31 Nautical Coastal Beach Bathroom Decor Ideas


If you love the sand and the sea, these nautical bathroom ideas are for you. In case you like that feeling the ocean offers youthe quiet, relaxed vibe of the nautical lifethen why not re-make the look and feel directly in your bathroom? In fact, what better spot to have the appearance of the seashore and everything nautical in the very room that already centers around water?

Indeed, your bathroom is an ideal place to transform into a coastal beach theme. Whether you live near the sea or right in the center of the desert, you dont need another reason for a beach themed bathroom other than you love it. Also, the nautical bathroom decor ideas have various components to work with. For instance, combine fish and different marine life, as well as shells, vessels, mermaids, seagrass, nautical wheels, and so forth. In addition, you can mix and match nautical themed bathroom ideas below and make your very own version of the nautical life in your bathroom. In the event that you need some motivation to get going, check out nautical bathroom decorating ideas below.

The calming, laid-back way of life of the ocean side vacation villages summons memories of lazy, sun-drenched days and starry eveningsso why not bring a bit of beachside extravagance into your home decor by means of a beach theme bathroom?

On the other hand, color is frequently a significant part of nautical bathroom decorating ideas. A beach themed bathroom usually features calming, delicate shades with soft blues, light beige, creams, whites, and pinks. Meanwhile, other elements, accents, and accessories may combine with this increasingly stoic execution to provide a more relaxed atmosphere and, therefore lighten the mood.



Michael Pagnotta Architects pc

The large sink with two faucets is great if you have two kids sharing a bathroom.


Younique Designs

Keep your things organized with these lovely drawers beneath the sink.


Maisons du Monde UK

If you dont want to go with the navy blue color, this one is an excellent alternative.


Mark Keel Construction

Also, you dont need to change everything to go coastal. Just be creative with the decors.


Lisa Michael Interiors

We love the extra fine arrowroot in denim wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries.


Michael Pagnotta Architects pc

The light color scheme makes this space extremely inviting and bright!


Treefrog Design

Seashell accents, as well as vintage pieces, to keep the vintage feel of the bathroom.


Lisette Voute Designs

The rich navy walls and the nautical mirror provides deep contrast in this powder room.


Marcus Gleysteen Architects

Starfish lovers, this beach bathroom idea is for you!


Metre Squared Architecture

Old school, but neat! We love how the decors are put together in this bathroom.


Anthony Baratta

Classic and vintage pieces make this powder room very elegant.


Mary Prince Photography

The brushed nickel decorative ship porthole mirror, together with the paddles, is a stand out in this bathroom.


Echelon Custom Homes

Yes, you can go for pastel colors too! This one is Buoyant Blue by Sherwin Williams.


Coralberry Cottage

The custom-made vanity, along with the gorgeous little details make this bathroom stunning and unique!


Laura U Interior Design

Beach coastal bathrooms dont always need to scream blue or navy; this bathroom is proof.


Ross Thiele & Son

The Barnegat Bay T-3950 wallpaper from Thibaut is on point!


Austin Patterson Disston Architects

You can get the same ocean large bowl vases from El Dorado furniture.


Anne Michaelsen Design

The mermaid in you will surely love the details of these tiles.


Southern Studio Interior Design

A chandelier in your bathroom makes your bath extra calming and romantic.


Refreshing Designs

This fish art by the wall is simply stunning.


ONeil Industries Inc.

Shower curtain is one of the inexpensive ways to give your bathroom a beach vibe.


The Architecture Studio

A spacious bathroom with a stunning view.


Drew Castelhano

Your inner mermaid will surely love this beach bungalow bathroom.


W Design Interiors

Marvelous Minka E-Hex in Silk tiles from Ruben Sorhegui Tile.


Seattle Staged to Sell and Design LLC

Clean and minimalistic approach for this contemporary coastal style bathroom.


Randell Design Group

The rustic brown metal porthole wall mirror is a charming accent to nautical, coastal, and beach decor styles.


Robert Kocis

Captivating blue shade, featuring Benjamin Moores Summer Shower for the wall paint.


Peter McDonald Architect

Linen white paint for the walls to make the beach accents stand out.


Room Resolutions

That classic anchor life ring decor is nostalgic and brings a lot of beach memories.


Kate Jackson Design

This Phillip Jeffries Bermuda Hemp Turquoise grasscloth on the walls is absolutely smashing it!


KBG Design

Blue Note paint by Benjamin Moore, along with the gold hardware, make the vanity extra elegant.

How To Make Your Bathroom Coastal

Getting a beach bathroom decor in your house is simple. As a matter of fact, the fundamental idea is to make a bathroom that effectively reflects life in the ocean. Check these easy nautical bathroom decorating ideas:

Blue Color

Beach bathroom decor establishes the idea of sea life from the blue waters of the ocean to the ships. The first move towards getting your fantasy beach bathroom is to add blue color. Besides, the least demanding option for this is to paint your walls blue to mirror the shade of the sea. In fact, people have a broad range of various tones of blue to choose from based upon the intensity they like to have.

Porthole Mirrors

On the other hand, one of the most particular features of ship vessels is the porthole, which is frequently called the bulls eye. This is the circular window that gets air and light into the ship. Also, for your bathroom mirrors, pick round mirrors that resemble the porthole. To additionally highlight the oceanic inclination in the bathroom, make sure the mirrors have frames similar to the porthole or edges with maritime structures like a ships steering wheel.

