11 Space-Optimising Decor Tips for Your Studio Apartment


Living in a studio apartment comes with its own set of joys and despairs. While you get to enjoy affordable rent in a busy metropolitan, you have to make do with the limited space you have.

But living in a studio apartment doesnt have to be a struggle. With the right improvements, you can transform your apartment into a functional and beautiful space. In this post, we are sharing some useful tips to optimise your apartment space without bargaining in terms of aesthetics.

  • Get a Murphy Bed or Murphy Desk

A murphy bed is a saving grace made for studio apartment tenants. Instead of poorly sleeping on a tiny twin bed or cramping your small apartment with a queen-sized bed, you should get a murphy bed.

Similarly, you can install a murphy desk that you can pull down whenever you want to work. It can also double up as a dining table.

  • Consider a Loft Bed

If your apartment is blessed with a high ceiling, then it would be a shame to let all this vertical space go to waste. Make the most of your high ceilings with a loft bed, the adult version of childhood favourite bunk beds. With a loft bed, you will have a significant amount of space available that you can use to create a living room or a work area.

  • Light it Up

Furnishing a small apartment can be tricky as you dont want it to cram it with too many things. To keep the space feeling open and airy, stick to neutral interiors and decor. If your apartment lacks natural light, then equip it with light fixtures and brighten it.

  • Get a Clothing Rack

Its difficult being a fashion lover living in a studio apartment. How can you satiate your need to build an enviable closet? Well, a clothing rack is your best friend. You can move it wherever you want and even use it as a room divider. Also, if you have a high-ceiling loft, you should get a double-pole clothing rack for hanging space.

  • Install Sliding Doors

Swinging doors require a considerable amount of room to function. And not to mention, this required space cant be used for anything else. Instead of repeatedly running into a swinging door, replace it with a sliding door. This will give your apartment a much cleaner look.

  • Invest in Hidden Storage

From box beds to storage pouffes, getting furniture with hidden storage is a smart move.

  • Open Shelving for Kitchen

Bulky cabinets will make your kitchen smaller than it already is. Instead, utilise the vertical space and install open shelving. You can use this storage space to display your nicer crockery and cookware, while the hideous pots and pans can go below the sink.

  • Use Foldable Screens

When youre living in a studio apartment, you should prioritise separating your resting space from other areas. This will allow you to sleep better and also feel more productive. Place foldable screen to segregate your bedroom from the living area and the kitchen. You can even use ceiling-to-floor curtains for a softer appeal.

  • Multipurpose Furniture

With limited real estate, you dont have the liberty to get separate furniture for different purposes. This is where multipurpose furniture comes in. Consider getting an extendable table that will serve as a desk and can extend as a dining table for guests. Head over to The Kitchen Studio for a range of multifunctional furniture.

  • Corner Sink for Bathroom

For your bathroom, equip it with a corner sink or a corner toilet to maximise the space.

  • Mirrors

Strategically hanging mirrors is an effective way to open up a space and bring in much-needed natural light.

We hope you find these tips useful. Happy redecorating!

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