5 Kitchen Coffee Station Ideas to Optimize Your Caffeine Routine


Coffee gadgets have multiplied ten times over in the last decade. Home kitchens now have the ability to make as many types of drinks as the coffee shop on the corner. All those gadgets need a place to live in the kitchen, and thats where a coffee station comes in.

With a dedicated spot for your morning caffeine routine, your coffee will always be there when you need it. You dont have to bother someone else whos using the kitchen for breakfast since everything that you need is within reach. Here are a few ways you can enjoy this wonderful kitchen invention.

1. Minimalist coffee station with dark wood

Minimalist and modern coffee station with dark wood and pocket doors.

At first glance, this coffee station might look like its missing the main coffee maker. Rest assured, its actually built into the cabinetry to the right of the station. Theres storage up above for mugs and glassware, and theres a large stainless steel prep area at counter level. The station can double as a bar for mixed drinks at night, as well.

2. Traditional coffee station with open shelving

Coffee station with open shelving in a traditional kitchen.

Here, the designer made an easily-accessible coffee station with open shelving. Its easy to glance at and see if youre running low on anything. Another great thing about this coffee station is that theres a large window to gaze out of while youre waiting for your coffee to brew.

This type of coffee nook is also the least intrusive in terms of renovation on our list. Its likely that the original home builder included it in the design, and its useful for many other things besides coffee.

3. Built-in coffee maker

Coffee station with built-in coffee maker and medium-brown cabinets.

This coffee station is streamlined around a built-in coffee maker. Here, you have just enough counter space to stir in your cream. However, theres plenty of storage in the cabinetry above and below. Speaking of, theres something special about the combination of white walls and light-brown wood cabinets.

In fact, the cabinets almost have the color of a latte. Look towards the back and you can see a light grey marble backsplash that matches the countertop. Even though this is the slimmest coffee station on our list, you can tell a lot of thought went into the design.

4. Coffee station under the stairs

White coffee station built under the stairs with subway tile and a sink.

Now, this designer went all out and installed a coffee station that utilizes the space under the stairs. Its design integrates with the rest of the kitchen seamlessly. The white walls and cabinets are carried over in the white subway tile backsplash. Also, the countertop for the coffee station matches the countertop material in the foreground.

Inside the nook, theres a dedicated sink. If youre able to install a second sink for the coffee area, its a great convenience to have. With a sink right there, you wont have to go far to refill your coffee maker. Plus, you can even install a hot water tap to use for tea.

When youre running late for work in the morning, its all about convenience. A coffee station like this reduces the time you use to make a cup of coffee. And that means youll have less stress when days like that happen.

5. Lots of storage inside pocket doors

Coffee station made from natural wood inside dark cabinet with pocket doors.

Heres another beautiful coffee station. The natural wood of the inner cabinets really stands out from the deep ocean blue that surrounds it. In this one, you can also notice a marble backsplash that matches the countertop inside. Its little details like this that make designing a coffee station for yourself exciting.

You can also see some non-coffee elements in this nook. Thats because the drawers down below are great for storing things like spices and small containers. Of course, theres plenty of space for you to keep all your coffee beans and teas, too.

One other neat thing about this coffee nook is that its hidden behind pocket doors. Pocket doors swing outward on a hinge like regular cabinet doors, but then they retract into the cabinet space. You can use pocket doors in many areas of your home, but they work great in the kitchen.

For example, the storage drawers in this coffee station contain a number of spices. Pocket doors allow you to keep the cabinet open without having a cabinet door in the middle of the walkway. You could go back and forth from the stove to the spice rack easily without annoying other family members.


A morning coffee routine can be a sacred moment. Its how you meet the day and prepare for what comes ahead. Or maybe you use the time to reminisce on the nice dream you were having just a few minutes before. However you enjoy it, a coffee station can help you organize your coffee gadgets and get the most out of your morning.

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