12 Minimalist Bathroom Storage Ideas For Small Space


Living in a small residence is always faced with the problem of storing goods. Not only in the main room, even the smallest area like the bathroom requires a smart storage solution. Even though ideally the bathroom should always look neat so that your bathing activities feel fresh, comfortable and relaxed. The easiest solution can be overcome with shelves or storage cabinets. However, keep in mind that because bathrooms are usually small, you need to determine the appropriate shelf design so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Choosing a minimalist-style shelf can be one way to keep the bathroom comfortable while not disturbing your activities in the bathroom. Although the bathroom does not require a large space but the equipment and items that need to be in the space are numerous. So, how to create the ideal bathroom storage? Instead of mis-decorating and making you confused about where to store your bathroom equipment, here we have collected 12 bathroom shelf decoration ideas that you can copy!

1. Combining racks with bathroom mirrors is a functional way that will save space. You can place the shelves under or even behind the mirror as desired.


2. Take advantage of the empty area on the wall by attaching a bathroom shelf in the form of shelves. Because of its small size, you can arrange more than one shelf.


3. The minimum size of the bathroom can be worked around by utilizing the space behind the door. Try making a hanger or shelf behind the door and then attach it vertically.


4. Bar carts are a practical storage idea for any space, and the bathroom is no exception. Usually consists of several levels of shelves to store the various bath necessities you need.


5. For those who like DIY projects, use recycled materials such as wooden crates to turn into stylish bathroom shelves. Use paint to beautify it then arrange it according to your wishes.


6. Another DIY project you can’t afford to miss is using a storage ladder. In order not to take up a lot of space, place the ladder rack design above the bathroom closet.


7. The bathroom shelf design that floats or doesn’t touch the floor gives a light and airy impression. In addition to the sink rack, you can also make the shelf float right under the sink. This shelf design will give you extra storage area.


8. Shower niche or built-in wall storage really takes up no space as a storage area. Taking advantage of the wall niche, the shower niche is great combined with a bathroom equipped with a shower.


9. Grid wall is not only a trendy storage shelf in the work room. You can also use them as storage shelves on the bathroom wall.


10. Wooden wall shelf design is a classic idea that is never timeless. This shelf design is not only practical but also gives a natural impression that makes you feel comfortable.


11. Bringing plants into the bathroom is indeed the best idea. Use a plant stand as well as a shelf to store your bathroom appliances.


12. Bring a minimalist Scandinavian style to your bathroom with a wicker wall shelf. Arrange according to the size of the shelf to add an aesthetic impression.


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