33 Seriously Genius Apartment Organization Hacks You Should Know About


This post is all about apartment organization hacks.

apartment organization hacks

Now that I am moving into an apartment, one of my favorite things to think about is apartment organization hacks.

Almost always, apartments are on the small side and you really need to be smart about how you are organizing them.

This post is all about the best apartment organization hacks.

Apartment Organization Hacks

1. One Item Per Shelf

Recreate This Apartment:

This is a great organization hack for any kind of storage closet you have!

Dedicate shelves to one specific kind of item. So towels go on one space, toilet paper in another, if you've looked at this picture you get what I'm saying.

This might seem like common sense, but you'd be surprised how many people don't realize how much they actually have on storage shelves and how cluttered it makes it all seem!

2. FoldBlanketsand Keep Them in One Place

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This is an apartment organization hack that ensures you stay cozy while staying organized!

Keep all your blankets in one bin, and keep them folded. That makes your common spaces look so cozy and neat!

3. Labels... on Everything

Recreate This Apartment:

I think that the greatest organization hacks for any apartment are the ones that allow you to make it LOOK like you're organized, even if you're not really. Don't worry, it can be our little secret

Labels are a genius hack that does just the trick. So when in doubt, label it out!

4. Containers inside of Drawers

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Drawers can get messy sooo quick!

Organizing drawers with different size containers gives everything a specific place. Instead of just throwing everything in the drawer, this guarantees that everything will stay organized.

5. Add Racks to the Inside of Cabinets

Recreate This Apartment:

Another great apartment organization hack is to make space where one would normally think that there isn't space.

One way to do this is by hanging things inside of cabinets and doors. This saves sooo much space and looks way more organized, and isn't that always the goal?

6. Use a Chalkboard for Roommate Reminders

Recreate This Apartment:

I love this apartment hack because it gives you somewhere to write notes and reminders so you'll never forget, and gives a cute decoration to any living space!

7. Use a Wine Rack to Store Towels

Towels honestly take up soo much space, so any way to minimize this is a great idea!

This is perfect because it keeps your towels from taking up closet space AND the rack can be used in a future home for wine!

8. Add Organizers To Your Closet!

Recreate This Apartment:

Ooooo the closet. Some hate it, and some love it (mostly because it gets messy so easily!) tbh I don't know where I stand on that, but I do know that it is a space that is often in need of some organization hacks!

This pin makes for some great closet inspiration for sure. Baskets, laundry organizers, etc. If you can get your closet looking like this, I'd keep the doors off of it too!

9. Organize Cans in a File Organizer

Recreate This Apartment:

This is such a GENIUS idea! It saves space and looks nice. Wow, that's an apartment organization hack if I've ever seen one!

10. Put Trash Bags on Rollers

Recreate This Apartment:

This is an apartment organization hack that I am definitely going to use in my own apartment!

Underneath my sink is just... honestly a black hole. But I think that this organization hack will totally help.

11. Maximize Corner Spaces

Another smart organization hack, especially in tiny apartments, is to make the most of the space you have.

Use the corners! They make corner furniture for a reason... It makes everything look nice and gives you a couple extra drawers and shelves and who wouldn't want that?

12. Organizers Under the Sink

Recreate This Apartment:

Underneath the sink is a place that gets messy so easily. By using different organizers, like these bins, there is no way that it can get cluttered.

Plus, you'll be able to store sooo many more things this way!

13. Use the Back of the Door Too!

Recreate This Apartment:

I talked about the insides of cabinets, but just to be sure that you get all the organization hacks for all of the apartment, I have to include the back of the door too!

A lot of people think that the backs of doors need to be used for only shoes. But just know that you can use them for so much more. Like this photo does with purses and shoes!

14. Pull. Out. Drawers.

Recreate This Apartment:

Pull out drawers are the KEY to an organized apartment. There. I said it.

And the greatest thing about these kinds of drawers is that you can now easily install them in basic cabinets. So, if you have a cabinet to spare, make some drawers in it to keep yourself and your space organized!

15. Utilize Containers in the Fridge

Recreate This Apartment:

This is especially important if you have roommates because the fridge can get crazzzy.

With limited space for food, it gets hard to find space for every roommate. Having the fridge as organized as possible is KEY to maximizing space for everyones food. I promise this will help you so much!

