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Bathroom Organization Ideas

One of the most common places in a home where traditional architecture takes a backseat to modern design in the bathroom. In todays article, we are going to take a look at how you can get even more use out of your bathrooms storage options. With our guide, we are sure you will find the perfect solution to storing your toiletries and bathroom essentials away with ease.

Whatever the size of your bathroom, your creativity when it comes to storage can be the difference between a well-organized space and a cluttered bathroom. Besides the inconvenience of using a cluttered bathroom, cleaning a cramped space is a daunting task.

With so many towels, soap dishes, toothbrushes, and cosmetic products to consider, the average bathroom can look like a mess if you are not careful.

Thats why we are here. Lets take a look at some of the best ways you can get a hold of your bathrooms organization so that you have a neater and clear bathroom than before.

25 Brilliant Bathroom Storage Ideas for Creating More Functional Space. |

1. Pull-out Storage

Pull-out Drawers

Chic storage coffers allow you pack a vast array of grooming products in a pigeonhole. If you create a pullout cabinet with various racks, you can hide all sorts of grooming paraphernalia in your bathroom.

The best way to come up with a unique style is to create a recessed shelf whose racks vary in size depending on what you want to store. A pull-out drawer will not only make everything easy to find, but it will also introduce a sense of order in your bathroom.

For even more clarity in your storage, having little compartments by the aid of smaller baskets and bins can make a world of a difference. Not only will having little baskets keep you from having clutter everywhere, but you will be able to know exactly where all your belongs are at all times.

2. FreestandingCabinet

Having a freestanding cabinet near the shower ensures that towels, soaps, and toiletries are always within reach. An old, hardwood shelf that comes with a door can keep your fresh towels clean and free of dust.

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You can also use an open shelf if you want to keep your towels airy, especially if you are using the rack as a temporary storage facility for these items. If you are going to invest in a bathroom rack when just be sure that it does not take up more room than necessary in your bathroom. This can be especially troublesome if you have a smaller sized bathroom.

3. Under Sink Shelf

Undersink Storage

Just like the kitchen cabinets, you can maximize the space in your bathroom by installing a shelf below the sink. The space below the sink is always difficult to clean, and that is why you are likely to see some stains that are quite hard to clean.

Installing a rectangular shelf below the sink will also allow you to be more creative with the floor tiles. Use a bold color to frame the edge of the shelf and see how the new design improves your floor patterns.

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4. Showy Storage

Modern Wine Rack

Contrary to popular belief, organizing your storage does not always mean concealing everything. In fact, storing your wares when you can see them can save you time whenever you want to find something.

By displaying your things in a beautiful rack or basket can add both aesthetic value and functionality in the bathroom. If your concept combines your display with a dresser or vanity, you will get an all-in-one storage solution for your cosmetics and toiletries as well.

5. Colorful Organizer

Colorful Kids Organizer

With small bathrooms, every ounce of creativity counts. As such, instead of blending with the rest of the dcor, try a different route and stand out. A nice rack that comes with multi-colored members can stand out and introduce a focal point in your powder room.

Juxtapose your shelf between a pair of ceramic sinks to provide acres of storage space plenty. Choose the finishes that match your tastes and preferences. For example, you can use a checkered backsplash to give your shelves some depth.

Alternatively, a showy orange color can contrast well with a navy blue background while a yellow monochrome introduces a dose of luxury in a contemporary bathroom.

If your little one has a bathroom of their own, then adding some color to their storage options is easily one of the best ways to go. It is also one of the best ways to make a smaller space pop and look bigger.

6. Add-On Storage

Add-On Storage

Add-ons are instrumental when you want to store some items on a temporary basis. For instance, if you have a couple of wet towels, you can hang them below your main cabinets. Once you add some studs on the underside of your shelf, you will not have to worry about your damp linen anymore.

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If you have an L-shaped shelf, you can introduce a couple of steel wires diagonally to add a couple of storage options in your closet. Alternatively, you can use a pair of brackets to add a towel bar for easy access to the shower or bathtub.

