough anymore. It’s time you considered a few more ingenious solutions.

Simple Hacks to Transform Your Kitchen Storage

Wall Storage

1. Transform Your Backsplash Into A Storage Area

The Fastbo from Ikea can transform your backsplash into an organized storage area. Hang items you use on a daily basis with hooks on a rod. Perfect for utensils and even planters. This area is so often wasted, so put it to good use with the Fastbo and add more storage space into even the smallest of kitchens. {found on ikea}.

2. Maximize the Space Available to You

Try to squeeze as many things into one space as you can. A wall-mounted shelf for pots and jars, magnetic spice storage on the side, and all your utensils right in front of you. You’ll be surprised how much storage you can add into even the smallest of kitchens, which will free up your surfaces from clutter. {found on ikea}.

3. Cutlery And Utensil Storage Pockets

Make cutlery and utensil storage pockets using cutting boards and fabric napkins or hand towels. They’re great if you want to add a rustic touch to your kitchen décor.

4. Recycle Old Items to Create Storage Solutions

Re-purpose items and don’t be afraid to experiment. For example, a rake can be turned into a great storage solution for your kitchen utensils. Mount it on the wall and use the teeth as hooks. This is a great way to minimize your impact on the environment while adding much-needed storage into your kitchen.

5. Hang Pots and Pans Up On the Wall With Hooks

All the pots and pans take up a lot of space if you store them in cabinets and they’re difficult to organize too. A much more practical solution would be to hang them on a wall with hooks. Store them high on the wall, above the backsplash.

6. Use Clothespins To Hang Kitchen Towels

Use clothespins to hang kitchen towels. Apply a strip of double-sided tape to the back of wooden clothespins and them stick them on the wall. Clip your kitchen towels in.

7. Find a Designated Space for Each Item

It’s also very practical to have a designated space for all the things that need to be stored in the kitchen, like a board on the wall with hooks and pins for everything, from pots to wooden spoons and oven gloves. This will ensure you have somewhere to put back each item after you use it. Everyone in your home will soon get used to where everything lives, saving you time cleaning up in the future.

8. Add Wall-Mounted Containers

Maximize the storage capacity of your kitchen pantry with wall-mounted containers. Label them so you know where to look for the thing you need.

Spice Storage Ideas

9. Put Your Spice Jars in Order

Put all your spice jars in order. Store and organize them with a spice rack. This one has tiny compartments of equal dimensions and the tiny jars fit perfectly in there. Of course, if you are feeling more creative, you could also create your own spice rack from scratch. {found on ninered}.

10. Store Your Spices in a Drawer

You can also store your spices in a drawer. But don’t just throw them all in there. Organize them in rows so you can read the labels. This is a great option if you don’t use your spices all the time or don’t want them out on your kitchen counters cluttering up your space.

11. Add Shelving Into Your Kitchen

Shelves are also practical for storing spices. Reserve some space on your kitchen island. If you want, you can hide them behind closed doors.

12. Wall-Mounted Shelves for Your Spices

If you’d rather save space in your cabinets and drawers, display your spices on wall-mounted shelves. They’re easier to grab and you can place them anywhere you want.

13. Wall-Mounted Shelves for Your Spices

It’s a lot better to have all the spices organized in rows and all in one place. Here’s a compact and practical solution. This barely takes up any space in your kitchen and is a great idea for smaller kitchen spaces.

14. A Pull-Out Organizer For Your Spices

Store the spices under the cabinet with a pull-out organizer that slides back in to save you space and to reduce clutter. We love this angled organizer which makes it easy to see all of the spices you have to hand in your kitchen while you are cooking.

Pot Lid Storage

15. Store the Lids Separately

Finding storage for all your pots may prove to be difficult but what about the lids? They can be stored above the stove if you install a towel bar.

16. Store The Lids Inside The Cupboard

Store the lids inside the cupboard along with the pots. This container rolls in and out so it’s very practical and easy to use. You’ll have everything you need in one space, without the pots and their lids taking up the whole cupboard. Pots can be almost impossible to stack when they have their lids on, so this is a great alternative solution.

17. Install Bars On The Inside Of Your Cabinet Doors

Install bars on the inside of your cabinet doors. This way the lids won’t slide and roll out and you can store them safely.

18. Hooks for Your Pot Lids

Store the pot lids on hooks under the kitchen cabinets. Install the hooks under the cabinet and space them out so the lids fit comfortably.

19. Use a Towel Rack to Store Your Lids

You can use a towel rack to make storage for lids. The rack can be installed on the inside of cabinet doors, inside the pantry, or on the wall. {found on instructables}.

20. A Drawer Just for Your Pot Lids

If you’ve decided to store your pots in a deep pull-out drawer, then you could have a drawer for the lids placed just above that. They can both be hidden behind the same panel.

