15 Life-Changing Organization Tips You Will Wish You Had Known Sooner


These are the absolute best 15 organization tips that will take your space from disorganized to clutter-free in no time.

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I think we can all admit we could all use a little organizational help. Regardless of if you are living on your own, with roommates, or with family, it is easy to let a room or two get disorganized. While clutter may have gotten the best of you in past years, the good news is there are a ton of amazing organizational tips, tricks, and products that can help you out (and I know all of the best ones 😉 ). 

From drawer organization tips to organization hacks you may not have even thought of before, here are 15 of the absolute best organization tips and products that are guaranteed to turn your space into the clutter-free home you’ve always wanted!

This post is all about the best organization tips.


1. Organize Your Junk Drawer

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We all have it… the junk drawer. The one drawer you throw anything and everything in and don’t give a 💩 how it looks. Well, now it’s time to face the dreaded junk drawer.

The first step to organizing your junk drawer is to simply throw away all the trash- old pens that don’t work, wrappers that inevitably ended up in the junk drawer for no reason, etc. Once you have everything cleaned out and have taken inventory of what needs to be organized, all you need are drawer organizers. You can find packs of plastic drawer organizers on Amazon and The Container Store for fairly cheap so this organization tip is a game-changer that you can also do on a budget.

2. Take Advantage Of Vertical Space

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One of the best organization tips I can give is to take advantage of vertical space. This means using over-the-door hangers, tall shelving, and making the most of height in your space. Doing this will maximize the amount of space you have to store and organize and reduce clutter.

3. Baskets Will Be Your Best Friend

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If you aren’t already obsessed with baskets for the sole purpose of using them as decor then you will most definitely fall in love with them for organizational purposes. Need to store blankets? Use a basket. Looking for a way to organize clothing? Baskets. You really can’t go wrong with using baskets to organize anything and everything.


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4. Stick To Organizing One Thing At A Time

Organizing can be a little stressful in itself so make sure not to overwhelm yourself by trying to tackle everything at once. Stick to one section of the room at a time and focus only on that spot. This doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead (in fact I encourage this) but don’t feel like you need to organize everything all at one time!

5. Organize Your Spices

spice rack organization

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Organizing your spices will instantly make your kitchen feel professionally designed. A little excessive? Possibly. But it sure does make your kitchen cabinets look insanely good.

All you need to do this are small glass jars and labels. You can either make your labels using this pack by Avery or buy pre-made spice labels off Etsy. I also have an entire post on how to recreate this exact spice cabinet organization idea you can read here

6. Organize Cleaning Products Under Your Sink

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If you are anything like me, a disorganized cabinet is one of the worst things ever. Kitchen sinks usually need cleaning products stored underneath so to efficiently store and make your products easy to find, organize the cabinet under your sink. You can buy spinning plastic organizers off of Amazon or The Container Store to make organizing and accessing your supplies much easier. Over-the-door cabinet organizers are also great for adding extra space to store frequently used items like dish soap or sponges.

I also used a command hook and binder clip to hang my cleaning gloves so that I could easily find them when I needed to clean or do dishes!

7. Use Labels On Bins

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Labeling bins not only looks aesthetically pleasing but will also make finding what you need much easier. I started labeling all the bins in my closets and pantry and love it so much now that I will never stop. I used my Cricut to make custom labels for all my bins but if you don’t have one you can always make your own with Avery labels! Doing this is one of my all-time favorite organization tips that I recommend everyone using in their closet.

8. Keep, Donate, Throw Away

When cleaning and organizing separate your things into these three categories: trash, donate, keep. Go through your things and throw away any trash and things you don’t use anymore that can’t be donated.

After you’ve thrown away trash, separate the rest of your items into a “donate” and “keep” pile. My rule of thumb is that if I can’t see myself using it in a year or wearing it within the next 6 months then I need to donate it. You would be so surprised how much stuff you will find when sorting through your things that you haven’t used or worn in years that are simply taking up space.

