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In our homeschool, no one reading program was that “magic bullet.” Instead, each program we tried played a role in taking a child another step down the road to reading fluency.

If you have a child who needs to move one more step, try Reading Eggs for four weeks free this summer! The online lessons are fun and complaint-free, they help kids master both phonics and sight words, AND you get access to their math program with the trial as well!

Are you looking to inspire a book-loving teen this summer or in the fall? I can’t rave enough about TJEd High, & their summer program just kicked off, with time still to join!

TJEd High has been a significant part of my 15-year-old son Jonathan’s curriculum for the past two years. They read a classic weekly, discuss it via a safe, moderated forum, & receiving video mentoring to go deeper in thought and study. Highly recommended!

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