21. Build Shelving for Your Pot Lids

Make shelving for your pot lids and install it on the wall. You can buy a lid rack like this one or improvise and make your own version or repurpose a few things.

22. Store The Pots And Pans With Hooks

Store the pots and pans with hooks on a wall-mounted rail and attach each lid to the corresponding pan. Just slide the handle of the lid down the handle of the pan. This is the perfect solution for storing your pots and pans together, and also makes a great decoration for an empty wall in your kitchen.

Pantry Organization

23. Pull-Out Drawers

If you keep your pantry organized, you won’t want to clean it as often. Use pull-out drawers to store and organize all the little items. Pull-out drawers can be used to store almost any type of dry product, and they allow you to see everything that’s hidden within your pantry.

24. Make the Most of the Corner Spaces in Your Pantry

Use the corner spaces efficiently and get extra pantry space with these lazy susans. They’re great for organizing cans, jars, and other things.

25. Label Everything in Your Pantry

Another great trick is to label everything. If you’re using baskets, unless they’re transparent, you should put labels on them. The same thing goes for other containers.

26. Choose the Right Type of Shelving for Your Pantry

Make the most of your pantry by choosing the right type of shelving. For example, these shelves wrap around the pantry and let you see everything without having to dog through big piles.

27. Treat Your Pantry Like a Walk-In Closet

Design your pantry the same way you design a walk-in closet. There should be a variety of storage solutions, like drawers, shelves, wine racks, etc. So many homeowners neglect to plan their pantry when they first move into a home. It’s one of the areas of your home that you’ll use daily, so keep it well organized to make it easier to find everything.

28. Use the Inside of the Doors for Additional Storage

Don’t limit yourself to the space inside the pantry. You can also use the inside of the doors as well. Install racks to maximize the storage space.

Countertop Storage

29. Add Basic Items to the Countertop for Easy Access

It’s actually better not to store things on the countertop if you can find other solutions but sometimes it’s more practical to have the basic things right there when you need them.

30. Use an Old Chicken Feeder

This is actually an old chicken feeder repurposed to serve as storage for the kitchen. It’s great for keeping all the basic items in one place. It’s a great way of reducing your impact on the environment by reusing an old item instead of purchasing a new storage solution.

31. Store Your Counter Bottles On A Tray

Store your counter bottles in a tray or basket. Aesthetically, it looks better and it’s also practical. You can move the whole set wherever you need it.

32. Organize the Loose Items on Your Countertop

Get all the loose stuff you have on the countertop organized. Place your salt and pepper shakers, olive bottles, and everything else in a tray. If it has handles, then it’s even better.

33. Keep Your Kitchen Utensils Well Organized

If you want to store your kitchen utensils on the countertop, then you should organize them. Get three tall containers and label them. One is for baking, one for cooking, and one for serving utensils. {found on craftsbyamanda}.

Organizing The Drawers

34. Organize Your Drawers Diagonally To Fit In Your Utensils

The main problem with drawers is that they’re difficult to organize. A clever way to make the most of kitchen drawers is by organizing them diagonally so all the utensils fit.

35. Add Drawer Dividers to Organize Everything Inside

Also, it’s practical to have drawer dividers so you can better organize everything inside as opposed to just throw everything in there. These can be purchased very inexpensively from most home stores and will be one of the best purchases you ever make for your kitchen. {found on kevinandamanda}.

36. Purchase a Knife Block

Keeping all your knives in a drawer is not exactly safe unless you have a knife block. You save space and you don’t have to worry about cutting your fingers when digging for the right knife. {found on askannamoseley}.

37. Use Deep Drawers to Store Larger Utensils

Set up big compartments in your deep drawers and you can have built-in storage for onion, garlic, potato, and other stuff. Perfect for the area right below your cutting board.

38. Deep Organizers For Utensils

Here’s another practical way of using drawer space. These deep organizers are perfect for kitchen utensils and cutlery.

39. Organize Your Spices In A Drawer

Store spices in drawers but make sure you organize them nicely. Put them in rows and, if there’s some space left, fill it with a box or something else to prevent the spice jars from rolling around.

40. Partitioned Drawers For Better Organization

Partitioned dishwasher drawers are very practical, especially if you place them next to the dishwasher. Use pegs to organize the dishes and to keep them in place.

41. Label Your Pull-Out Drawers

If you have pull-out drawers inside your kitchen cabinets, you should label them. For example, one drawer can be dedicated to spices, another one to sweets, and so on. This DIY project will put a personal stamp on your pantry or kitchen and add a unique touch to the drawers. {found on abeautifulmess}.

42. How to Store Your Vegetables

The drawer right under the kitchen sink or cutting board area can be dedicated to storing vegetables. You can have wooden dividers inside or place them in crates.

