5 Reasons to Embrace the Stainless Steel Sink Trend


by Elkay

See why classic stainless remains ever popular, and discover innovative new sink designs
Stainless steel has long been popular as a sink material in both home and professional kitchens, and for good reason: It’s highly durable, low-maintenance, easy to keep clean, and resistant to heat, rust and stains. With new styles on the market — from ultraminimalist models to traditional farmhouse options — there’s a stainless steel sink to complement every style of kitchen.

Want to find out more? We delve into five reasons why this material is such a great option for hardworking kitchen sinks, and look at new and exciting innovations you might not know about.
by Elkay
1. Cutting-Edge Designs

Professional-level quality at home doesn’t have to come at the price of style, and you might be surprised by how stainless steel sinks have evolved. Two 
stainless steel sink features to look out for that deliver on good looks and increased functionality: a flat bottom and squared-off corners. While these details might be easy to overlook on the showroom floor, in daily life you’ll find that ditching the sloped bottom and rounded corners both maximizes space at the bottom of the sink and creates a more contemporary look.

Bonus tip: Team your stainless steel sink with a stylish faucet. Not only do stainless steel faucets look sleek, but many models also include handy features that can make kitchen tasks easier. For example, a faucet that offers high-quality filtration eliminates the need to install a second tap or buy pitchers with filters 
 saving you time and money, and reducing plastic waste.
by Elkay
Image courtesy of Carli Alves

2. Style Versatility

Stainless steel suits both modern and farmhouse-style kitchens equally well. Rhode Island homeowner and design blogger Carli Alves of Made by Carli selected a stainless steel sink for the 1945 Colonial kitchen seen here, which she shares with her husband and four children.

“I’ve always had a stainless steel sink, and we felt like stainless steel was a durable, low-maintenance and affordable option for our renovation,” she says. “I think of stainless steel sinks as less of a design feature and more of a neutral accent for a timeless kitchen, so incorporating them into a more traditional or farmhouse style is pretty simple and can be done seamlessly.”

In Alves’ kitchen, open shelving and pearly marble countertops keep things light and bright and show off her collection of farmhouse pottery. Modern appliances in stainless steel look right at home alongside Shaker-style cabinets and warm wood floors. Alves chose Elkay’s Crosstown Workstation sink, “mainly for its space-saving benefits and its sleek, clean lines,” she says. “If you like a modern farmhouse or slightly industrial vibe, you can pair it with an industrial-style matte black faucet, like I did, and let that become the focal point.” The faucet is Elkay’s Avado faucet with a semiprofessional spout.
by Elkay
3. Plenty of Helpful Features

One of the biggest advantages of today’s stainless steel sinks is the hardworking features many of them include. Drop-in workstation accessories, for example, are designed to cut down on both prep and cleanup time as well as save counter space. Consider the usefulness of being able to position a cutting board or drying rack over the sink to keep countertops clear and make cleanup quick and easy.

“When we renovated our kitchen, we made the decision to change the layout by removing a peninsula, and it left us short on counter space,” Alves 
says. “The Elkay Crosstown Workstation sink helps solve that problem with its custom accessories, which allow me to go from prep to cleanup without leaving the sink.”
by Elkay
Another thing to consider when purchasing a sink is how often you entertain. Find yourself cooking for lots of people with no space to stack pots and pans? Go for a sink with a raised shelf at the front that opens to a deep 9-inch bowl for extra room. Or consider Elkay’s first-of-its-kind Dart Canyon stainless steel farmhouse sink, which has a reversible grid — you can flip it to raise your work surface, making it easier to handle oversize items.

Bonus tip: If you need an ADA-compliant sink but don’t want to compromise on style, check out Elkay’s line. For instance, the Dart Canyon model, pictured here, and the Crosstown model are designed to accommodate home cooks with various needs.
by Elkay
Image courtesy of Carli Alves

4. Beautiful, Durable and Hygienic

Incorporating trends into the home can be fun, but trends come and go. If you want a sink that will stand the test of time, stainless steel is a great choice for both its style and its durability. “I don’t have to worry about my sink rusting or staining, and the rack on the bottom protects it from major scratches,” Alves says. “It’s extremely low-maintenance, and I think that is just one of the big benefits of stainless steel.”

Plus, new edgeless drain designs make stainless steel sinks not only durable but also more hygienic. By eliminating the small lip typically found between the bottom of the sink and the drain, the Elkay Lustertone Iconix sink drain, for example, is designed to send food particles straight down the drain.
by Elkay
5. Classic and Adaptable

It’s hard to predict how your kitchen might change in the future, but when it comes to buying a sink that will last through the years and kitchen style changes, stainless steel is the way to go. This metal has been popular for decades and works beautifully with a range of colors and metals, from modern black to antique gold and brushed brass.

“All in all, if you’re investing in a kitchen renovation, you should choose what speaks to you and your personal style, and what functions best for your family,” Alves 
says. “I think my stainless steel sink design is classic and will stand the test of time in durability and style.”

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