10 surprising ways appliance technology has changed to make your life easier


10 surprising ways appliance technology has changed to make your life easier

Bringing home a new appliance really does make your life easier. The difference between the latest appliance technology and appliance tech from a few years ago is striking. After upgrading several of my appliances over the past year, I’m more efficient in how I store my food, my dishes all fit inside my dishwasher, and my washing machine steams and cleans in less time than I thought possible.

All of this amazing new appliance technology is available in refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, and laundry pairs right now, so if you’re planning on going into a Best Buy or shopping online for a new appliance, here’s what you need to look for.

10 new ways appliance technology will make your life easier

In no particular order, here are 10 ways you’ll find the latest appliance technology will improve your fridge appliance technology

1. Major appliances get smarter every year

A smart appliance is an appliance that connects to Wi-Fi and works with a companion app. Most big appliance brands have branched out into smart appliances, and it’s amazing how far they have come over the past few years.

Smart refrigerators

By now, almost everyone has heard of or seen a smart refrigerator for themselves. Thanks to the latest appliance technology, you’ll find cool French door refrigerators with LCD touchscreens and internal cameras that will be the ‘hub’ of your kitchen or refrigerators that let you make a batch of party ice with a few taps on your phone.

Smart ranges

Smart ranges have appliance technology built-in that lets you use an app to pre-heat your oven when you aren’t home, tap to use presets that will cook your food perfectly, and connect via Bluetooth to access a ‘personal’ chef.

Smart laundry pairs offer the latest appliance technology

What’s the best way to wash your blankets or linens? With a smart laundry machine, you’ll always know, and you can use an app to start cycles, stop cycles, receive alerts when the cycle is complete, and even download cycles so your clothes are perfectly washed.

2. Door-in-door refrigerators are great energy-savers

door-in-door fridge

Saving energy is important, not just for your monthly bank balance but for the earth as a whole. The latest appliance technology means you can run your fridge while still conserving energy.

You can look for Energy Star refrigerators with great features like easy-access door-in-door. That extra door will reduce cold air loss by almost 50%, and a refrigerator with a clear window on the front panel lets you check out what’s inside without you having to open up the door. There are also 5 drawer refrigerators store your snacks and drinks in drawers so you can pull one out and grab it without releasing cold air.

3. Third rack dishwashers offer family-sized capacity

appliance technology third rack dishwasher

Filling your dishwasher to capacity means no plate is left unwashed, and the latest dishwashers are built with appliance technology that targets every corner of the dishwasher.

With a third rack, you can add larger utensils and flatware, and the adjustable spines on the bottom rack mean you can wash those big pots you usually have to leave in the sink.

The latest dishwashers also have smart features built in, and you can pair your dishwasher with an app to turn the dishwasher on remotely or choosing a special cycle for a heavy load of dirty dishes.

4. Air fry technology is the healthy way to ‘deep fry’


Insignia air fryerAir fry is one of the hottest new small appliance trends. You can choose a range with air fry or a standalone small appliance with air fry.

No matter which you bring home you’ll be able to cook crispy french fries, chicken strips, wings, and more, all without adding extra oil.

There are quite a few reviews of air fryers on the blog, so take a look if you’d like to see how one works.

5. Cooking is easy with a glass touch control panel


appliance technology smart rangeControlling your range has never been easier now that there are Glass Touch Control Panels. Just like you can slide and swipe on your phone, your Glass Touch Control Panel will let you tap and slide your way to a homecooked meal.

Appliance technology built into the latest ranges have finger touch control panels with an intuitive guiding light control system, and it will coach you through the best way to cook all your favourite foods. You’ll never have to wonder how long to cook a turkey or what the best temperature would be for a cake when you have a range with this feature built in.

6. Pressure cooking makes weeknight meals easy

smart pressure cookerPressure cooking isn’t a new innovation, but the Instant Pot became a sensation because it was pressure cooking reimagined in an all-in-one small appliance. It can pressure cook, slow cook, make rice, beans, oats, and hardboiled eggs, and it cooks faster than the stovetop.

Now there are several types of pressure cookers or multi-cookers on the market, and this small appliance is the one to choose if you want speedy weeknight dinners or you’d like a programmable appliance that you can use your phone to turn on, off, or monitor your food’s progress at it cooks.

7. Steam ovens offer you the best way to bake bread

steam oven appliance technologySteaming food isn’t new, but steam ovens are growing in popularity because of how well they bake bread, steam fish, and make everything moist and delicious. You can find full-size ranges with steam or countertop ovens with steam. You’ll be amazed at how light and fluffy steam makes bread, buns, and everything else you like to bake.

Access Wi-Fi from your laundry room

The latest washers and dryers have the latest appliance techology built-in and are lightyears ahead of their predecessors.

8. Steam and smart cycles remove germs

smart laundry

How hot does the water have to be to kill germs on your clothes and bedding? The latest smart washing machines will use steam and custom sanitize cycles to sanitize everything you wash.

Once your smart washing machine has steamed cleaned your clothes, you can dry them using steam in your smart dryer. Steam in your dryer will keep the wrinkles away and ensure everything is fresh and clean.

9. Hey Google, start my laundry machine

Did you know you can use voice control with your laundry pair, asking Alexa or your Google Assistant to start a load of laundry or give you the status of a load that’s drying? It you hands-free when you’re doing a pile of laundry and saves you a trip to the laundry room when you’re in the middle of a busy day.

The smarter way to clean your floors

Small appliances have really changed over the past few years, and there have been major innovations in vacuum cleaners, especially robot vacuums and cordless stick vacuums. The latest models have appliance technology that improves suction, battery life, and flexibility.

10. Vacuums are more efficient than ever


The ultimate way to clean your floors without having to lift a finger, robot vacuum cleaners won’t miss a speck of dirt. The latest robot vacuums completely take over cleaning the floor in your home.

latest dyson vacuumThey have built-in Wi-Fi to smart map your home so every corner is covered and no spec of dirt is missed. A robot vacuum can cruise over carpets and floors with ease, and with Wi-Fi onboard, you can set a schedule via the companion app to clean every day. It will even head back to the docking station when the battery is low and empty out its own dust bin so you don’t have to do anything other enjoy clean floors.


Cordless stick vacuums have laser technology

Stick vacuums have been around for a few years, but the latest cordless stick vacuums use appliance technology that lets them go head to head with any corded vacuum on the market.

Cordless stick vacuums have powerful suction, large dust bins, and an hour or more of battery life before you need to recharge.

The latest cordless stick vacuums have LCD touchscreens that can show you how much dirt and debris you’ve removed from your floor. Some of the latest models have laser technology that scans and grabs dust particles via the motorized brush head. There is even a feature that removes built-up hair from the brush and deposits it in the dust bin.

Upgrade to the latest appliance technology

There is nothing like the feeling of bringing home a new appliance. Once it’s unpacked and installed you have so many possibilities to explore. From steam cleaning to air frying or washing every single dish in your sink, the latest appliance technology ensures every task you take on at home is more productive and easier than ever.

Take a look at all of the latest appliances available on Best Buy and choose your next new appliance.

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