43. A Drawer for Your Kitchen Towels

Keep all your kitchen towels nice and organized in a special drawer. Different compartments of different dimensions correspond to different types of towels.

44. Big Drawer For Recycling And Garbage Bins

Dedicate a big drawer to recycling and garbage bins. A smaller drawer right above that one can be for garbage bags, gloves, and sponges.

Behind Closed Doors

45. Use the Inside of a Cabinet Door

Be smart and use every inch of space. For example, the inside of cabinet doors can be used for storing spices like in this case.

46. Dedicate A Cabinet Door To Measuring Cups

You can use dedicate a cabinet door to measuring cups. Use chalkboard paint and write down all the equivalents. {found on manditremayne}.

47. Install A Magazine Rack For Wax Paper And Other Supplies

Install a magazine rack to the interior of your cabinet doors and use it to store wax paper and other similar supplies.

48. A Pocket Organizer for Cleaning Supplies

Get yourself a pocket organizer for things like gloves, brushes, sponges, and other cleaning supplies and organize them on the cabinet door, under the sink. {found on imperfecthomemaking}.

Under The Sink

49. Hang Your Cleaning Supplies On A Rod

As it turns out, the space under the sink doesn’t necessarily have to be dead space if you use it correctly. You can hang your cleaning supplies on a rod and everything else can be stored in boxes.

50. A Pull-Out Drawer for Your Cleaning Products

Keep things clean and simple with a pull-out drawer. You can put dividers in if you want or you can simply store there all the basic cleaning products.

51. Wire Baskets on a Shelf Board

Aside from a pull-out drawer, you can also have wire baskets installed on a shelf board. You can store there things like towels and sponges. {found on craftsalamode}.

52. A Heavy-Duty Metal Pull-Out Drawer

A heavy-duty metal pull-out drawer is also great for storing and organizing all the cleaning supplies that usually pile up under the sink.

53. Store Your Cleaning Products in Baskets

It’s customary to have the garbage bins placed under the sink, behind cabinet doors. But don’t waste all that space just for that. You can also squeeze in your cleaning products, nicely arranged in a basket. {found on askannamoseley}.

54. Make the Most of the Space Under Your Sink

Make the most of the space under the sink. Organize everything in baskets and boxes, hang towels from hooks on the inside of the doors, and install a rack up there too. {found on sweetparrishplace}.

55. Storing Items Inside The Cabinet Door

If you do decide to store things on the inside of the cabinet door, then make sure you leave room for them inside. {found on organizinghomelife}.

56. Storage Bins for Your Everyday Cleaning Items

Two individual storage bins should be enough to keep all your everyday cleaners and similar items organized under the sink. {found on julieblanner}.

57. Use a Variety of Containers

The whole point here is to be ingenious and to compartmentalize everything as best you can. Use different types of containers.{found on hisugarplum}.

Wire Baskets

58. Store Utensils and Brushes in Wire Baskets

There are tons of uses for wire baskets in the kitchen. For example, use them to store and organize kitchen utensils and brushes.

59. Wire Baskets For Vegetables

You can also use wire baskets for vegetables. Label them so it’s easier to grab the ingredient you need. Perfect for the pantry or for cabinets.

60. Store Cutting Boards in Wire Baskets

Install a wire basket on the side of the kitchen island or cabinet and use it to store your cutting boards. You can also use it as a towel rack.{found on vintagemellie}.

61. Add Extra Storage Under Your Kitchen Cabinets

Use wire baskets to get extra storage in your kitchen cabinets. For example, they can fit under the shelves.

62. Wire Baskets for Your Kitchen Island

Make the most of your kitchen island with wire baskets. Mount them on the side and use them to store all sorts of things, from cutting boards to plates and towels. {found on goldenboysandme}.

63. Store Your Cookery Books in Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are also great for storing kitchen books. Mount them on the wall like this and you can use them as cubbies.

64. Store Wooden Spoons And Kitchen Utensils In Baskets

Another useful idea is to store wooden spoons and kitchen utensils in baskets which you can mount on the wall or the inside of a cabinet door.

65. Store Fruits and Vegetables for Easy Access

These wire baskets are similar to paper towel racks. Hang them on a rod under the cabinet and use them to store vegetables and fruits or the ingredients you plan on using right away.

When it comes to wire baskets, don’t forget the kitchen pantry. Baskets are extremely useful here. Wire baskets don’t necessarily need labels.

There are so many different ways you can improve your kitchen storage, and this is just the start of the ideas available to you today. All of these solutions are very quick and easy to add to any kitchen or pantry but will make finding your ingredients and utensils so much easier when you are cooking and cleaning. Which one of these ideas are you going to try first? We hope these easy kitchen organization tips will help to transform your home this year.

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