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So . . . the stuff I had on my Summer Bucket List back in January is not the same stuff I've got on the list now. I'm sure I'm not alone! No one expected lockdowns and mandatory face masks and anti-social distancing to be factors in our vacation or activity planning. It's not like we had a firm plan for all the places we were going to travel or wonderful things we were going to do, but some of the destination options we'd considered are off the table for now.

List #14 - Summer Activities
  1. Vacation plans. No big trips planned at this point, but we started toying with the idea of going to Glacier or Yellowstone in the late summer. That one is still on the table, but perhaps in September. We did book a vacation cabin in the forested northern tier of Pennsylvania for a few days to celebrate our anniversary, so we'll get to do that in a couple of weeks. We would have been going to Canada to visit family any other summer, but I guess not this year.
  2. Family time. We've had a lot of it during the past few months since there's not a lot of places to go or things to do with a slowed down economy! But we like spending time together and hopefully we can DO some things together as well. Family time for me also means another visit to Ohio to spend time with our son and his family there. Not sure when they will be able to fit in a trip to see us - possibly Labor Day weekend? 
  3. Open our pool. We got to work on this one yesterday, actually. We decided a couple weeks ago that since none of us were doing big vacations this year, it might be worth our while to see if we can clean up our unused pool area and see if we can get at least one more year out of our slightly redneck set-up! We worked on cleaning out the pool area and pruning back the trees around the deck and that sort of thing yesterday. (Background - we used to have an above-ground pool, but the liner was in such rough shape several years ago that it wasn't worth repairing any more and it wasn't in the budget to get an entire new pool liner. So we put a large inflatable pool inside the deck area and that worked great for a couple of years until we got lazy and let that go.)
  4. Home improvements and updates. Seems like a long time ago that we bought a new sliding door for our dining room, and that is still waiting to be installed. Mostly we've been waiting for our son and at least one of his co-workers to have the time to do it, but the idea was to do it sometime this summer. We have plenty of improvements to make in the yard, especially if we're considering playing host in any way to the wedding celebrations next spring. There are always updates we'd like to do inside as well, so it's a matter of prioritizing and deciding which things we can tackle. 
  5. Planning ahead. I need to get my lesson plans together for co-op classes. We are planning to open classes on time and I am slated to teach three classes. Two I've taught previously, so I just need to update and adjust existing plans. The other one is a Lit class, and we're using a different curriculum this year so I need to create a plan for that. Other plans totally unrelated to school include planning a wedding for the spring! Our son and his fiancee are doing most of that work, of course, and there's still plenty of time, but we are starting to participate in that.
  6. Make progress on my 2020 goals. I took a look at the list of goals I'd made at the beginning of this year, and realized that I'm not doing well at all. Perhaps since we're not going as many places, or going away as often, I can devote some time to cleaning and redecorating around home, brushing up on music skills, and maybe even creating some art.

Pool progress:

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