After you’ve donated old clothes and other items, you’ll be left with a ton of additional space for items you’re keeping! Reorganize these things with baskets, hangers, and bins depending on the space you're organizing.

9. Organize Your Closet

closet organization tips

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The closet is usually the number one room that needs organizing so here are the best organization tips to do that! First things first go through all your clothing and remember “trash... donate... keep.” Decluttering your closet includes throwing out or giving away socks without a match, old underwear, and clothing with holes or stains. After you’ve gone through everything you can start to reorganize.

Using velvet hangers is my absolute favorite closet organization tip. I bought a few packs of black velvet hangers for my closet and love them. Not only does using matching velvet hangers make your closet look clean and organized, but they also keep your clothes held up so much better than plastic ones. This means no more clothes sliding off the hanger onto the floor all the time and that is something I think we can all get behind.

If you’re working with a small amount of closet space you can maximize storage by using space-saving hangers. These hangers allow you to basically quadruple your closet space so they are an amazing option if you need extra room.

10. Garage Organization

garage organization ideas

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I recently organized my garage and the amount of joy it brought me made me feel like a 45-year-old dad. 😂 But, I can’t deny that the finished product was totally worth doing and recommend organizing the garage in your house or apartment to anyone.

It takes some physical labor but with the help of some plastic bins and metal shelving your garage can be organized to efficiently store seasonal and outdoor items.

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11. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies In One Place

cleaning supplies organization

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Have a cleaning closet? Cleaning cabinet? Whatever space you store your cleaning supplies in, organizing all of them in one place will make finding and using your products so much easier.

Use command hooks to organize larger cleaning items like your broom, mop, and duster. Then you can organize the rest of your cleaning supplies in bins! I recommend also having a caddy to keep your cleaning products organized and easy to carry around your house.

12. Organize Your Pantry

pantry organization

Recreate this organization idea:

My pantry is one of my favorite things that I’ve organized. It took me some time and planning but I ended up with a perfectly organized pantry that is both usable and aesthetically pleasing.

To organize your pantry, you’re going to need lots and lots of baskets, plastic organizers, and labels if you really want to make things look organized. I made sure for this pantry organization that I got large containers that would be able to hold a lot of food. Small baskets are pretty much pointless when it comes to pantry organization so definitely opt for the bigger ones when recreating this! To store and organize cans and smaller pantry items, use a lazy Susan or can rack.

13. Keep Frequently Used Items Accessible

To organize your space effectively, keep frequently used items accessible and within easy reach. While it may be easy to get excited with bins and baskets, it is important to keep the things you need to access frequently and quickly in mind when organizing. Not everything needs to be packed away or out of sight! Keep your frequently worn clothing towards the front of your closet, everyday bathroom items in the main drawers, and essential kitchen items within reach.

14. Take Advantage Of Storage Under Your Bed

In need of some extra storage space? Why not take advantage of unused space by using the area under your bed?! Under-the-bed storage turns this unused space into out of sight storage that can still be easily be accessed.

Keep seasonal clothing or other items in storage bins and simply slide them under your bed. Target, The Container Store, Amazon, Pottery Barn, and West Elm have the absolute best containers to organize the space under your bed. I have an entire post of the best products and ways to do this that you can read here!

15. Organize Your Fridge

fridge organization tips

Recreate this organization idea:

When I was planning my fridge organization, I saw so many fridge organization ideas I didn’t know what to do with myself, and let’s say I went a little overboard. I will admit my fridge looked so good, but it became a little impractical. I labeled absolutely everything and my fridge was jam-packed with containers. What started out as a way to make my fridge more organized led to it becoming the least organized it’s ever been and extremely impractical.

Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t use containers or labels - I use them to this day and love them. But they must be used in a healthy amount, and make sure not to go overboard like I did the first time! Now for what you should do. Use stackable containers to maximize vertical space in your fridge, keep the food you reach for most often in practical places, and organize according to how much food you need to keep in your fridge.


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