Hey there friends! As many of you know, kitchens are my absolute favorite space to organize. Setting up zones and using key kitchen organization products, to maximize space and function, is so much fun for me. It’s like a game trying to get everything to fit in just so. I’ve shared my own organized kitchen so many times before on the blog and I’ll link some of those posts below. Today though is all about highlighting my very favorite kitchen organization products that are definite must haves for every kitchen. Many of them are available inexpensively at the dollar store. If you have trouble finding them though I will share Amazon links in the descriptions below for easy access.

I also noticed when looking back through all my kitchen posts that I haven’t posted an updated kitchen tour for you in quite some time. So I’ll definitely put that on my list to do. Nothing ever stays organized the same way in my house for long 🙂

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Kitchen Organization Products 1. Wire Shelves
At the top of my list are wire shelves. These babies literally double the shelf space in any cabinet or pantry. Definitely a must have!

Shop: Kitchen Cabinet Wire Shelf

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2. Turntables
Turntables (or lazy susans) come in all sorts of sizes. They allow for easy access because they spin so you can easily grab the product you need. They also keep things from getting lost in a deep space and they corral similar products together. I absolutely love them for all areas of my home but especially in my kitchen.


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3. Under Cabinet Shelf
A fantastic way to use often wasted space in a cabinet is with an under cabinet shelf. Take a look at your cabinets and see if you have space on a shelf that isn’t being used. Adding one of these wire shelves will easily help you maximize that space.

Shop: Under Shelf Wire Storage Basket
4. Wire Dividers
These wire dividers are another inexpensive way to organize a space for easy access. Use them for muffin tins and cookie sheets or even like I did here below to store my paper plates. Works perfectly!

Shop: Wire Rack Divider
5. Pantry Containers
For pantry products you use frequently, I find that these type of containers are perfect for the job. They keep things fresh and they stack which is terrific. My favorite containers are the ones with the push tops because they are so easy to open. These Nouvo containers that I have even go one step further with a silicone lid hanger.This is something I really appreciate because we deal with allergies in our house and it lessons the risk of cross contamination.

Shop: Nouvo Containers (use code NVLTHANKS20 for 20% off)
6. Baskets
What’s not to love about baskets and bins? You can buy them at all price points and there are sizes for every space out there. The dollar store is my go to place to buy them. Our local Dollarama has quite the selection!

Do you have a snack bin?

Shop: Sterilite Storage Baskets

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7. Stacking Bins
Another great way to double your storage space is with stacking bins. I have these simple plastic ones in my pantry to hold my Paleo snacks.

I also love this wire stacking basket set I got from Costco that I use under my kitchen sink.

Shop: HERE and HERE

There you have it, these are a few of my favorite kitchen organization products. They make a huge difference in terms of space and function. Which ones do you use in your kitchen? What would you add to this list?
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