When choosing the bar brackets, you want to make sure that you are staying within the color scheme of your bathroom. This way, everything looks seamless and natural.

7. Countertop Drawer

Countertop Drawer

A scattered array of shelves and cabinets can bring a sense of visual chaos in a bathroom. Introduce a sense of order by aligning your cabinets on the periphery and tie them up with a granite countertop. Even if the cabinets vary in size, you do not have to worry.

A horizontal countertop will create a host of empty pockets where you can add a few pull-out shelves to create a simple, but elegant look. Having a countertop below your cosmetic shelf will come in handy whenever you want a space to keep your things when applying your mascara.

8. Above-the-Counter Storage

Angled Upper Cabinets

Just like the countertop storage that works overtime whenever you want to apply makeup, having a built-in cabinet above the counter can work to your advantage. If you retrofit the existing vanity with a cabinet that sits perfectly between the pedestal sinks, you will have everything at arms length without overwhelming the space.

Unify your cabinetry with the rest of the space by topping the top of the shelf with a crown molding that goes beyond the edges.

9. Fancy Closet

Bathroom Walk-in Closet

Creating sufficient storage space in a tight space can be a great challenge. Sometimes, you have to lock up the linen in a cleverly designed closet.

The cabinet door can double as an entryway to the walk-in closet. Be sure to reveal a unique backsplash on your closet to create an accent on a bland wall where nobody expects it. You can also install a well-lit mirror or adorn the background with stained glass.

10. Wall hangings

Wall Hangings

With so many personal items in a shared bathroom, it is easy to run out of storage space. The cabinets and vanities do not provide sufficient storage options for every member of the family.

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As such, having a couple of wall hangings is a smart storage solution that can help you to maximize the space. From dental to nail care items, hanging a couple of baskets on the wall will not only create an attractive display, but it will also solve the problem, once and for all. Choose your hook wisely by opting for simple, stainless steel hangers.

11. Showbiz Storage

Handbag Display

Hidden storage options are only suitable for pills, grooming paraphernalia, cleaning supplies, and other personal items. However, with the array of luxury items in the contemporary bathroom, its a pity if you do not show off your expensive belts, multicolored towels, and sparkling linens.

Even if you want to conceal your personal itinerary, you can hide them in an assortment of gorgeous jars that make a bold statement and bring a new dimension altogether. Now, you do not have to worry about your razors, nail cutters, toiletries, and a host of other personal items.

12. Seated Storage

Bathroom Storage Bench Seating

You can create a custom bench that comes replete with a couple of drawers for storing your bathing necessities and the extra towels. Having the items that you use on a daily basis can save you time whenever you are running late.

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Choose a moisture-resistant material when selecting the right cushion for your bench. A non-absorbent material will not only be stain-resistant, but it will also be easy to clean. If you want to install a door, a sliding door is a good choice since it is both user-friendly and minimalist.

At a time when bathroom space is becoming tighter than ever before, a minimalist design will go a long way toward maximizing every square inch.

13. Multiple Storage Ideas

Linen Closet With Removable Hamper

Managing your bathroom requirements might call for a combination of several storage options. You can apply a coat of paint on a couple of wooden crates to create a stack of as colorful storage solutions.

Be sure to create a floor to ceiling style to attach the boxes on the floor as well and prevent them from tipping over. Include a couple of bins and jars for the small items that are hard to find.

14. Bumped-In Storage Cabinet

bathroom wardrobe storage

If you examine the space between the bathroom and the bedroom wall, you will discover plenty of space that can fit a wardrobe. If this space is not wide enough, a floor-to-ceiling shelf will suffice.

This storage option will come in handy whenever you want to keep a couple of bathroom supplies or toiletries. If possible, add a wooden door to hide the clutter.

15. Dandy Drawers

Jewelry Bathroom Storage

If you introduce a couple of drawers below your dressing table, you will create a functional storage space that resembles a kitchen island. Such a table is ideal for a tight space where you want a surface for makeup application and some drawers to tuck away your personal effects.