16. Use Racks for Plates

Recreate This Apartment:

This is a great apartment organization hack for smaller apartment that don't have as much storage in the kitchen as they need.

This gives you so much more space for plates or bowls that you wouldn't have if you just used the normal shelf space!

17. Use Bins in Your Closet

Recreate This Apartment:

Using bins is sooo helpful when organizing your closet. It keeps things in the right place as well as maximizing storage space.

You know how I feel about labeling already but labeling your bins makes everything even easier!

18. Use Turn Table Containers

Recreate This Apartment:

This is such a great apartment organization hack for those spaces that are harder to reach.

By using the turn table containers, you can easily find what your looking for without having to dig around underneath the sink.

19. Hang Blankets on a Ladder

Recreate This Apartment:

How many times have I talked about blanket ladders? I know it's a lot but their function is so incredibly versatile that they just keep poppin' up.

Blanket ladders are honestly super unique storage options and give a room a cool and different look while still being functional.

20. Organize Bathroom Supplies

Bathrooms are sometimes the place where I tend to be the least organized since I don't spend as much time as I do in other rooms in my apartment.

If you organize your bathroom supplies right away, you are definitely more likely to keep things in their place throughout the year.

21. Use Wall Space Over the Toilet for Storage

Recreate This Apartment:

Apartments are usually on the smaller side so it's important to utilize every space for storage as you can.

Using storage space over the toilet is so smart. You can store products there as well as add a few decorations to make it look more put together.

22. Organize Makeup by Category

Recreate This Apartment:

My makeup somehow always becomes a mess. By organizing your makeup by category in a nice container like this, it is a lot harder to mess it up and become disorganized.

23. Keep Hair Products Inside Cabinet Door

Recreate This Apartment:

This is genius. Keeping your hair products on the side of your cabinet gives it a place and keeps the cords from getting all tangled with other things!

24. ...or Use Drawer Containers

Recreate This Apartment:

This is also key for organization in the bathroom!

I love these containers that have drawers because it makes it so much easier to get things out from underneath the sink.

24. Organize Alcohol in a Bar Cart

Recreate This Apartment:

Bar carts are such a cute way to store your alcohol. I see a ton of apartments that have all their alcohol laying around in the kitchen and it just doesn't look as nice.

This is definitely a more classy way to store your booze.

25. Use a Shoe Rack for Cleaning Supplies

Recreate This Apartment:

Utilizing every space you can is crucial to keeping an apartment organized. This is a great hack to use if you don't have a cleaning closet or having a ton of cleaning supplies lying around.

This keeps your cleaning supplies all in one place and easy to find!

26. Use a Cart as a Side Table

Recreate This Apartment:

As I've said, apartments aren't usually that big, so you probably don't have a ton of space to keep things.

This cart is a great way to have a side table while also store a few extra things in the bottom racks!

27. Unique Shaped Organization Spaces

Recreate This Apartment:

These honeycomb shelves are so unique!

Not only are they an interesting piece to add to any room, but they provide storage or a space to different items that could act as decor... like candles, sunglasses or perfume.

27. Smart Shoe Organization

Recreate This Apartment:

If you're anything like me, you have wayyyy too many shoes and very little space to put them. I saw these and thought they were so genius.

28. ...or Use a Shoe Rack

Recreate This Apartment:

Shoe racks are also a great way to store shoes! I love this one because it looks really nice but also has a few racks for shoeholics like me

29. Create an Entry Way

If you have the space for a small entry way, you should definitely incorporate this idea! It will give your apartment a little something extra while also providing organization that you can use for things that you need when you leave the apartment.

30. Use TV Stand for Storage

Recreate This Apartment:

If you plan to have a TV in your apartment, definitely invest in a TV stand that also has storage!

31. Use Wall Shelves to Store Makeup Brushes

Recreate This Apartment:

This is such a cute apartment idea! Using space wisely is so important and this hack is definitely a way to do that.

This saves some storage space and puts your makeup brushes in easy reach when you do your makeup.

32. Labeled Containers for Kitchen Supplies

Recreate This Apartment:

Label everything!! Here's another example of how labeling can make your life 1000x easier and more organized.

33. Drawer Containers for Closet Storage

Recreate This Apartment:

if you have space on the floor of your closet, this is a great way to use it for more storage.

Having everything right in on place, instead of having to use multiple drawers outside of your closet, makes getting dressed in the morning that much faster!

This post was all about the best apartment organization hacks.

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