5 Laundry Room Upgrades to Try in 2020



Who says that laundry has to be a chore? When it comes to interior design, most people overlook laundry rooms or just dont know how to decorate it. Laundry may not be a glamorous thing to do, but that doesnt mean the space you do it cant be. Instead of racking your brain is trying to figure out how to design your laundry room, here are some great ideas for you to try out in the new coming year. Whether you are planning a new laundry room or wanting to update your current one, use our helpful list to get you inspired.

Laundry Room

Laundry Room Soaking Spot

Spots and stains are the worst to have and sometimes can be even worse to get out. So, the sooner you tackle the spots, the better your chances are of getting them out. The best solution to this? Install a soaking station like a faucet and sink to really help you with your laundry load.

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Shelves for Folding

The longest and most tedious part of laundry is folding them all. Every article of clothing and every towel that gained a stain, its a long and so tiring. The worst part is that sometimes you run out of space to even fold. So, the best solution to that is to install some shelves and start making your job a little easier.

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Laundry Room Drying Rack

In a small laundry room, youll want to keep your surfaces clutter-free, which means you should look at how you can build more space with what you have: i.e. the walls. Install a hanging drying rack to keep things out of your way and make laundry a little easier for you.

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Portable Hamper

If youre tired of lugging large piles of laundry back and forth from the room to room, then consider investing in a portable hamper. Make doing laundry easier on yourself with a portable hamper that has soft handles unlike hard plastic hampers and odor-control. Put the totes in any room where laundry tends to build up and then just grab and go.

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