16. Repurposed Storage

Ladder Style Bookcase Book Shelf

A pyramid-shaped ladder allows you to introduce some drawers that vary in size. Open boxes look gorgeous when built within a ladder.

These drawers are ideal for the storage of folded towels, magazines, and some decorative materials such as necklaces and bracelets.

17. Simple Panels and Shelves

Glass Shelves

Take advantage of your blank wall space by introducing a couple of shelves. You can etch out some sections of the wall to cantilever the horizontal wooden panels.

If you realize that wood is too heavy, a couple of recessed glass panels will suffice. The shelves will fit perfectly into these niches while creating a feeling of awe and inspiration.

18. Tub-Surround

White Towel Storage Cabinetry

If your tub does not extend from one wall to another, you have some space to create a tub surround on one side. This space is ideal for horizontal bars where you can hang your clothes as well as towels.

The advantage of tub-surround storage is that you can reach your towel from the bathtub easily.

19. Built-In Shelves

Storage Shelf in Wall

You can remove some sections of your wall and replace them with custom shelves that suit your storage needs. Options galore for the modern homeowner who needs to create extra storage space while taking advantage of rare design inspiration.

You can cut out your wall in any shape that meets your tastes and preferences. Be as meticulous as possible when installing your shelves and create a unique blend of functionality and style.

20. Towel Hangers

Bathroom Towel Hooks

Gone are the days when towel hangers were a couple of steel bars, entrenched within a vertical surface. Today, bathroom designers are decorators are exceeding the expectations of the homeowners with chic designs that serve a myriad of functions.

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If your steel bars jut from a diagonal surface, you will create several storage options that allow you to sort your linen according to their sizes.

21. Vertical Storage

Vertical Bathroom Storage

You can create a sequence of cabinets that vary in height to leave several pockets of space between the top of the drawer and the ceiling.

Since these spaces vary in size, you have the freedom to choice whenever you want to store a small handbag or a large suitcase above the cabinet. This space is ideal for the items that you do not use often.

22. Nifty Niches

Bathroom Storage Niche

If you begin to run out of storage space, a dose of creativity can reveal plenty of blessings in disguise. For example, cutting out a small section of the bathroom wall can enable you to carve out plenty of storage space from nothing.

Use such space to store your luxury items, framed portraits, dressing mirrors, or television. Alternatively, you can decorate the background with your favorite mosaic, painting, or mural.

23. Hidden Bin

hidden garbage container

Having a place to dump your wipes, tissues, and nails is an ideal way to keep your bathroom neat and tidy. However, you do not want to introduce the typical garbage bin in your bathroom.

Alternatively, it is smarter to conceal your trash receptacle in a custom cabinet, replete with a door and artistic coping. Ensure that your cabinet is large enough to hold a couple of buckets that you can haul to the garbage truck.

24. Playtime Storage

Bathroom Storage Ladder

Play areas are becoming quite popular in the kids bedrooms. When playtime is finally over, the kids are usually exhausted, meaning that they just need a place to tuck their toys away.

A ladder with a couple of inbuilt boxes will do the trick. Alternatively, you can use a couple of drawers as steps to help the kids reach out for more toys on the cabinet.

25. Custom Shelving Unit

Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Modern homes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As such, the typical wardrobes and cabinets may not fit in the irregular shapes, especially if you have a bathroom in the attic. In such a case, you must customize the furnishings to adhere to the diagonal or sinuous walls.

The benefit of such radical architectural designs is that they allow you to achieve more while doing less when it comes to storage.

Organize Your Bathroom With Ease

By introducing a couple of horizontal members, you will create an array of different-sized compartments that allow plenty storage options without overwhelming the space. Customizing the storage space is incredibly simple, but its the radical design that does the trick.

We hope that our guide on how to organize your bathroom has come in handy. Never underestimate the power of a little arrangement. Have you tried any of these tips we have described above? If so, be sure to let us know in the comments section what you thought about them.

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