Maritime Accents

There are many maritime embellishments that one can pick to supplement the nautical inclination in the bathroom. In particular, marine accents include ships, anchors, steering wheel, sails, seashells, ring buoys, and corals. These decors could additionally be a decent method to add a burst of color to your bathroom with different shades of bright red, orange, green, and red. Ultimately, decorating is your opportunity to be imaginative. For instance, you can make a starfish lampstand or even install anchor hooks to hang your towel.

How To Decorate Bathroom Beach Theme

When you imagine a beach bathroom, what hues do you see? Certainly, color is the most significant factor in beach bathroom ideas, and nautical themes regularly use of quiet, calming tones in creams, pinks, light browns, white, seafoam greens, and blues. In the event that you need to make a more profound, more extravagant theme, utilize darker blues and more vibrant browns in your bathroom.

For instance, one idea for a dominant nautical theme is to paint your walls a deep marine blue and balance it with distinct white trim, alongside white cabinetry, a white-trimmed mirror, and other accents. Also, you can include a sprinkle of highlight shading like red or yellow, and particularly complements in brushed silver, work very well matched with dark blues. On the other hand, you can constrain your color decisions to only nautical blue and white theme all through the bathroom if you prefer.

Making the look and feel of an ocean setting should be possible through many approaches, including lighting, color choices, and accents. For example, one method to upgrade the look and feel of a beach themed bathroom is to decorate the walls with beadboard. Moreover, you can further encourage the look by tiling the walls behind the sinks utilizing mosaic tiles with hand-painted ocean designs.

Finally, seashell decors on the shelving units or counters carry a portion of the seas grandeur to your bathroom, together with things that feature a boating theme like a sail from a boat, or captains wheel on the wall.

More Decorating Ideas For Your Nautical Bathroom

Delicate, inviting hues, and quieting beach-themed art and accents all consolidate to make a space that is fit for constant beachgoers, as well as those who can only go once or twice yearly.

In general, designers frequently use cottage-style beadboard on walls in nautical bathroom ideas. This style, very typical in beachside houses, particularly summons a casual and relaxed elegance. Meanwhile, for the zone behind sinks on walls, a few property holders may include tile backsplashes with hand-painted or mosaic tiles portraying sea scenes, ocean life, or marine vessels.

Calming and unobtrusive lighting is specifically prevalent in nautical bathroom decor ideas. In addition, you can use task, ambient, and accent lighting to illuminate critical regions like the shower, sink, and storage areas. Also, people usually utilize track lighting for ambient lighting while you can place an accent above and beneath cabinets.

With regards to nautical themed bathroom ideas, youll have plenty of coastline, cruising, and sea-themed products to browse. In fact, seashell and ocean life designs can be present on curtains, linens, shower curtains, bath mats, and furniture cushions. Moreover, you can put genuine shells, driftwood, and even dried ocean creatures such as starfishes and corals on countertops and windowsills. In addition, art pieces can also get a beach theme, featuring antique photography of ships and sailors, ocean scapes, and fishing scenes.

Furniture in beach theme bathroom will, in general, be made from quality hardwoods. Besides, designers usually prefer unfinished or lightly finished wood. In some cases, people use hand-distressing or natural weathering to proceed with the weather-beaten feel of the beach themed bathroom.

Beach Accents That Wont Break The Bank

Nautical And Beach-Inspired Wallpaper

Wallpaper is perfect for creating a statement in a beach theme bathroom. From yacht themes to nautical charts, theres certainly a lot of designs available in the market. In a small room, you could always pull off decorating the whole space for additional effects with a wallpaper. However, for a bigger space, its ideal to make a feature wall.

Circular Mirrors

A porthole mirror or a mirror that gives the illusion of one offers the ideal method to include a nautical vibe to your bathroom. In addition, you can finish the look with oars, a lantern style light, and artworks with a nautical beach coastal theme.

Pebble Tiles

Utilizing a pebble effect on the wall and floor tiles is truly an incredible method to make a beach bathroom. In particular, this is one of the nautical bathroom ideas that will instantly transport you into your favorite beach destinations.


White furnishings, white wooden walls, and waterfront style accents are all you require for a chic beach-hut inspired bathroom. Also, you could even bring out recollections of summers spent in seashore cabins with an eye-catching photograph of a coastline scene over the bath. Furthermore, you could easily make your preferred photograph into a large-scale print, but make sure to seal it with varnish to guarantee its watertight.

Final Tips For Stunning Nautical Bathroom Ideas

As opposed to what people think, you dont have to spend a fortune or plan a lavish theme to your bathroom decor. In fact, as long as you can create an open and roomy space, you are halfway in having your ideal bathroom. Moreover, ensure that the decor and furniture are minimal.

Usually, you need to incorporate blue and white colorsthe signature hues of the ocean. Besides, the least complicated structure that you can do is to incorporate blue and white, nautical accents, (for example, ships wheel wall decor, empty bottles, wooden boxes, and shells), and white striped fabrics.

Just because you have a beach bathroom, it doesnt imply that you ought to go only with blue, white, and green. In particular, there are different hues that you can use to make a modern nautical look. For instance, a white palette can dominate a black and white bathroom. With a white floor, wall, and vanity, the bathroom ultimately looks fresh and clean.

In any case, of course, there are more design plans that you can execute to your nautical bathroom decorating ideas. It is great that there are some incredible inspirations here you can utilize for your beach bathroom ideas. Good luck on your project!

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